Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nails day ! - Carrot and Coriander Soup.

Honestly I'm not 'showing off' with my Xmas books - I just wanted to demonstrate how well the family all know my tastes and interests.

The black one, in the centre of the bottom row, is a Moleskine Diary from my lady wife. A classy piece of goods and very beautiful .....

This morning it was over to Carlton for Y's routine 'nails' service after which she went into town to change some things at M & S. I came home and had a happy hour cooking carrot and coriander soup. In true Delia fashion, as I didn't have any leeks I used some French Shallots which are 'in' at the moment. It worked perfectly.

Poor David has reverted to being feverish and is going back to the doctors in the morning. I am so glad he is doing that because, as Jill says, it has gone on too long.

We aren't WoW-ing in the morning either. Reg has succumbed to the cold/cough/flu symptoms and he also has decided on a trip to the doctor. I'm still not 100%, Roy has a commitment and Helen also has things that need doing. Mike is in Whitby. In any case, in this bitterly cold weather it isn't really a hardship not to go. I hope Brian isn't too dissapointed though.


Jill ..... Robins are great little creatures aren't they. Each seems to have an identified personality in a way lacking in starlings for instance.

AnonymousKevin ..... Glad Bradgate Park worked out, but you are right about the weather. It doesn't put one in the right mood for photography at all.

bungus ...... The staccato style précis has a certain attraction. Is the answer perhaps to cover less ground ? You have always quoted Mies Van de Rohe's 'Less is more' dictum with approval anyway.

Yvonne ..... How nice to have your pithy and germane comment ! And if I disagree I can always shout down the corridor can't I ?

Mannanan ....... Thank you for your good wishes. I was intending to publish a link to your site, but keep getting 'page cannot be found' error message. As you mentioned in your e-mail there seems to be glitches at the moment. When I have cracked it, I will edit this accordingly. As you said in your e-mail, if blog-comments are too long, the end result is that folks simply don't bother to read them. And all the very best to you and yours in 2009.


Quotation time......

"There is always a well-known solution to every human problem--neat, plausible, and wrong"

H. L. Mencken

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"


bungus said...

Wren returned.

C&C soup… SNAP!
Your recipe please.

I "…entertain (your) thought (on brevity) without accepting it"!

“…cover less ground?” No.

Alex been gem both days, helping kitchen/elsewhere, unquestioningly/diplomatically moving when things threatened blow!

First proper walk (2m pit tip) 16 months. Missed Ralph.

Toast&pate breakfast; prawn sandwich/sauce+potato salad lunch; coldgoose/spud/beans tea/dinner.

Sandra’s disabled old lady ill alone. Declined A&E; reported doctor examined superficially, unconcerned.

Stags lost.

Still leftovers!

Sir Chris Hoy; Rebecca OBE; bogger Bruce.

84 words

anonymousrob said...

Bungus - what on earth are you talking about? I can't get my head around it at all! The obvious answer, to me at any rate, is to post 6 or 7 different comments each limited to the 200 word rule. Anyway rules are made to be broken!

Sports Desk - Stags had a good winning run (2 games on the trot) under their caretaker managers but then lost at home to Burton when the new 'permanent' manager took over. Panthers, as ever, lost heavily at Sheffield on Boxing Day but beat them at home the next day and had a good win against Newcastle last night. The 'arrogant cheating Portugese' footballer, also recognised as one of the best talents in the game, had the cheek to complain to a referee about being partly throttled and wrestled to the ground in the penalty area without the offending player being punished.

For those who are interested, Waterstones have a number of Taschen photography books at very cheap prices to celebrate Taschen's 25th anniversary. Using a voucher Elaine got me for Christmas, I got Photo Icons Volumes 1 and 2 and 20th Century Photography for £3.99 each and an Atget book on Paris for £7.99. Remarkably good value.

Happy New year to all.


Jill said...

I rather like your shortened comments, Bungus, it's a bit cryptic in places, but I think I have got there. Good practice for the Daily Tel.'s crossword! Anyway, I am glad you are back with us.

Shame about the goose breast not being better. Our left-overs finished yesterday, though still have some soup for tonight.

Old Lady - I would try to get a different doctor, is there another one from same practice?

How did David get on, G?

I saw one of the Hairy Bikers win Celebrity Mastermind one evening, have watched them occasionally.

We had a visit yesterday from one of son's friend with his dog, a Jack Russell called Dulcie. She was lovely, I do wish we had another dog. Dulcie is to be mated next Autumn, I asked him to let us know when she had puppies....

mannanan said...

Graham, just popped in for a quick fix again and noticed your book photograph includes one we bought the youngest daughter. Banksy, Wall and Piece. Not entirely sure what it's all about but will have a skeet at a later date also the hairy bikers. they come over to the island on a regular basis especially around TT time doing demonstrations.Anyway have a great New year and keep up the good work......

Reg said...

Just saw, I think an advert on the tele. A sign on the house in the background read "Here lives a lovely lady and a grumpy old man" I wonder who that could apply to?