Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Karen day - Idea 6,328 - Photoshoppery

When making scrambled egg & smoked-salmon on toast for lunch I had bright idea 6,328.

These black, substantial, bendy polythene basins are the packaging for Xmas puddings and make excellent mixing bowls. The domed base is excellent for beating and their ductile quality makes them excellent for p0uring out of.

Feel free etc.,........

Karen came this morning and seems to bearing up under the strains of the 'single life'. She said that a lad she went to school with had invited her out for a drink and both Y and I enquired if it was a 'love interest' ? She said, "Oh No ! I wouldn't go out with him, he always looks as if he had an uphill paper-round". Some Erewash Valley sayings are priceless.

While we had lunch we watched "This is Civilisation" by Matthew Collings and we really rate it. He has the knack of 'describing thoughly' without everything being overlaid by his 'opinions'. Only 4 parts unfortunately because it is excellent television.

Picture 2 is a photoshoppery experiment. An idea I picked up from RPS and that is to 'desaturate' all colours except one (red in this case) and you finish up with a monochrome picture with just the main feature in colour.

Views please ?

I'm also pleased to report that 'blogger have fixed' the picture enlargement glitch. A left-click on a picture will now open a full-size piccy without any intermediate 'faff', as it used to.

We are going to have to record Strictly....It takes Two... this evening because of the need to shoot off to Mansfield for our Nat Trust evening. It is a pretty foul evening here so I'm glad I shan't be driving alone.

Comments.....Hope your neck has been less of an 'ouch' today Jill and I also hope that your new kitchen equipment turned up. Leek and potato is a prince of the Soup world. For some strange reason in my personal recipe book I wrote it as Potato and Leek Soup and always have a small spasm when I can't find it. I ought to know it off by heart now anyway, but I don't.

In my opinion Bungus your vinca minor is performing quite normally. It always seems to carry the odd flower at any time of year and, by its nature it seems to favour shady protected places.

Tea break, and Mansfield but I'll be back........................

The Lost Houses of Nottinghamshire" by Philip Jones was very interesting and we saw some very important pictures some of which illustrate Philip's book. It was interesting to see for instance architectural similarities between the original Worksop Manor and Hardwick Hall - and then discover that the same architect was responsible for both buildings. Since 1945 there have been 60 major houses in Nottinghamshire demolished. Mind you, in Y's and my mind, some of them were no great loss. Ugly, over-gothic, untidily designed buildings which sometimes we are well rid of. We don't subsribe to the 'must preserve it because it's old' school at all.

I'm well aware though that my position is vulnerable to somebody saying "That is a value-judgement and in a hundred years what is now considered hideous might be considered beautiful". Difficult decisions because we simply can't afford to keep everything. Lots of people there again, 80+ at a guess, and Y took £51.50p on the raffle.

Finally breaking off because I'm off WoW-ing tomorrow morning, and need some kip. Sleep tight everybody. Catch you tomorrow...................


Jill said...

Both cooker and liquidiser/blender turned up before 9.15.....and soup has been made! It will be lunch tomorrow. No 'ouches' today, but I haven't been driving.

I really like that photo - it makes the rose stand out, and the background looks like a misty, foggy day. Had a look to see if I had any roses out, there are a couple but very bedraggled. Do have some pale pink geraniums flowering like mad though.

I have a stack of plastic Xmas pudding bowls - but no black ones, mine are red, green or white, we obviously patronise different shops!

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bungus said...

We tend to use our old Xmas pud bowls for the freezer but I do occasionally make use of them for other purposes when nothing else comes readily to hand. I'd say at best 6,327.5.

Delighted to hear karen is back and not miserable. The 'uphill paper round' says everything (I wonder if the poor chap knows?)

I think the photo works very well. Is it necessary to draw around the outline with Photoshop?

Sandra made a veg soup today (tomorrow's lunch, possibly with cheese-on-toast floated atop). We have an excellent greengrocer recently set up stall on Ollerton Market (everything very fresh and reasonably priced - and he is offering to deliver orders locally foc on Xmas Eve) so she used up the old stuff prior to restocking tomorrow.

The periwinkle has less shade than it used to since the leylandii came down! It isn't an odd flower though; there are two.

I didn't wake until 11.00 this morning so I will not wait for your return...

I am intrigued by Crescenet. I presume the language is Portuguese but feel that I could very nearly translate it (I'll have another look tomorrow) which made me think at first that it might be Esperanto (my grandfather was a keen exponent and taught me a smattering, eg, 'snako in herbo').