Friday, February 08, 2008

Peter's 60th - TJ called in

Tracy called in this afternoon, she was in the area, and it was nice of her to call. Probably she thought that Y might be suffereing a back-lash from yesterday's house news. But Y is fine. Picture 1 is because I was attracted to Tracy's different textures. Starting with her 'faux' fur and back to the upholstery.

TJ doesn't like 'mug-shots' so I assured her she wouldn't be in it.

This morning I had cooked Cauliflower Cheese again from my old recipe book and I've discovered a way to produce reasonably good bread crumbs (as my inset picture attempts to show). They were made by cutting the crust off some of yesterday's French Stick and 'milling' them in the Moulinex coffee-grinder.

To cut a long story short, although from my trusty old book, the recipe failed. Not moist enough - I must review the ingredient ratios before trying it again.

At 7pm this evening we are going to Peter's (2 doors up) for his 60th Birthday party. There will no doubt be discussion about the house-sale, and the drains, but we don't aim to stay long. My 'tiredness' you know !

Comments..... Maybe we have exhausted 'workhouses' , 'insulting Alan Johnson', but 'Sharia Law', and 'house-sales systems' are promising. Membership of MOGS continues to extend. Daughter Debra has recently qualified. A the bottom of their garden is a tree with a shoulder height fork, over which, on a daily basis a passer-by drapes her banana skin. This so infuriated Debra she left the woman a note. The practice has now ceased. This is left-wing, liberal, everyone do their own thing Debra. Ha Ha! You are quite right Debra. The woman should clearly be flogged, or stoned if she does it again.

AnonymousRob..... I haven't got a problem I can't solve with my 'tubes' - it is a matter of usage. And Yes, my D80 allows all lens functions through the tubes, at least on my 50mm prime which is the only one I've tried.

Thanks Mananan for that lens link... click here If I'd got one and went up to Felley M1 junction, I reckon I would be able to get a reasonable snap of your lifeboat.

"Earnestness is stupidity sent to college".

P. J. O'Rourke

I've always enjoyed O'Rourke, he writes a tidy article too.

....Can't decide what to do tomorrow. It depends when we get going I suppose. A Rest Day will be welcomed.. Sleep tight !

Just returned now at 9.30pm from Peter's Party. We were made very welcome and we explained about the house. The drains were not mentioned.


bungus said...

Sort of coincidentally, Sandra is going to a birthday party starting at 7.00 o'clock this evening (Saturday). This one is an 80th but could be quite lively as it is being held in a pub and is scheduled to go on till closing time.
A pity I can't go.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini may be about to save the Premier League from itself. How astute was Reg when he said the other day:
"Its not Footie ,Soccer or even Football it A BUSINESS"

I feel I am missing out as I haven't got a party to go to. But I did go to the Running Horse last night to see the Joanne Shaw Taylor Band. Joanne is in her early twenties, I believe, and an amazing guitarist. Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame agrees with me, although he discovered her before I did.

RG, can I believe my eyes? Did you really take Picture 1 because you were attracted to Tracy's upholstery? Nice lighting though.

I think Debra has missed a trick. If she had set up a camcorder and recorded the daily hanging of the banana skin, followed by the flogging and stoning I'm sure she could have got an Arts Council grant to tour it. Unlike Derby Playhouse, of course.

Maybe we should have a house sale system that requires the purchaser to put down a 25% deposit which is lost if they then withdraw. Mind you it used to be the sellers that caused problems in the good old days of gazumping.

We have been having a lot of work done on our house. Am I allowed to mention it?