Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still bitterly cold - perhaps a White Xmas ?

I was allowed an hour in the kitchen this morning, provided I sat on my kitchen stool. Always do as I'm told and I made this Spicy Carrot soup which we aim to have while watching Strictly come Dancing, the semi-final, and a definite nail-biter. We both want Matt to go out, not because he isn't a nice enough lad but the final surely must be between Gethin and Alesha.

Having tasted the soup I think it will be a love it/hate it job because I'm not sure about hot chilli powder, cumin, and coriander all together in a soup.

As I've just said to Reg in an e-mail, I might have to live in bed and get up for the occasional hour, because things seem more comfortable that way. My Gran would say I was 'as idle as Litheram's dog'. I never did find out who Litheram was.

Pcture 2 is, as Bungus knows, Basil Rooting and his brother making their tri-annual appearance. Looks as if I need to pot them on tomorrow at the latest. I must investigate different Basils as a change from my standard two.

I've just received an e-mail from Jill giving me the low-down on Rudolph and I would love to provide you with a link to it because it's super. But it has her e-mail address on it and I don't like to do that. I'll find a 'workaround' by tomorrow. Didn't take me that long. I copy/pasted it without the e-mail address into an e-mail which I then addressed to myself. Please click to see a very jolly animation. Thanks Jill.

I can't enter this footie chat I'm afraid - I'll leave it to other readers. No doubt AnonRob if he feels well enough.

Quotation for the Day........

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies"

He was right when he wrote it, in the early years of the 19th century, and he's right now.

Off to watch Strictly......... Then we've got Civilisation...... Please click here Looks like a Jeff Koons hand, but perhaps not kitsch enough. We've got a look alike local at Vicar Water.

Catch you tomorrow......... Sleep tight......


bungus said...

Report on Hospital Visit
Fri 14 Dec.

Having discovered that I would need to attend clinics not, as I had been informed, once every 3 weeks but twice, I decided to give (free) hospital transport a trial. This was not just because of the cost of petrol (c £10 a trip plus a parking charge of min £3.50 if Sandra did not go with me) but that it would also tie up the car which S might need to use. Today was the first time.

My appointment was at 1.00pm so, as advised, I was ready at 11.00 am. At 1.45 I phoned the hospital and was reassured that a vehicle was on its way. It arrived just minutes afterwards; a hospital car driven by a hospital driver who had already picked up someone from Sutton-in-Ashfield (20 miles away from both the hospital and Ollerton).

We arrived at the City Hospital in good time, about 1.30, which allowed me to go first to Out-Patients and provide a blood sample.

I was called into the consulting room on the dot at 1.00 and waited a few minutes for the nurse to come in, ask about my progress (good) and provide some further paperwork. Then the consultant came in, asked the same questions, to which I was smart enough to provide the same answers. He then told me that the treatment I would receive would cost some £50,000, to which I replied that, in that case, it wasn't surprising that I wasn't being paid a fee. He smiled dutifully and told me that another patient had said he would take the money instead but that unfortunately there wasn't that option.
I was out of the consulting room before 1.15 and, after checking on return transport and arranging the next appointment, sitting down to await my carriage at 1.20.

Fortunately I had taken the Observer Crossword, the Ollerton Advertiser, a book lent to me by RadioG, some jelly babies (recommended as part of my diet) and a banana.

At 2.20 I enquired and was informed that transport might be another hour.

It was, by which time everyone else had gone and it was turning cold. I was happy with my reading (given up on the crossword, halfway through the paper, not started on the book). At 2.20 I heard a discussion at the reception desk which led to them ordering a taxi.

The taxi driver (who had asked if I intended to pay cash and I told him that the hospital would pay) was an extremely pleasant and chatty young man. He had never before been north of Nottingham, so I was to navigate (again, no fee). We called at the Out-Patients entrance to collect a blind lady and her escort, who were to be taken to a retirement home in Blidworth (only an additional 5 or 6 miles) before dropping me off in Ollerton.

The journey was uneventful and enjoyable, talking to the driver (when I told him about my consultation he remarked, correctly, "You could have done that by phone")). I alighted at home at about 4.30 and noticed that the fare was nearly £40.

I am booked for a further trip next Wednesday and intend to use the service most of the time for the next 11 months.

bungus said...

Chilli poder, cumin and coriander certainly go together very well. Whether the soup will be too (spicy) hot is amatter of taste!

Can't help with Litheram. Another case for Google?

The reindeer link didn't work. I think you will have to email it to everybody!

The hand reminds me of the zany DJ/comedian whose name won't come to the front of my mind.

Jill said...

