Monday, February 18, 2008

Nottingham Eye with Y - Lunch at The Bell

Bungus's Bathroom Boarding (dig that alliteration) photo sent under a plain e-cover and arrived this morning. He didn't say whether he fretted about the job, hacked it or simply coped but he saw the finished task in his minds eye and saw it through to completion.

The picture just had to be blogged.

As well as a 'sports desk' I can see us needing a weekly DIY supplement !

Fascinating stuff about the bricks too. As ever Wikipedia provided lots of information and the lead article has a photo of brickwork looking very much like Rob's.

Your tutorial Bungus was valuable and every man/woman to his/her own trade. Doesn't the need for correctness produce ugly sentences?

This morning, not believing the 'red sky in a morning' fable we decided on our first outing since my ankle-problem and went down to Nottingham on the tram.

We couldn't believe our luck when we got to the Square - only a tiny queue at the Big Wheel, so we went on. Had a super time and got lots of snaps. Picture 2 is a sample. The oblong boxes upper left are the Victoria Centre flats. Then we had lunch in The Bell which lays claim to being older than The Trip to Jerusalem. The link was provided by NET (the tram company) interestingly entitled 'Beer by Tram' - good initiative that !

The walking strangely enough, seemed to have a good effect on my ankles and it is only after getting home that they have started to swell. We will see what they are like tomorrow.

Comments..... The chicken debate. I think there is less ground between us all than at first appeared. Delia herself says that she herself always uses free-range, as we do, and eggs. And I am as disturbed as anyone by the barbaric treatment of animals being reared for food. But she has a good intention to help people who might be hard up and trying to feed a young family nutritious food. My bleat about 'Organic' is the con often involved. For instance, my local farmer up the road cannot describe his carrot crop as organic because he had to spray against incipient carrot root-fly, while Morrisons in the other direction import their 'organic carrots' from Spain.. may have a point re game. But the idea of animals/birds being reared so that upper-class deviants with blood-lust, can slaughter them for fun is equally appalling to me and resurrects my old SWP leanings.

AnonymousRob...... Pleased to hear that your settees have arrived but I don't think you should cut out 'bed' altogether. Not at your age !

Before we leave 'saws' altogether, I guess a 'tenon saw' is for cutting the high bits ? And we haven't mentioned jig-saws.

Re.dibbers...I always used to simply use the end of a bamboo cane. The plants never seemed to mind. And if was 'pricking out into a seedtray I just used my fore-finger. Fingers were invented before dibbers.

Quotation for the Day......

"Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats"

Howard Aiken

n.b. Reg suggests, and I agree, a permanent note on the blog, pointing out that photos remain in the copyright of the author. I hope to research it tomorrow.

I hope the readers and workers on the 'Sports desk' will approve of the end-piece line. It has been a sombre time and when I saw it I thought you might like it. Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow..................


bungus said...

Another repeat because of my carelessness.

Smashing photo from the Eye. The Victoria flats look better than I thought they did from this view.

Carrot root fly can be prevented organically without too much difficulty. But I agree that there is an organic con. One can never be sure about the provenance.

I mentioned my pheasant reservation. Are partridges also bred in captivity and released? I thought not. But at the worst they all get a few days or weeks of free flying and some actually survive. I too find aspects of organised shoots offensive but the worst part of it, to me, is that when they have been shot they have such little value and many corpses are simply buried in a mass grave. And a lot of shootists do not fit your description.
But I am pleased to hear of a partial return to your roots.

I’ll take the bait and say that the jigsaw must be of Irish derivation.
A coping saw must surely be one that JUST manages, against the odds, to cut wood the right length?
I have an image of RG dancing which has something in common with Fantasia. I doubt if you will get him ‘on the floor’, however because he no longer drinks and I suspect that, like me, he needed six pints of courage (Dutch, not the brewery) first.

I am pleased to say, Jill, that at least 2 of our 4 children cook properly. And both of our English granddaughters enjoy cooking with Sandra. One (18) went home from here yesterday and made a quiche (despite difficulty rolling out the premade pastry because her mother, who never cooks, had no flour). The other (12), with her 5 year old male cousin, had made jam tarts.

A cane or finger is hardly suitable for potatoes, for which I used a dibber.

Thanks for the Busby Babes pic strip..

Late Extra:
I heard a word on TV today that I have not heard for yonks (namely, ‘yonks’). I first heard it some 50 plus years ago on National Service in Tripoli. I believe it must originally have been forces terminology.
Another etymological curiosity: when we boarded the QL to take us to work, there would be a cry go up “On the ammo”. Although this made no sense to me, I shouted with the rest. I later found out that it was “Andiamo” (Italian for “Let’s go”).

anonymousrob said...

To echo Bungus, many thanks RG for the picture of the Babes. So young, so talented, so missed. The Flowers of Manchester. For those who may not know, Duncan is second left.

I used to work with someone who was a keen shooter, or 'sportsman', as he preferred to be known. There were two things I could never undertsand about his defence of his hobby. One was how using a powerful man-made weapon to kill a creature with a very small brain could be classed as sport. The other was why he said he was conserving wildlife. Instead of pheasants and partridge can we just slaughter the upper-class deviants? If that classifies as 'threats to kill' or 'inciting terrorism' I'd like to point out it's a joke, but if it doesn't..........

