Monday, December 29, 2008

Caught up with Shopping - still tired out

Picture 1 is a very grainy robin, sitting on the sparrow-hawks post. And who says robins aren't brave. He is grainy because there wasn't much light this morning and I needed a high ISO.

Mostly I put pictures on the left of the page but I thought, if I put him on the right hand side, he can look in rather than out.

Y has taken the tree and decorations down and they are safely back up in the loft for another year. As I said before, we now want to get on with 2009.

We are both feeling weary, and I can't shake off this fatigue. David still can't take a lungful of air without pain, Y has a cough too, to match my catarrh. For the weather to become a little warmer and the days last a little longer would be a start. Jill and Ro set off on their cruise soon, and I hope its to somewhere hot.

Picture 2 is a good old reliable artichoke. And Jill will enjoy the neo-sepia - it just IS that colour. No fiddling has taken place.

Even I feel they are becoming a little war-torn and will perhaps have to be cut down.

I'm always reluctant though.

Shopping this morning was surprisingly non-stressful. Neither Lidl nor Morrisons was excessively busy. Probably people had restocked on the Saturday and Sunday.


Jill ...... We too thought The Royle Family was a classic. As with all great comedy there was just the necessary amount of pathos. As you say Tom Courtney was terrific.

Your excessive word-count will be forgiven on this occasion (as the solicitors say) but future transgressions will lead to the naughty chair.

Y ........ Y needs no introduction from me folks. And welcome aboard ! As you say, you are certainly filling a slot. Perhaps people will return after the holidays, or then again, perhaps not..

I do agree that a few restful days won't come amiss.

Quotation time .............

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"


p..s from Editor. Thanks Madeline for the Xmas e-card. I've e-mailed you.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"


Jill said...

That's a nice plump robin. We have three in our garden at the moment, think it is a pair and one of this year's young who won't leave home.

I'm concerned about your David, if he has been on antibiotics some weeks he still shouldn't be in pain, sometimes it takes a change in the meds to effect an improvement. I had 3 different ones before mine went.

Great artichoke picture - leave one standing for me!

I've not been out for two days, don't need to and it is so cold and frosty and slippy here. Yesterday I made soup and watched Joan Hickson as Miss Marple in the afternoon - just the ticket, today we will eat the soup and there is another one on today.... I've still got a lot of visible bruising and am still on Nurofen.

A silly version of '39 steps' on Sunday, but followed by a good documentary on John Buchan, you could see where he was coming from. We both said we would have preferred to watch a repeat of the Alfred Hitchcock/Robert Donat version!

Where are you Bungus? I'm missing you! Are the woodcock fighting back? Hope you are OK.

Anonymous said...

Still reading your blog but dont have alot to say atm, enjoyed Bradgate park althrough a little cold and I lost everyone early on.

Took a few pictures but when the sun stuck its head out.


bungus said...

Good artichoke.

Mansfield gardens always two weeks behind Southwell.

Wordiness wrist slap!

Agree David. Antibiotics/bedrest essential.

Hour '39Steps' enough. Hitchcock version yes; Buchan NO. Switched to daft ending 19C jail mystery.

Rab Nesbitt brilliant.
Morecambe/Wise magic,
Wallace/Grommit good.
Royles witless rubbish except bravura Tom Courtenay.


Emergency call for Sandra’s (Rh-) blood.

Stags 2 wins, Liverpool top. Good!


Limits yes.
Worst case otherwise; design unspecified building, boundless site, unknown location.

Pompous peacocks ?

Wrong! Dec 27th Ladies’ Day. Xmas/Jan1 break essential

Dec28 ?
XMAS DAY (cont)

… Dan took half one, passed plate to Alan, who innocently poured on rum sauce, started eating.
I smiled with Dan and asked Sandra do another, whereupon Alan, “You can have some of mine, Bob. I’ll never eat all this,”
Mr Morton, Stephanie’s 97 year alone old man ‘for wot she does’ had declined an invitation, so his ‘meals-on-wheels’ taken to Kirton.

Sandra’s usual 12/16 person lavish buffet for 6 plus us.
S did M-o-W run with ‘plate-up’ to Mr Morton.
She had also encrypted rhyming clue treasure hunt for Josh (6) and Jess (able to pretend not too old) plus Alex to assist.

200 words

(to be cont…)
see also yesterday’s comment
Full email version anyone?.

Yvonne said...

Snap Jill. Watched the same programmes. Our joint college training in 1953 must have knocked all the individuality out of us!

mannanan said...

Been a week or two since I last visited so just catching up with it all. Love the artichoke image though I wouldn't have known what it was if you hadn't told us. Sorry to hear that both you and Y aren't feeling that good, hope you get better soon. We've had some dire Christmas cards. What is it with dogs and cats? The worst one though had ducks! Cracking idea about making the comments brief as I struggle to think of things apt to say and always feel that there may be a need to go on longer when I just waffle on about nothing like I am now so I'll end there. Thanks for visiting my site and for your kind comments about my photos. Hope you, Y and all your readers have a great New Year. God Bless...