Friday, December 14, 2007

Typical December Day - Very cold and dull

Let me begin by thinking you all for your 'get well comments' and I consider myself fortunate to have such a cheery bunch of friends and supporters. Jill's is a stirrup because I don't want to be responsible for anyone's 'withdrawal symptoms'.

And all plus a late realisation-moment with the word 'stirrup'. I've spent 65 years fully understanding the word without working out that those things which horse-riders use, actually 'stir up' the horse. I recognise that some of the messages are from friends who are also going through ill health patches. And thank you to the e-mailers too. Several people read the blog who seldom if ever appear in the comments column.

The picture is from the 'Radiogandy 4 poster' because I am still grabataire. Still suffering a bit but nowhere near as excruciating as yesterday. I am able to watch my birds and take in lots of coffee, radio, and reading matter. Y is great, as she always is.

Football Section ..... So Capello it is! and this link please click seemed the best coverage. Y's Palmers Green cognoscenti says he is the right choice. Mature, successful, very strict, and no more WAGS causing distractions. Also that it is absolutely correct to allow him to bring with him his 4 henchmen. I understand also that Y's contact still hopes for the return of please click Mourinho to Chelsea.

I won't push my luck first day back, so I'm going to lie down again. Up and about for an hour or so tomorrow unless I have a bad night. ............... Sleep tight.


Madeline said...

Glad to see you're feeling somewhat better now. I hope the improvement continues!


Jill said...

Great to see you back - don't overdo it though, may I suggest your hour up is the same time as SCD? or do you have tv in your room? If you do, can I recommend Nicholas Nickleby on BBC4, I saw the original on stage and this tv version, which is excellent.

bungus said...

For a moment I thought Jill said "your hour is up" !!!

Like the 'stir-up' connedtion. I shall tell everyone. It will spread like wildfire.

All our ill-health patches are not morphine. I fondly recall that self-administered euphoria-inducing drip in hospital (no not Sid in the bed opposite). Misquoting Terry Molloy in 'On the Waterfront' "I cudda bin an addict, Charlie'.

I don't know a lot about Cappello but I gather he has some of the man-management qualities of Brian Clough, which can't be bad.
But I suppose the brass band will be redundant as the crowd will be expected to sing 'a Capello'.
Although it contains a much that is true I would say Kuper's view is limited and biased. But he's entitled to it. I am sure there will be better coverage in Sunday's Observer.
Having read the Mourinho link I would say he is more likely to return here as manager of Liverpool than of Chelsea (but it could depend on how Benitez fares with the owners).