Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quiet yet busy day - very mild, could be April.

A frosty morning just pre-dawn looking over the Football/Business field. I agree that the upper third looks a tad magenta-ish. But you get some weird colours just before sun-up. And it is afterall on that Sigma 12-24mm of AnonymousRob's !

Picture 2 is the tree on the left a few minutes later on my 18-70mm at the 70mm end. Strange colour shift.

No matter. It has been a nice day. We breakfasted at IKEA, bought a lamp and erected it (Picture sometime) had fish & chips for lunch. In the afternoon Steve came over with Hannah and Millicent and a great time was had by all. They went a walk down the old railway line to The Headstocks where Hannah took some photos to enter in a competition.

On the camera LCD they looked fine but we failed to load them onto my computer. Shame, but I'm sure Steve will e-mail them when he gets home. Lisa and Miles had gone bird-watching with brother Mark who is a twitcher.

Steve seems to quite like knocking together websites for needy cases and this is for Burton Joyce Primary School and it looks sophisticated to me, to whom even the simplest website design seems like hard-work. Please open the link, click on a few things and you will see what I mean. He did ask me how to create a 'favicon' for the site instead of the boring old grey rectangular document with the turned down corner. I answered honestly that "I don't know but I shall find out". If when he reads the blog, he opens that 'favicon' link, the problem is more or less solved by some helpful 'wiki-person'. Steve is good with HTML too, but maybe 'his root directory' will be a new area to explore. Sounds painfully reminiscent of dentistry.

Comments..... Jill.....'The Man with the Blue Guitar' is a bewildering poem and it yields its richness slowly over the years. I first came across it many years ago and it seems to become clearer as each decade passes. He is quoted as saying “The poem must resist the intelligence / Almost successfully,”. If I didn't know he had a serious job in the Insurance Industry and remained at his desk throughout his poetic career, I would be tempted to think that hallucinatory chemicals were involved..... Along with Dylan Thomas he remains one of my favourite poets.

Bungus...... Hope Sandra enjoyed her party and poor you, confined to barracks.

AnonymousRob...... Even though a confirmed non-muso I confess a liking for the guitar. Some guitarists I can actually recognise (provided they are simple enough for me) - Johnny Cash was a case in point. I'm glad you enjoyed your gig at The Running Horse. Its proximity to Canning Circus nick means I know the inside of the pub a little. It was reputed to have the deepest cellars in the City, and hence the coolest beer, those far-off unrefrigerated days.

But I shall have to leave the Sports Desk in the capable hands of yourself, Bungus and AnonymousReg - all others of course will be welcomed.

And YES !! Lets talk about the work being done on your house ! Instead of this meandering saga of the non-sale of ours. Details please - nails, trowels, hammers, chisels etc..? That sort of thing.

Quotation time....... As we have discussed Wallace Stevens here is some more -

"Among twenty snowy mountains,
The only moving thing
Was the eye of the blackbird"

When I first read that stanza I thought here is someone else who has been transfixed by the unsettling glare of a blackbird's eye, with that high contrast yellow background. I am indebted to 'Mikes Birding and Digiscoping Blog" for this image.

Getting back to house-sale systems, which are generally considered potty by everyone (see Mananan passim). I think Rob, that a 25% fine for droppers-out is a possibility. But, in the current ecclesiastical climate, perhaps cut off the index finger they used to left-click on RightMove, or maybe pluck out the eye with which they scanned one's house particulars. Oh silly old me, erring on the side of leniency yet again !

p.s. Re: Sharia Law....Matt, the other day, had one of his policemen saying to the other "Will it cut down the paper-work?"

....Quick coffee, maybe a biscuit, depends whose watching, or listening, catch up on radio. read a little and then kip. Sleep tight foks. Catch you tomorrow..............................


ray said...

How to create and install a favicon in a website.
Generate one here too.
Good luck & all the best.

bungus said...

Are you sure Mark is a twitcher? I understand that to bird watchers it is a deeply offensive term.

Sandra went to her party accompanied by friend Pat(rick) who stayed the night with us. I acted as taxi driver and became suitably grumpy when I turned up to collect them at 11.30 and had to wait while they kept going in and out of the pub to fetch each other. We sat up until the early hours talking but without understanding because they had both the drink taken (unusual for Sandra, who had consumed a bottle of champagne [or Cava] along with numerous shots of scotch - but Pat can always be relied upon to drink more than his share of bitter which probably has nothing to do with his son being Nottingham CID). They had both enjoyed it immensely, apparently without recognising anybody. Pat had typically managed to cause offence to several people, particularly by smooching on the dance floor with his hand on his ex-wife's bum, thus enraging her present husband (who IS a bit of a ****).
We had a good breakfast this morning of spicy sausage (4 to the pound, made from pigs reared on the Comp Farm Unit), egg, tomato and beans.

When it comes to guitar, Django does it for me.

You mention deep cellars. I think I may have remarked before on
the pub on Clumber Street which two floors below ground had a pristine cockpit in the 1960s.
Is it cooler the deeper you get? I thought cellar temp was 52/53 F constant.

Mansfield Town had an excellent victory at Wycombe which has lifted them 2 places to 3rd from the bottom of Division 2, on goal difference. Nothing else matters as the big Premiership matches are being played today in Dubai, HongKong and Johannesburg.

Re folk prevaricating and buggering up house sales. I never thought you were such an old softy.

Being a retired architect I am not in the least interested in technical stuff about building. I still find it hard to believe that houses built with half brick walls (as they once were) can possibly stand up. And you won’t easily get me higher than 3 storeys. But bring it on, AnonRob.

From the Observer Book of Food:
“The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.”

Anonymous said...

OK - you asked for it, so here it is. Last year we decided to have some alterations done to the house. To give you some background context, our house is an old collier's 'cottage' very close to what was once Annesley Pit. It is the 5th or 3rd house (depends which end you start counting from) in a block of 8 so is a terrace property.

When I bought it, it was a 3-bedroomed house with a downstairs bathroom. The bathroom was accessed through the kitchen. It was as far away from our bedroom as it was possible to get in our house which meant beer-inspired calls of nature in the middle of the night were a pain in more ways than one.

We decided the bathroom had to be moved upstairs, thus sacrificing a bedroom. This meant the bathroom could be turned into a utility room or, as it is properly called, a darkroom. This, along with a new kitchen, comprised last year's alterations.

Never have a new kitchen from Ikea. They don't leave space at the back for pipes to run and were a nightmare to fit. I'm glad I didn't have to do it. The fitter we had is very experienced and he struggled.

We are now into Phase 2. The hallway has a cupboard built into one end, and a new doorway into the dining room has been created. We have had various walls plastered with more to do. After that we are having real wood floors put down and then it will be getting the decorators in to do the whole house. Hopefully all this will be done before we get our new, reclining, settee around Easter.

It might have been cheaper to move but we love the house and our neighbours.

Oh, I forgot to mention we had the garden levelled and slabbed last year as well, thus decimating the habitat of loads of wildlife. But it's easier to clean up after the dogs.

If you've read this far thank you. I promise I won't mention work and houses in the same sentence again.