I am glad that the hospital transport did you get you home eventually, Bungus, even though it doesn't sound very well-organised. Perhaps a thermos and a sandwich next time as well?

Were the times given wrong in your comments, I couldn't work them out....

R is shouting 'fiddle' at the tv very loudly, and a load of other words I am not going to repeat,went to investigate and that Leon has won the X-factor, he can't sing, is quite short and has no discernible personality except to cry a lot. Rhydian was in a different class altogether....

Is Kenny Everett the one you were thinking of?

I think that soup would be too spicy for me, I love the taste of actual carrots, is that still there?

We had Duchy of Cornwall Chicken and Mushroom pies for lunch, not recommended, comparatively expensive and not much chicken, gloopy gravy, rather heavy pastry.

bungus said...

The X Factor Final
Although I have no doubt that throughout the series Rhyddian was the outstanding performer, I also believe that Leon was unquestionably the most improved; and that in his final song he did a fine job. I also think he is likely to obtain greater benefit from his win because it will give him even more confidence.
Rhyddian, on the other hand, seems assured of a successful career, certainly in musical theatre even if not as a solo artist. Who cannot see him as a superb Phantom of the Opera, for instance. Not only does he possess a very good versatile voice but he also has amazing stage presence.
Others (eg Ro) may disagree but at least Same Difference were eliminated.

Yes, it was Kenny Everett of the Big Hands (calling fro the nuking of Moscow but also leading some wonderful gospel singing).

Sandra made a prawn korma for tea/supper. Korma is suppose dto be mild. Maybe my taste is affected but it was so burnong hot (spicewise) that i asimply could not eat it! But I believe she used korms curry powder rather than grinding spices which allows greater control.

Apologies for two confusing errors in the times;
1) a missing '1'. I phoned the hospital at 11.45, not 1.45. Transport picked me up 11.50, arr hospital 12.30, gave blood, consultation 1.00 to 1.10.
2) Taxi eventually ordered just after 3.20 (not 2.20). Arrived home about 4.30.
I had a 2 course breakfast (porridge and marmite on toast) at 9,00am, so a banana and four jelly babies provided ample sustenance from my emergency ration pack (I also had a clementine and a small carton of cranberry juice not called upon).

Did you see 'Have I Got News for You, with a photo of Prince Charles (allegedly) busting a gut 'at the sight of the price tag on some Duchy of Cornwall ginger biscuits'?

bungus said...

Google search

Were there other sayings or things like that that people had maybe about weather or - things like that?

Yes, my mother in law had quite a lot for that - but of course, I can’t remember - one of them was a saying that she had if you were idle – ‘he’s as idle as Litheram’s dog’ (?)- and I used to say to her, ‘Why do you say that? ‘Well,’ she said, ‘because he lay down to bark’.

That’s brilliant - Litheram’s

Lytham’s dog - once the local paper asked if anybody knew of anything and somebody wrote to ask if anybody knew of the identity of Litheram’s dog, so I wrote to the paper and I said I didn’t know, but that my mother in law use to quote that - and we never knew who - and I said, ‘Well, I can tell you why the saying was because he lay down to bark’


Jill said...

Yes, I did see the picture of Prince Charles on Have I got news for you - I don't usually buy Duchy of Cornwall stuff, but Waitrose had a whole new range in on special offer, and I am always wary of what's in bought meat pies, and I thought these would be wholesome and better.

Tnak you for the revision of the hospital times...

For G in particular, we had a little flock (about five or six) redwings in the garden and on the pyrocanthus bush this morning. They look like thrushes, but have a distinct light stripe over and under the eyes,and when they fly you can of course see the red patch under their wings. Haven't seen them for some years - does this mean it is particularly cold in Scandinavia? I shall look out for fieldfares next, I saw a few of those last year in the local park.

Ro agrees with you that Leon was the most improved performer - but he says that shouldn't be a consideration in deciding who has
the X factor If applied to SCD, then Matt or Letitia ought to win! I read on someone's site that SCD is a fiddle too, to get Matt D'Angelo through to final.....

Jill said...

Also meant to say that I enjoyed the story about Lutheram's dog!

Anonymous said...

X Factor - how Rhydian failed to win is beyond Elaine and myself. But it seems the vote was very close and maybe Leon has more sex appeal? Or was it Kylie wot won it for him? His voice sounds kinda flat to us though.

Fabio Capello - if the players win the World Cup he'll be a hero and the best appointment ever. If the players fail miserably (again) there'll be racist tabloid stories about Italians. Only time will tell. I can't think of an English coach with the same credentials though and I have no problems with a non-Englishman coaching the English national team. I would have thought every employer would want to appoint the best available candidate for the job.