Friday, December 12, 2008

Sorry no Blog - Too busy - explain tomorrow

Just a picture of smokey/misty Hartington.

Been too busy to write my blog. No problems - but I will explain tomorrow. With pictures !

Quotation time ------

"Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking"

Dave Barry

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



bungus said...

Friday evening I watched an interesting (although only ½ hour long so far from exhaustive) programme about the demise of the British pub:

It seems the old values of genial host, warm welcome, good company, decent pint, are no longer enough to make a living.
Principal villains came out as the pub companies which blossomed after Maggie’s vain attempt to take houses out of the grip of breweries and into freetrade. When it comes to screwing their tenants, it seems that these entrepeneurial companies are even worse than the big brewers had become – “Nobody makes people take pubs…”.
The three pubs in one large village are all on the brink of closure. The long-serving landlord of one, where outgoings now exceed income by ten grand a year, was advised that, for his business to become viable, his rent would need to be halved and the prices of his tied drinks appreciably reduced.
A few successes were found, one a village co-operative, another a pub/shop. A programme worth watching on for anyone interested in the situation.

Thanks for the intriguing nonblog with nice photo and amusing quote.

Good to hear from you.
Pleased the frost pic pleased.

'Snow-bones' MUST be Derbyshire terminology. It is the county where the third person (be it he or she) is, in some parts at least, referred to as ‘oo’.

Of course the ‘Cbirdgame frits letter, last letter sliplneg’ DOES require spelling ability. A few wrong letters would make it ipnechinredable.

I agree that the pleasure of eating rich food makes occasional indigestion worthwhile (provided the Rennies are handy).

Jess, Steph, and boyfriend Robin are in London for the weekend. I am not in the least envious.

roy said...

Re your mound photo, in view of what appears to be a rock outcrop on top I can’t imagine it to be man made. However the area has a history of both lead mining and quarrying so there could well be some evidence of it in the overall shape. I’m not sure in which direction you were facing as your lot snuck off whilst the rest of us with only one thing in mind were heading for the pub.
Incidentally I always thought the spelling was snook but my spell checker threw out both versions. However not being sure if it was acceptable English or just local slang I checked with Wikipedia and and discover the origin of “snuck” is shrouded in mystery but is acceptable instead of “sneaked”.
As you mention Wednesday was a beautiful if cold morning. The rest of us walked down into Berrisford Dale where there was some lovely lighting and I’m sure one of the digital brigade will have some pictures to show on the blog.
I love your shadow picture, in fact I was tempted to ask if I could come and take a mono version for my “Shadows” project, but it would hardly be original.