Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WoW at Hardwick - Birds

Picture 1 is entitled "Duggie the Pathfinder" - he often seems to walk about 15 yards in front of the others !

They are walking on the east side of the small Hardwick Lake having left me in the Visitor's Centre Car Park and there were six of us today. We were lucky with sunny spells because, on the way home in the early afternoon it rained heavily. I noticed this morning how the barometer has fluctuated widely over the past 24 hours..

There weren't many people about and I concentrated on bird pictures with my 300mm Tamron and tripod. That is how I managed Picture 1 because they really were quite a long way away. Although the Pied Wagtail is not a garden bird - at least, it isn't at Radiogandy villas, so I wanted to nab him for my collection. I guessed that, if I sat quietly, he would come quite close, and he did. Nosy creatures aren't they ? And of course, he was free to leave and having said 'g'day' he cleared off.

We went to The Shoulder of Mutton at Hardstoft for our chip-cob, and were served magnificent one. The 'real' chips were so big they were more like mini-roast potatoes and delicious with it. I would have provided a 'link' for the pub but I couldn't find one. As a fellow blogger reported - "No site, no picture, no details, and, therefore no recommendation". Shame - because it 's a super pub with a handsome restaurant and the food looks good".

Comments....Glad your kitchen stuff arrived Jill. And I'm pleased you have been ouch-free.
Let us know how the soup is ? It sounds as if we are all 'cook today eat tomrrow' people. I like the idea of Sandra's cheese-on-toast croutons.

You are correct Bungus to identify Crescenet's language as Portuguese. Google, in it's magnificence, provided a translation of the 'comment' . To find the service by the way, you go to Google, more>>, then scroll down the right hand column till you reach 'Translate' - click it and follow the instructions. What would we do without Google ? Basically it seems that Crescenet provides a programme which can carry advertising and pays you for the number of 'hits'. I liked the Esperanto 'snako in herbo'. It made me conjure up a picture of a fit young lady frollicking naked in the grass. I can guess the correct translation but prefer my version.

Thank you Crescenet for your interest in this Blog, but it exists solely for the diversion of family and friends. I do not wish to carry advertising for anything.

AnonymousRob is still obviously shingle-bound and we wish him respite from the pain and a speedy recovery.

Tomorrow night is a competition night at EPS and, as I have not entered anthing I can just toddle along and look at everyone elses pictures. Unless I have a particularly bad day I intend to go though, it seems ages.......

Quote for the Day..........Still reading my Montaigne essays :-

"When I am attacked by gloomy thoughts, nothing helps me so much as running to my books. They quickly absorb me and banish the clouds from my mind"


I would like to think that, post the invention of radio,and the internet, we could have welcomed him aboard.

..........Off to bed now. Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

No picture 1 unfortunately. Tough on Duggie; fame has passed him by again.

You are right about wagtails. They are undoubtedly car-park birds.

Sandra made the soup but I feel obliged to lay claim to the unoriginal idea of cheesy croutons. It was enjoyable but I ate too much.

I never got around to looking for Crescenet translaton. Now there is no need! Useful link though. Ta. I have always had a soft spot for Esperanto. Based mainly on Latin, it is genuinely easy to learn with rigid rules of parsing and declension etc. Probably due to American insistence on English (although I understand Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in America now) it lost impetus and is no longer at all in favour. It was invented in the same decade that saw Ned Kelly hanged, Jesse James and Billy the Kid gunned down and the Earps defeat the Clanton gang at the OK Corral.

As you have not entered any pictures at EPS you will be free simply to offer kindly opinion and useful advice on the work of others. As Mr Punch said ...

Re the quote:
I think that generally I prefer one-liners (preferably Tommy Cooper or Woody Allen).
And suely you mean ANTE the invention of radio etc?

Anonymous said...

I am still shingle-bound I'm afraid and I'm proper fed up with it. It's affecting the left side of my forehead and around my left eye. It is painful but also I find it difficult to read a book or a blog for more than a few minutes at a time.

I went to the Doc's on Tuesday for more antibiotics, which he gave me along with a sick note for 2 weeks off work. Now all I want is to feel well enough to enjoy it!

If I've got the right pub, the Shoulder of Mutton at Hardstoft used to be called The Weeping Ash until it was taken over a year or so ago. I think Shoulder of Mutton was its original name. I've had a copuple of meals there and they were excellent; one was Christmas Eve last year and I'll ask Elaine to remind me what I ate. I know it was good though.


PS I've deliberately left the 'copuple' typo as I like the sound of it!