Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hardwick Inn - NT Cmmttee - Lakeside Walk

Apart from being awake half the night, hence Picture 1, I managed a few hours. It doesn't worry me anyway and I make pots of tea, write e-mails explore the delights of Stumbleupon, browse arty/photo websites, listen to the radio etc., etc....... My advice is, if you are a busy person with lots to do do not open that link. Stumbling is so addictive - but often extremely productive of fertile new ideas and websites. You have been warned.

I wanted the waning Moon and Venus in the same frame but she persisted in hiding the other side of the right hand conifer.

It was a Karen day so we set off for Mansfield in plenty of time. Certainly the end of an era because Joan, Peggy and Connie are standing down at the AGM after many, many years of loyal and productive service. It was a good and constructive committee meeting - there were disagreements but nobody took offence.

After the meeting we drove over to The Hardwick Inn and had a super carvery lunch. No complaints today, and the clean plates spoke for themselves. Connie and Peggy were in our car and after lunch the ladies decided that a health giving walk round the lake was called for and that I could be left in a photogenic spot.

Pictures 2 and 3 were nearby and Picture 3 is included solely to prove that I haven't faked Picture 2. I set my tripod to the right height and effectively poked my lens through the hole in the piece of sculpture shown. I shall call it - "I love Hardwick'. Twee or what? Perhaps AnonymousRob could create a 'urinotype' from it. From a great height probably.

The ladies were all elegantly dressed in business clothes with appropriate footwear, and it was muddy round the lake. But they reached the correct decision that it didn't matter and to 'go for it' !

Then it was home to a pot of tea, the crossword, mess-about with pictures and finally the blog.

Comments..... AnonymousRob. Nice of you to point up the sometimes 'didactic' nature of the blog. It is definitely two way as far as I'm concerned. We all learn from each-other because we have all reached a stage in life where we have something to impart. And the occasional, and very welcome, contribution from younger people keeps us in touch with the real world. You and Dennis have done extremely well to win exhibition-space in Angel Row Library - it's Nottingham's equivalent to The Hayward on the South Bank !

Bungus...... So sorry you missed your hospital appointment and I'm glad the garage replaced the dodgy battery without any hassle. Misread the print, and thought you said Sandra had become a Luddite. I'd visions of her going on a hospital equipment wrecking rampage. Quite disappointed to discover that she had merely fallen under the spell of Lidl.

Re Delia. I've been using Marigold Bouillon since first time round, and also the delightfully grainy Maldon Sea Salt which is so flavourful.

Loved your Wellow stories.

Jill......Don't know what has been happening to your 'comments' - we can't blame the rain again, or can we? Our weather has been spring-like but Chiswick might have been different. Re Rob's fishcake recipe query. You have told us the ingredients but he no doubt would like to know (as I would) the quantities because the ratio of one t'other sounds crucial. But, if you do as I do, and merely eye-ball it, we shall all just have to experiment. To Bungus's horror Delia would prolly have us use Auntie Bessies ready prepared 'mash'.

Quotation time..... Another must for camera-club judges:-

"Criticism is prejudice made plausible"

H. L. Mencken

........Tomorrow we plan an expedition to the Nottingham Eye and hopefully a trip thereon. But it is half-term and it may be far too busy. Y and I want to go to John Lewis anway to look at new tellies and dishwashers and I'm sure a pleasant day will be had by all. Sleep tight......



Anonymous said...


Glad you appreciated the Lidlite/Luddite allusion/illusion A pity that Lidl is 20 miles away! Perhaps worth a bi-monthly or even momthly visit.

You will appreciate that I do not consider Maldon Sea salt (or any other sea/rock salt) to be ‘artificial’.
Sandra has recently persuaded me to accept Aunt Bessie (and other) Yorkshire Puds (if they had been Count Basie it would have been no problem). I would still rather make my own but a one egg pud is rather much for one person and she doesn’t like them (or pancakes, or batter on fish). But I cannot ever imagine using AB's ‘mash’ – one large or two small potatoes just does me and if there is a bit left over the chicks can have it.

Really like the Mencken quote.

(they have changed things again so it now seesm that I have to register as Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting in a plea of not guilty to the charge of being a devoted follower of Delia. I shall not be buying her new book and I'm not impressed by her taste in football clubs. I do, however, recall that she said something insulting about Anthony Worrall Thompson for which she should be congratulated.

If I am a fan of any celeb chefs it has to be Gordon, because he praises people as well as criticising them (so rare in my experience) and Jamie because of his work with young offenders and near offenders. To me that's a positive use of celebrity and far too many do it.

I like to use Loyd Grossman's Pecorino Cheese and Garlic sauce for spag bol and lasagne but that doesn't mean I like Loyd Grossman either - just the sauce. I find a traditional bol sauce far too tomato-y for my taste. I also don't buy grated parmesan and prefer to do my own and produce shavings. I do, however, buy grated mozarella.

I think we have a Delia cookbook but I would need to go and check. Yorkshire puds don't rock my boat but I love pancakes especially with maple syrup. I can't imagine why anyone would use ready-prepared mash.

Here rests the case for the defence.

I'm intrigued that one has to be 18 or over to buy pea and ham soup from the Bargain Shop at Sutton. What is its alcoholic content? In any event I'm glad it revived you Bungus.

Paul the Plasterer finally came this morning at 8am to look at the job he has to do. He says he will start tomorrow to get it finished before we go to Italy. Then it will be radiators back on, new doors, new flooring down and decorating. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it's not a train coming towards us.

Paul is a stylish plasterer. The last time he did a job for us he was wearing a Paul Smith T-shirt. Now he has a chauffeur. But that's because of his driving ban.

I, too, like the Mencken quote but feel it isn't appropriate for camera club judges. They wouldn't understand 'plausible'.

I've been meaning to post this next bit for a few days; it's about colloquialisms. On Saturday Elaine and I went into Nottingham on the tram. I paid the fare in a combination of 50p, 20 and 10p pieces, telling Elaine that it would get rid of all my 'oddy'. This is an Oldham word I picked up from her relations. When I gave the money to the conductor he commented on all the 'shrapnel'. In south Lincs we would just refer to it as 'change'. Are there any other words that people use or is 'shrapnel' widespread in these here parts?