Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Definitely ungroggy but still tired - So be it !

At least the Hall barometer actually moves and shows something about barometric pressure. The old fashioned banjo shaped one on the wall at home seemed permanently stuck on change. However firmly tapped.

The reading seems to be 30.5 while the number shown on my igoogle homepage for the weather is 1035. Not that I understand the significance of either figure. To say 'Fair' while trucking along towards 'Very Dry' isn't much of a concept in late December.

I nipped out sharply this morning, in the dark, to do the bulk of the shopping and a lady in Lidl told me there was a queue at Ripley Sainsbury's at 6.30am for 7am. It is a recuring mystery that people over-shop so dramatically, particularly so when the shops re-open on 27th. Ah well.

I spoke to David again this morning and I am pleased to report that he feels well enough to come tomorrow. He says the pain is least when he sits and does nothing. That would be fine for me, but he is of a more active stamp.

Naffness or should it be naffity is in the eye of the beholder. Y considers the card on the right as a qualifier.

I am intrugued by the wreath on the door which looks suspiciously like Ché, I thought.


Jill ..... I feel really good that you enjoyed The Borrowers, having downloaded it from my link. I listened to Part 2 this afternoon but considered it not quite as delightful as part 1, but still good. Here is a link, please click, if you missed it and you can make up your own mind.

Also, I suspect you may be right about lurking readers in journalistic places, Andrew Marr, The Telegraph etc.,.

Your onscreen message about the 'of non-configuration of your protocols' is beyond my IT grasp. Next time you see it, it might be useful to put the phrase in quotes and google it !

I guess the Council are almost duty bound to give you the runaround treatment. Just grit your teeth and stick at it. I sense from your tone that you fully intend to anyway.

Bungus ...... I think your explanation of the non-configuration of Jill's protocols is more than adequate. She should have had them configured like everybody else. These southern belles !


David and Helen and family, Steven and Lisa and family, all here lunchtime tomorrow for a family version of the sausage-fest. Hope it goes well.

I don't intend to leave the house at all over the next few days, except for a Wells Fargo type visit to Burton Joyce on Xmas morning, for an hour, max. And then back home to cook our Turkey Crown plus all the tracklements.

Hope you enjoy this. Please click here


bungus said...

I dismembered the hare this morning.
As expected, he contained a vast amount of blood; quite disproportionate to his size.
I ended up looking like a Crimean surgeon.

Having been reprimanded, I shall keep my blog comment brief.
I only enlarged upon the meaning of ‘naff’ (in sanitised fashion) because Helen had shown interest.

I try to read things carefully, between the lines even.
“I think I’m astute;
But Sandra thinks I am too

Is someone who can’t tell the difference between the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth
‘unable to read between the liners’?

Re ‘naff’ cards on the Web Album link.
I feel it necessary to point out that I submitted the ones 1st and
2nd on line 2, and the one on line 3, as examples of GOOD and ATTRACTIVE design,
ie, at quite the OPPOSITE end of the aesthetic scale to ‘naff’ !

Re Reg’s Greasley Church photo (yesterday); you say “on film of course, the full effect is not really possible digitally”.
I tentatively ask, “Why is that?” (with my very limited knowledge I would have thought it COMPARATIVELY easy).
For anyone to think it might not be the figure of a cowled monk would be a grave mistake.

I hope your barometer is wrong. I don’t fancy a ‘dry’ Xmas

I think the wreath is more Chou (with a crown of laurel) than Che.
But I think the card is no doubt naff.

The King’s College carol is very nice but I prefer the Pogues ‘Fairytale of new York’.

McParland has had a vote of absolute confidence from his chairman so it looks like New Year / New Manager for Notts County.

Jill said...

Bungus, did you ever want to be a surgeon? You seem to get pleasure out of all this disembowelling....have you tried jugged hare, I believe you use the blood in that?

I got through to the Transport for London Insurers today, gave a brief account of what happened, the chap asked me if there were any witnesses, the only one who saw me fall was the unknown lady who helped me up, but there were 2 in the cafe and 10 in the yarn shop who saw me immediately afterwards. On hearing that he said rather grudgingly that he would send me a claims form to fill in.I'm still not really very hopeful of getting anything, but I shall persevere, I think persistence is called for.

That must be an odd phrase, 'non figuration' etc.etc, if you don't know it, G, I regard you as an expert!

I also bought a turkey crown today, Waitrose, no legs or wings but on the bone, harder to carve but something to make soup with. Free range but not oganic, says it feed 4, £15. Daughter who will be cooking for eight (one a vegetarian, but her family like their meat) paid £45 for a large (feeds 10/12)turkey crown off the bone in M. & S. - this sounds a lot to me? Waitrose had geese, partridge, pheasant, all sorts of ducks, venison as well as turkeys and chicken. You could have ordered the three bird thing, duck inside a chicken inside a turkey for £200.00 We are going to have ours tomorrow evening, we are visiting two families on the day, won't be home long enough to cook.

R is thinking about going to Sainsburys/Waitrose about an hour before they close, see what they are reducing in the way of joints. Not sure if I can be bothered.....

I haven't listened to part 2 yet G, but I intend to.

Austin Healey appeared on the celebrity Who wants to be a millionaire tonight, playing with Gary Lineker for charity. Obviously filmed at the beginning of Strictly, he just talked about the first show. I see there was yet another muddle (I think the technical term is cock-up) over the scoring for the Christmas Show which was recorded last night. Do they mever learn ?

That card is definitely naff - at first glance yes it does look like Che, but when you enlarge it, it doesn't.

anonymousrob said...

Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

Seems that The BBC are also refusing to disclose votes for the show although x-factor and jungle have done so. Stating that it would be embarrassing for some of the artists if the votes was disclosed.