Thursday, December 13, 2007

No issue - due to staff illness

Sorry folks. No issue today. RG gone to bed. Not ill, but back/legs painful and useless. Catch you all tomorrow - hopefully !!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are soon back on your feet.

I'm improving slowly.


Jill said...

Take cre of yourself, we can't have radiogandy off the air for long, we shall all get withdrawal symptoms....

bungus said...

Sorry to hear about your incapacity.
I go to hospital tomorrow.

In Manchister, not only are ‘cobs’ known as ‘barms’ and ‘tuffies' (or ‘duddoos’) as 'spice’ but licorice is known as ‘Spanish’.

Some time ago there was a query about moons. According to Wikipedia
· January - Wolf moon
· February - Ice moon
· March - Storm moon
· April - Growing moon
· May - Hare moon
· June - Mead moon
· July - Hay moon
· August - Corn moon
· September - Harvestmoon
· October - Hunter's moon
· November - Snow moon
· December - Winter moon
(The harvest moon is the full moon
nearest to the solstice).

Madeline said...

Hope you'll soon feel better and a lot more comfortable.

Madeline. xx