Friday, December 07, 2007

Clementines and Chicken Stew

Another Hardwick Lake bird. Only a common Moorhen but they are so attractive with contrasty plumage and jazzy beaks. A bit like chaffinches, they always look immaculately 'turned out'.

I suppose Michael Moorhen would sound about right.

Comments.......With regards to Bungus's complaint that my words about the 'ballet dancer in the woods' meaning nothing to people who haven't seen the picture. I am sure Bungus that you realise if I limited my 'blog post' to matters which all readers had seen, heard, or watched equally I would have very little to write about. So, sorry but tough ! Your foodie news was good. Are 'sprats' and whitebait the same thing? I love the latter, with horseradish sauce but I also can't bring myself to eat the heads in the approved manner. Pity about the 'rump' but I feel you were expecting a lot in your anticipating 'tender' from one of those awful George Foreman devices. I consider that applying heat from top and bottom at the same time is not conducive to tenderness or flavour retention. Don't know what others think ? Glad the veg saved the day. Liked both quotes !

Thanks AnonymousRob, for you efforts from your sick-bed. Your suggestion of The Weeping Ash instead of the Shoulder of Mutton finally produced some web-pages but the only one with a picture was this Geograph entry please click but info was still pretty sparse. Thanks for 'copuple'. People 'copupling' sound more fun than simple 'coupling'. And I hope you soon are sufficiently recovered to enjoy you sick-leave ! Damned nuisance when one is too poorly.

Today I cooked a Chicken Stew for lunch and there is plenty for tomorrow. The box of Clementines is nothing to do with it. They were being sold very cheaply i.e. £1.49 at Lidl and I fell for the box ! Real old-fashioned wood - no cardboard nor plastic. The sort we all used to grow bedding plants and chrysanth cuttings in. And the fruit are lovely - easy peelers and very few pips. I guess when we've finished them Y will insist that I throw the box away. But I shall resist.

Very little to add to last night's EPS night. The judge was going fine in the first half, with the projected images, and at the interval I offered him my apologies and left. I was enjoying the evening but, as a first evening venture out I thought it prudent to leave before the seat became really uncomfortable. Everyone was so nice to me and so sympathetic. Please click here for what I hope is the judge's web-site.

Hoping to have caught up with everything by tomorrow. Sleep tight !


Jill said...

Those tangerines look absolutely mouth-watering...hide the box from Y!

I've seen pied wagtails in the street outside where we live, but never in the garden. There is also always one at the petrol station I go to!

New cooker and liquidiser working well, Wed. morning the fridge stopped funcioning, so we had to get a new one. At least that is now the three things that have stopped working, do you think it is catching?

Are whitebait baby sprats? I don't like either (or herrings or pilchards) but R likes fresh grilled sardines, and we both like the tinned sort occasionally.

Out to lunch yesterday, at a branch of Fishworks (think they have problems?) and I had skate, it's almost an endangered species and may not be around much longer, so thought I better have it while it is still available (and thus hasten its demise?). It was delicious....

I gave away our George Foreman thing, the only things it cooked that we liked were toasted sandwiches. It made a mess of salmon, as well as steak....

Did a good soup today - broccoli and Stilton - these are two things we don't like served in the normal way, but in soup they are fine!

bungus said...

Your explanation satisfies As with your family news I don't expect to understand everything. But is there, then, somebody who reads the blog who would understand the woodland ballet dancers reference without an accompanying image? I only ask because I sometimes have difficulty understanding your blog description of things that I have actually been privy to! It could be me, of course. Or is just another example of the old saw "never trust an eye witness"?

Sprats are 4" to 5" long (ie, about10 times the length of whitebait and half the size of sardines (or pilchards). Whitebait are the fry of sprats,pilchards, herring, sardines, brisling, sild, etc and, because of the eyes, I have never tried them.
I wonder does Jill like bloaters or kippers? which are, of course, both smoked herrings, the first whole and ungutted, the second split.

I have to say that we have been very happy with our George Foremans, although I have steak so seldom at home that I don't think mine has been used for that purpoose before. I bought a small one but, once I had used it for meat, S went out and bought one (larger) for herself which she uses for peppers, aubergines, courgettes, etc and also for toasted sandwiches. I use mine mainly for bacon and sandwiches.
For my supper tonight Sandra had braised some 'frying steak' (also off the reduced counter) in the slow cooker with onions and mushrooms. I had it with roast potatoes and parsnips, mash, carrots, shredded cabbage & leek (very good) and Yorkshire pud - followed by the last of a delicious lemon drizzle cake. And still I only weigh 12st7!

I too liked copuple. Aah, they make a lovely copuple.
But is it 'copupling' or 'copupulating'? The latter sounds more energetic I think.

The clementines do look lovely but they are usually not so easy to peel as one of the other varieties (with a very dimply skin) of what we always used to know as tangerines.
Netto will have them in too, on Monday, likewise at £1.49 for a 2.3kg (proper) box. Different label though; 'Derby' (with a picture of a thoroughbred).