Saturday, December 13, 2008

Foul weather - humidity 93%


My igoogle homepage weather section tells me that, in Mansfield, the humidity is 93%. Not being a metereologist, this suggests to me that the atmosphere is 93% water. And it feels like it too, even if the real meaning is more sophisticated.

Yesterday my inability to fit in blog-time was explained by shopping, xmas shopping, buying and installing a new laptop and allied tasks. My old one now has to be coaxed into action and is quite unstable.

As I now use the full sized PC in the office more and more I have gone to the other extreme and bought a very small 'netbook' called an Asus Eee and, now I've installed the software I need, it's performancer impresses me.

Picture 2 shows the device at the side of Y's conventionally sized Toshiba which gives you a good idea of it. A good thing is that the keys are normal size and the space is saved by the keyboard only being 70% of a full one.

As I neither understood nor use at least 35% of my office keyboard this is no great loss.

The other great advantage is the weight and the carryaboutability.

Picture 1 is just another 'snow bones' scene from WoW at Hartington and I quite like the leafless trees in the middle distance, breaking the sky-line. A judge would like that.

Today has been fun. Y has done the Xmas Tree and Y's trees are unmistakeable and delightful (my Xmas would not be the same without one) a picture might follow.


mannanan ........ Thanks for dropping by. Nice to see you.

Jill ........ Thanks for your comments on the pictures. So encouraging. And I like it too when you give one the thumbs down. Don't want to get complacent.

Your cosmopolitan xmas knitting party with nibbles sounds fabulous. As you say, well worth suffering indigestion for. And by now you will have done the Peter Jones bit too. All this excitement.

Bungus .... Talking of TV, we have fallen in love with BBC iPlayer please click. Whenever we decide to sit down for a meal Y can usually find something of interest to us both. It really is close to TV on demand, but free!

This lunchtime we watched the Hairy Bikers cooking Xmas delicacies for people having to work over xmas. Great fun.

Re Rennies. Gaviscon is effective. Although double strength 'health salts' followed by a hearty belch is more satisfying.

Roy ...... Re the rock mound. I'm sure that, when we all next meet, Roger will be able to tell you fairly precisely where it was. My geography is hopeless.

Re sneaking off to take photographs. I agree that, amongst members of a camera club, such behaviour is quite indefensible. The past participle 'snook'. sounds like that whale-meat we had to eat during the war.

Re the lay figure 'shadow' picture. You are quite welcome to pop round one afternoon when the sun is sinking. Or of course I could always lend you the lay-figure. I wouldn't worry about originallity at all. Such fears have never weighed heavily on artists in other mediums.


Strictly come Dancing should be exciting. In a few minutes too. Unless Tom makes a right pig's ear of it I think my voted will go for him. Neither of us is very keen on Lisa, or, more precisely her professional partner Brendan who is an ill mannered oaf.

Tomorrow we are out with Mansfield National Trust on a coach outing to Belton House. A lovely spot. Hope the weather is better.

Quotation time ..........

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it"

The link behing his name is to some pictures - which say more than words.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

It's just got to be that damned train again. One of my favourites is all.



bungus said...

Sandra doesn’t like me to close the Living Room curtains at night despite the fact that it allows ‘buglers amd mirauders’ to view our stealworthy val’ables.
But the outside wetness and the lights are rather attractive. I tried to get some snaps but they are very disappointing.

I think that air can hold a certain maximum amount of wet and that is known as 100% humidity. I think 85% water to 15% air would be extremely wet - a touch Noahish.

Another mammary picture. Is it the same hill from another aspect or closer up?
My judgement is that the leafless trees are good.

I am sure the relative lightness of your new ‘netbook’ will be advantageous.

I had a look at iplayer the other day (watched Louis Theroux in S Africa). I was impressed but don’t see me having time to watch it very often.
I saw the Hairy Bikers ‘live’ and enjoyed it. Liked the sound of the orange pastry for the mince pies and the cheese straws looked good.

I only ever need relief from indigestion in the middle of the night. So mixing up ‘salts’ would be too much trouble. One chalky peppermint tablet does the trick whilst half asleep.

Apart from Sphyraena jello, it seems that ‘Snoek’ (or ‘Snook’) can be various sorts of mackerel, tuna, bonito, barracuda, perch, cutlass fish, pike and mud minnows; almost anything but whale! I never had any because my mother refused to ‘countenance’ it.

‘Strictly come Dancing’ and ‘exciting’ strikes me as something of a contradiction in terms. But, if that’s your bag …
X Factor will be all over in half an hour or so. The Irish lad is charming but I think he should come third. I cannot make my mind up between the excellent ‘boyband’, who have developed so well, and the very good girl singer. She perhaps should just clinch it on natural talent.

roy :
In view of the mining (and its resemblance to Hamilton Hill) I think Graham’s mound could very well be a spoil heap.

I have a lay figure purchased from Netto (where they are regularly for sale) for a fiver or less.

Jill said...

It's eating my comments again - I did one this morning, disappeared into the ether.....

It was a funny old end to Strictly, I whipped out to the loo (couldn't wait any longer!) - and thought I had missed out some vital piece of info, but I hadn't, it seemed that not much of an explanation was given. I thought it would be an odd final with only two people in it, will be better than 3. Today's News of the World has it as headlines - R bought it for me to read about it..... I would have voted for Tom and Camilla, although they weren't the best dancers of the night.

I saw the end of X Factor too, although I lost interest when Ruth (?) I think it was who could really belt out a song was voted off.

I did the posh lunch at Peter Jones yesterday, six of us, a good time was had by all, in spite of what was 24 hours solid rain here. One of the ladies has a friend who works in some branch in the media, told us at lunch time that Alexander was going to win....she was the bookies' favourite anyway. I often wonder how 'live' it is.

Back to the present-wrapping - would love to see photo of Y's tree.....