Paul the Plasterer and his driver arrived last night with a delivery of sand, cement and foil-backed plasterboard. This morning he came with a tin of Aquaseal which he described as the "bee's knees". Do bees have knees? Apparently whatever went in to the bricks yesterday for damp-proofing is corrosive to dogs' noses until it has been covered up with bitumen. This makes the dining room a no-go zone for the dogs and getting to the front door, which can only be accessed through the dining room, a bit of a pain.

In order to remain pc and to avoid ugly sentences is it acceptable to write "every person to their own trade"? Talking of ugly sentences we were let out of nick after lunch yesterday. The visit was deemed a success and we hope to go again in March. We didn't see any prisoners because the POA was meeting so there was a 'lock-down'. I only picked up on one piece of wishy-washy thinking. One of the Prison Officers was talking about working with sex offenders (or VP's as he called them - vulnerable prisoners). One of our party said, sotto-voce, "Why don't we just gas 'em?" Such a bad idea now gas prices have gone up.

Another bad idea was my thought that we could cut out bed now we have the recliners. Silly me. We have been warned against getting stains on it.

A jigsaw could well have Irish roots, and band saw is too obvious but maybe a chain saw is worthy of study. Perhaps it's a saw that's passed on from one person to another to another to another etc etc. My chain saw was like that. I got it from Dave at 77 who got it from Ted at 79 and I live at 78. Then Dave had to sharpen it for me and Ted looked to see if he had got a new chain for it. Isn't communism great?

Another saw worth having a look at is


Jill said...

I am now going to relate my hospital saga, skip if you want! Although I had my arm sorted privately, I kept the NHS irons in the fire and have been keeping their appointments over the last year. Last October I had a lot of nerve tests etc. at Charing Cross Hospital and got an appointment for yesterday at West Middx. (why two hospitals? no-one I asked knew).

Went to West Mid, standing room only in reception, about 10 people already standing and I was told to join them. Said I would sit on the floor. went to do so, and hey presto, a chair from an office was produced. (I have discovered that old ladies sitting on the floor seems to upset people). An hour and fifteen minutes past my appointment time I went into see a dr - who took one look at my file, said he couldn't see me as the test results had not reached ths hospital yet. (all of 5 miles away). I suggested he rang Charing Cross and asked them to tell him either over the phone, or fax, or e-mail but he said it was not his job to chase results. I asked him whose job it was, and he said sometimes the nurses would ring but results would not be given over phone to a nurse. Back to reception and I asked why I hadn't been told this when I arrived so that I could have gone straight home, and was told their staff were not allowed to look in patients' files under the Data Protection Act. Have been given another appointment in April - I asked how I could check before leaving home if the results were actually there, I was told this was impossible. I was directed to the Complaints Office - they were closed for lunch....I have written....

Nobdoy apologised for my wasted morning, everybody sort of got defensive and said it wasn't their job.....

The other thing that irritates me is that they all call me by my Christian name. Could they not ask what I prefer? Makes it unprofessional in my book. What did they call you, Bungus? (to your face, not behind your back.....)

I do hope you have not done too much too soon, and that your ankles are not giving more trouble.

We had M & S Gastropub Macaroni Cheese with ham hock and leeks - it was very tasty and we enjoyed it! This is recommended.....

bungus said...

First posting as i am at hospitla tom,orrow so shall not be able to make comment until pm.

This morning (Tue) I received a right telling off from Sandra for criticising Delia (she had caught the Radio Nottm interview and I had not). Apparently, as I sit on my arse all day and eat tinned baked beans and tinned mushy peas (not my choice; I would rather soak marrowfats) I am not entitled to an opinion.
Later I told her of my little aphorism that ‘Work is for those who have nothing better to do’. “I’ll have to remember that,” she said. I explained that I meant paid work, as many hobbies involve what many would regard as work. “What about housework?” she asked. “Ah,” I responded “you have found the flaw. Now please lie down on it.”
But we are as one on the matter of the renowned choclatier who makes for Lidl. We think it must be Lindt. The style of the packaging and the product is so similar.

The fog wasn’t bad here at 9.00am; visibility at least quarter of a mile although it had been down to perhaps 100yds earlier.

Almost in the mole-ster / molest-er category, why do I keep reading ‘UN special riot police’ as ‘UN special not police?

I came across this in my news online programme. Nick Robimnson, pointing out that Hansard is not a verbatim record, describes it as ’an old verse that captured the spirit of Hansard well’:
"And so while the great ones depart to their dinner,
The secretary stays, growing thinner and thinner
Racking his brain to record and report
What he thinks that they think that they ought to have thought."
He goes on ‘It's been claimed (though never to my knowledge verified) that before being accepted as a Hansard scribe, applicants used to be forced to listen to one of John Prescott's speeches and to write down what they think he was trying to say..
The online revolution may protect us in future since the uncleaned up version is now published on the day of debates on the Parliament website before being replaced by the cleaned up official version the following morning.’

More to follow.

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