Saturday, December 22, 2007

45F and miserable - David came

I think that the macro approach (Bungus's suggestion) to the Winter Flowering Jasmine or to give it its proper name Jasmine Nudiflorum, is a great improvement. A classical example of Mies van der Rohe's dictum - "Less is more".

He pinched it from somebody but I can't remember who. Doesn't matter I suppose it's the concept that counts.

Some Xmas jobs occupied us this morning and David came this afternoon to deliver some things and to pick other things up. He brought some little fancies which the girls had made and they were lovely with a pot of tea. We expect John tomorrow and perhaps Laura and Alannah. David made a good joke about the Federation card, see yesterday, and suggested it was to represent "Seal-ed with a loving kiss". Ha Ha !

Comments....... Thanks Bungus for the ode. A very satisfactory effort if I may say so. As you know my poetry (not good) is better than my art/drawing, but such a piece would represent several days work for me. Does anyone remember Cyril Fletcher and his 'odd odes' ? A most witty and erudite man.

David too had made the Jamie Oliver stew and was most satisfied with it. But I keep meaning to incorporate Jill's 'pearly' barley into recipes wherever suitable. I love the pleasurable goo-iness it provides.

We love Robins on Christmas cards - so unashamedly English. And I can't think of a minority group who they might offend.

Do I understand Bungus, from your reference to venison, that it has arrived. If you remember you thought therer might be too much for your household and I put in a bid for any spare? But if it is all spoken for I shan't be offended.

.....closing early tonight. SCD the final, approaches. See previous 'posts' if you need a link. Sleep tight ! And I'll catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

Unfortunately, no Naked Jasmine picture! So I cannot comment other than to say pleased it worked for you.
I think the important point it that Mies pinched the quote and used it appropriately (as you do). What offends me is when people use phrases inappropriately; ‘Catch 22’ is a common one.

Strangely, this year we have received only the one truly screaming card (and it’s the thought that counts).
Yes, I remember Cyril Fletcher. And Itma and Happidrome.

I suppose robins might offend the Sheriff of Nottingham (but only if they are hoodies perhaps?)

Venison (from Danny) is expected to arrive tomorrow for marinading. But just a haunch on the bone, for Xmas Day (that's just a haunch not just a hunch). The possible surplus (from another source) we have heard no more about; but if it does appear I shall not forgot you.

I was delighted today to receive a (robinfree, but I don’t object to them) card from someone I have not seen for at least 50 years. We both write occasional letters to the local paper and I had mentioned in one of mine that when I was 12 and he was 14 he threatened to throw me off the mountain slide on the Racecourse rec. His card hoped that all has been forgiven, which it has. He wasn’t a bully anyway so I was only momentarily (English usage) frightened at the time.
I was once told by an alderman of Mansfield, and several times mayor, that Mansfield Racecourse was a serious contender to Newmarket as HQ of horse racing in this country. My oldest (and one of the closest) friend tells me that this sounds unlikely as Old King Roly founded Newmarket. I am chasing it up anyway, at a gallop; google says nothing.

Sandra was also impressed by Jamie Oliver’s turkey carving method and says she will certainly adopt it if we ever have turkey again.
I don’t know the Jamie stew you refer to but we have been unable, over the past few weeks, to find pearl barley anywhere (to misquote Ronnie Scott: ‘He’s half arable farmer and half Japanese: every December 7th he attacks Pearl Barley).

Today Sandra bought me half a 2lb game pie made by our local butcher. Not cheap (£6 a lb) but delicious. I had a good slice with chutney and b&b for my tea today.

Jill said...

Bungus, watch it, your jokes are getting worse than Brucie's.....

I hope there is not going to be a world shortage of pearly barley - I've always found it in supermarkets eventually (assistants don't know what I am talking about).

I am just finishing off a gammon joint in the oven, having boiled it for s short time first. I thought of the slow cooker, but the book was not helpful, and I wasn't sure? Although we will be out 25 and 26th, we like to have our own meats, so a small turkey is being cooked tomorrow. We have started the Chrustmas Cake, the second one, done in new oven, and it is good.....

Very pleased Alesha won.

Have just watched an interesting prog. compered by Griff Rhys Jones about how much of our present Christmas traditions come from Charles Dickens. I think it was possible first shown on BBC4?

Oh yes, I remember Cyril Fletcher, and ITMA (just about).

I am happy to have robins on cards, as long as there is no glitter. I usually buy robins, snow flakes, snowdrops or sheep for my knitting friends. We have more robins than anything else, quite a few sheep, some doves/peace, and several dogs. The worst one of our bunch is pink roses....