Friday, December 28, 2007

Tired out - Wet and windy

This is the statue in question and thanks for the assiduous googling.

I decided on the sepia because Jill likes the effect, and it wasn't a bright sunny day anyway so no important information is lost. I stand corrected on the Sculptor being Hilary Cartmel but, if you open this link to Richard Stainthorpe's work (which I have seen elsewhere and enjoyed) you will understand why I was mistaken. Thanks for trying to discover more.

If she is back at her post I am delighted. Perhaps some minor and not sufficiently newsworthy repair work.

Your comments are so rewarding to read. The foodie columns, the shopping and technology sections, medical matters, the arts and photography pieces, even music, history, gadgets and occasional sports and knitting. It's like having our own made-to-measure magazine!! And, heavens be praised, we steer clear of such trivia as news, politics and current affairs.

Ken Dodd is, as you say Rob, truly amazing. As Bungus said a few days ago he deserves a knighthood, as well as Brucie, and no doubt in advance of Parkinson. But these things move in mysterious ways

Thanks David B from 2 days back. You are right about IKEA breakfasts being great. But they aren't £2 - they are 95p ! and as much coffee as you can drink.

Today has been spent at Burton Joyce looking after the younger children while Steve and Lisa went to her Dad's funeral. At 10 and a half, Hannah went too which I think was the right decision. She is old enough to understand and will know in the years to come that she did the right thing.. The Xmas lights over Steve's front door looked good enough for a snap and you must excuse the rain drops on the lens but the lights will have gone before I next get over there.

Unfortunately neither AnonymousRob, Bungus, nor I can make it to Rufford Park tomorrow, and I so much wanted Bungus and Rob to meet. Well, I wanted Bungus to meet all the photographers and I hope something else can be arranged soon. While Bungus is on his current medication he has to avoid any risk of catching anything. I need a Rest Day, or two, before all the excitement over at Tracy's on Monday. We are looking forward to it so much and have been nominated to collect the cheesecake from the CheeseCake Shop on the way in.

Quotation for the Day................

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"

Scott Adams

The smiley is me and Bungus using the storm-kettle on our 2008 photojaunt. Be nice but perhaps unlikely. Sleep tight folks. Catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

Yes, politics are best avoided, esp party politics (although I can understand AnonRob jumping to a conclusion about the sculpture). But I do think it is worth deploring the death of Benezir Bhutto although it cannot be considered altogether surprising. Let us hope that somehow the lid can be kept on.

I didn’t actually say Ken Dodd deserves a knighthood, as well as Brucie - simply that Ken Dodd is more deserving of such an honour, as, I think, is Parky. So far as I am concerned all Bruce Forsythe has done is endure (as a second rate performer compared to the only similar performers I can think of, viz, Sammy Davis Jr, Donald O'Connor, Roy Castle and ? Harrison (?) (No, not Harrison - somebody who used to sing and dance with a trilby on and fall off a bar stool - Jill will know).
There is no reason at all why anyone should agree with me but they can if they like.

I think, generally, that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thing about children attending funerals; better that they should decide for themselves. Simon, our second eldest, was keen (when 16?) to attend my father’s funeral and, as our (silver) limousine started to move, said “Thunderbirds are go”, which startled me at the time. Danny the youngest (now in his mid thirties) has always refused to attend any funeral, inc those of his grandparents and stepgrandparents of whom he was fond. At my mother's, when he was in his late teens, he stayed at the house and helped prepare sandwiches. (And I am the only person he has ever visited in hospital). Different strokes …

Just keep wiggling AnonRob. Sorry we won’t be meeting up this Sat on the Rufford walk. Next time, hey? If it rains like it did tonight, it will have been a good event to miss. Fierce, noisy, incessant downpour for hours.
And because of my low immunity, I don’t think there will be any 2008 jaunts, unless they are in December, or local and brief !

Sandra did a rescue job on the oxtail by adding butter beans and chickpeas. I gave it a good dollop of Morrison’s Brown Sauce (which I prefer to HP) and it was OK with rice. Shan’t bother again though. It probably tasted how beef stew used to taste in the 40s and 50s when meat was fattier. Certainly I cannot face dripping now and in those days I enjoyed it (pork or beef) on toast.

I watched The History Boys tonight. I found it very entertaining but not altogether convincing (possibly my heterosexual side ‘coming out’, as it were, and drama does not need to be ‘accurate’ in that respect anyway). There was a lovely use of language though, and some acute observation of human nature (which is expected from Bennett).

I also accidentally caught a few seconds of The Strictly Come Dancing Story. I only stayed with it as long as that (before switching to the last half of the film Dad’s Army) because it featured Heather Mills! Bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Bungus - are you thinking of Dickie Henderson?