Monday, December 17, 2007

Still frozen - Hawker Hunter - Lamb chops

In addition to his other talents AnonReg is a keen aeromodeller and photographer thereof, and this superb picture is of a 15ft long model of a Hawker Hunter during a certification flight for its public display. If you open the link you will see that it had fuel capacity problems (the actual plane that is, not the model). The aircraft was in squadron-service in 1953 while I was doing my National Service in Germany and the squadron pilots considered it a great aeroplane to fly. Having seen them in the flesh, as it were, I can only marvel at the authenticity of Reg's picture.

Picture 2 is more mundane. 'Michaelmas Daisies in Frost'. Or possibly more accurately 'Ex Michaelmas Daisies'. The 'only one head sharp' is on purpose, with my 50mm lens with a wide aperture setting.

I considered it for my 'Happy Christmas from Radiogandy' Card but settled for the half-dead rose with which I felt in sympathy. During my period of semi-incapacity Y has been on cookhouse fatigues and has produced some lovely grub. We've just had Barnsley Chops, with mint sauce, mashed pots, brussels, winter cabbage and also cauliflower florets which were delicious. Followed by a 'signature dish - jelly and greek yoghurt'.

Thank you all for your 'comments' - I love reading them, and so do our readership. The 'spicy carrot' soup certainly lived up to its name and although we enjoyed it on a cold wintry day, I wouldn't serve it to anyone who isn't sure about spicy food. Thanks for the latest episode of your clinic saga Bungus, and Jill's 'reindeer and a blow for women's lib' link seemed to open OK on other peoples computers. Thanks also for the 'litheram's dog' stuff. And thanks Jill for the update on your garden birds. We used to see Redwings in the fields but have never had them in the garden. And Ro is generally in the right to shout obscenities at the TV screen, more or less whatever's on - with the possible exception of Songs of Praise. Even there I suspect that most of the congregation have only gone because they might be on the telly and thereby deserve heckling.

Thanks AnonymousRob for propping yourself up in your sick-bed to pen a couple of paragraphs. I am not qualified to utter about the X factor, not having seen it and you are quite right about Capello. If he succeeds he will be a hero - if he fails there'll be anti-Ravioli and boo-to-Chianti stories in The Star and The Sun.

Quotation for the Day.............

"I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there"

An interesting observation from an interesting character, but I'm not sure I agree with his drift. It seems to have a 'tired of life' feel to it. I am sufficiently young to feel that there are so many things to see and do, such a lot to read, and, most importantly, what can I still achieve?

Sometimes single 'smileys' can be a bit boring. So I thought I'd give this one an airing. Sleep tight folks and I'll catch you tomorrow......



bungus said...

AnonReg's model aircraft is superb. I would have thought it was the real thing.
I have a photo of an amazing 1" long Spifire (I think I sent you a photo which I will gladly repeat if requested.

Sandra is no lover of television but the only programme which causes her to shout obscenities (apart from cartoons and Tommy Cooper) is Songs of Praise (which I sometimes quite enjoy because i know most of the words).

Your quote reminds me that I have just watched a comedian on Live at the Apollo. One of his jokes referred to the Millenium Bug. The face of a 16 year old in the audience was a total blank.

Great news. The old 'lost for ever' email address is restored. Less than 2 minutes in front of the monitor with Dan on the other end of the phone and it was solved. Ain’t it great when you know what you’re talking about (and I never shall when it comes to computers – either because I’m too old or I simply cannot be arsed).

The last episode of Cranford didn’t disappoint. Loads of coincidences and enough deaths to cut through the sentimentality. Not so much Emmerdale after all, I have decided; more Corrie in the country. I have little doubt that if Elizabeth Gaskell and Charles Dickens were alive today they would be scripting soaps. They certainly make better television than reading (just a point of view!).

Oh joy! Although I am still over the ideal body weight for my height (according to the table I need to lose another stone!), I am no longer obese!

bungus said...

I agree with you Jill about meat pies. having been disappointed (sometimes offended) too often I now only purchse Pork Pies from a limited range. We have some good local butchers who make their own but, surprisingly, the best one, too my taste, was a Tesco Finest, which our local branch has never stocked since. Strangely, if eating out, I more often than not choose a variation of steak pie (unless there is liver & bacon or liver & onions on the menu).

Jill said...

I thought that plane was the real thing, how marvellous. And I didn't realise those were Michelmas Daisies, they looked too round, more like ?berries.

The quote is probably true, well, it IS true, but I found it a bit depressing! Can we have something a bit more cheerful next time please?

For information, I have had a mark on my spectacles which has been driving me to distraction, right in the middle of the lens, and which I couldn't shift by any normal means. I ended up using Barkeepers Friend which worked a treat with no damage done. I originally bought this for ceramic hob, it's the best cleaning stuff for that I've ever had. A powder, like talc, you put on a damp cloth, it just wipes clean.