Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Average Tuesday - Karen day - Lidl


Another picture from our Nat. Trust trip and shows The Orangery at Belton House again, and to the right of it, The Church Of St Peter and St Paul the oldest parts of which date from the 13th Century with additions from the Norman, late Medieval, Georgian and Victorian periods. The Church doesn't belong to The National Trust by the way.

Picture 2 is from a WoW trip in February this year when we went to Wirksworth and had our chip cob at The Cliff Inn. The view is from the car park on the opposite side of the road.

Picture 1 was taken on my Nokia mobile-phone and Picture 2 on my Casio compact. I only mention this because I sometimes think the pictures I like best are taken on this 'point and shoot' equipment.

Karen has been, sorted us out, and given us a quick squirt of air-freshener. Not that we needed it I hasten to add. Y has gone to Nottingham on the bus because she and Tracy are going to The Carol Concert which TJ is responsible for organising each year for civic dignitaries, and school kids etc. Each year the audience is split into segments to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas and this year Tracy has promised her Mum that she can be in the '5 Gold Rings' section. Will it all work out? I ask myself.

Johnny Cash sings The Twelve Days of Xmas, please click for a weird video.


Jill .... I see what you mean about the 'flying-angel' xmas tree lights. Could be camera-shake or glare. You are quite right - it was unintentional.

The Xmas cake sounds excellent. And how nice to have proper 'royal' icing. And what a lovely surprise to have your blanket lined.

I gave up on Nigella a long time ago because I would be reduced to yelling abusive comments at the telly.

bungus ....... Poor Sandra. What an awful expedition.

Re Belton Lion. I just jumped to calling it a 'lion' - perhaps it isn't. Could be a sheep ?

anonymousrob ..... Interesting fact - Mrs Mulligan's grandson plays for the Panthers. His name is Robert Lachowicz. Apparently he has represented England too.


Quotation time .......

"Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity"

I'm going WoW-ing tomorrow which will be good. And then, around 1pm-ish, its 'beef' cobs at the Conservative Club with husbands and wives. Shame we have to meet at the conservative club, and I know others feel the same, but I have managed to eschew all political connotations.

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow


bungus said...

Today (Tue) I plucked the woodcock and cooked it in the approved manner (ie, without removing the innards). I ate it with oven roasted potato pieces and boiled Chantenay carrots. The bird had a plump breast and a good flavour, if just a little on the chewy side.

The trouble with white wine is that I can drink the whole bottle.

Part of ‘Observer’ obituary to Humphrey Lyttleton from Graeme Garden.
“I rarely heard him swear, but when he did ... it was always justified and perfectly placed...
We all stayed at a hotel and next morning met for breakfast. Humph began ... with a bowl of prunes, but as he took the first spoonful his face collapsed in dismay. He looked around in despair ... and asked: ‘How do you f*** up a prune?’ “

Another nice picture of the Belton Orangery. And the misty frosty one too; very seasonal.
I can absolutely go along with your 'point and shoot' remark.
Is it something to do with spontaneity do you think.
To adapt George Burns: ‘The secret is spontaneity; if you can fake that you can fake anything.’

Johnny Cash sings The Twelve Days of Xmas is so NOT Johnny Cash. It must be an imposter. Somebody is taking the bodily fluid. Did he know about it? Was he drunk or spaced out?
I’ll try and forget it which will be difficult even though I didn’t get past the colly birds.,

Is it a lion? Is it a sheep?
Is it a something sort of thing like, with a swollen nose?

As Al Murray would say “Robert Lachowicz. Fine old British name.”

Beef cobs AND Conservatism? Has the world gone mad?
But I know it’s just a venue and a dietary change will do you good.

A riddle:
Q. What is the Credit Crunch?
A. Sandra eating Chesterton’s
Chocolate Digestives from Netto.

Jill said...

I thought that beef could be the type of cob, rather than your actual meat? Though beef sounds much more like it to me, rather than chips.....

Woodcock, have I missed something somewhere, where did you get it from? I know what they look like feathered - Waitrose have a variety of that sort of thing,various ducks and I have seen snipe there, but never woodcock? I don't think I fancy it, certainly not with its head and innards....I like guinea fowl, that's as gamey as I get!

Lovely photo of mist/fog - very atmospheric....

Going back a blog, I think he is a lion, just one having a bad hair day? I like his face!

I had a nasty fall this morning, tripped up over an uneven paving stone I think, hit the pavement face first then knees....it was one side of my face,. broke my expensive glasses which then cut my face, just to add insult to injury. Everybody very kind, the lady who helped me up and took me to coffee shop where I am known, they looked after me and provided tissues, first aid and sympathy and a daughter to walk me to yarn shop where my friends were, then an ice-pack was applied. I think I shall be very stiff tomorrow and have a black eye for Xmas! I stayed for our planned Christmas lunch, much better off in company, takes your mind off it.

I think I need your wheels, G, be careful you don't fall, you feel so stupid lying there!

I read there was a new Waitrose small store opened in Nottingham City Centre - civilisation is working its way north!