Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lets get on with New Year then !

Picture 1 is the big room prior to the arrival of the family on Christmas Eve. The sausage-fest idea worked very well again. They need minimal preparation and cooking and, therefore, can be enjoyed as much by the hosts as the visitors. The meal comprised multi varieties of hot sausages, with a big bread board and a good selection of breads (slice your own) followed by cheese and biccies, and jelly and stuff for the little ones.

Christmas Eve also happens to be Sky's birthday and this year, it was lovely to see her on the actual day. Her present was an MP3 player of the type she wanted, and she is thrilled with it. As Santa had left some presents early we all felt it was OK to open a few. Picture 2 is Hannah's white slippers. Aren't they great ? I want a pair !

Moving forward to Christmas Day both Y and I had some super presents. And so much thought had gone into what Santa was asked to bring,

I wont list everything because I would need too much room, and other people's presents, like holiday snaps, have only a limited appeal.

David was still suffering from his pleurisy and the pain was drawn on his face and in his eyes. I will use that disputed word again and say that, in my opinion, he was very brave to come. Obviously I have spoken to him since and he sounds a little better. Only a little though and it seems a shame that he is being ill in his own time. I don't know when the new term begins but I will be surprised if he has fully recovered by then anyway.

I have an announcement about the future format of the blog -

Over the Holiday period my RadioGandy blog was discussed and people made several points, most of which were encouraging plusses. A recurrent minus point however, was the off-putting length of some blog-comments, which, on occasion, are longer than the blog itself. I pointed out that these need not be read in detail. If desired a little icon at the top left of a ‘comment’ can be clicked which reduces the comment to the contributor’s name only.


However some potential contributors feel a need to read through the whole of everyone’s comments in order to establish that the ‘comment’ they are considering making hasn’t already been made. As this can be tedious the end result is that they don’t bother to add their own ‘comment at all.


For a trial period therefore I would ask that ‘comments’ be restricted to perhaps 200 words and we will see how things pan out. I do not want to go down the path followed by many bloggers of moderating comments before they are allowed to appear. Most of you fall well within the suggested word-count anyway so the change will not affect you at all.

As a rough guide, the above words in blue, total 191 words

I know the restrictions will be irksome to some, but I am trying to be fair to all readers.


bungus ...... Re film/digital and infra-red. For a full explanation as to why it needs film you would need Roy or Rob to give you the accurate low-down. One reason is that most digital cameras, for sensor reasons, have a filter which cuts out infra-red light.

Rather than compare your blood curdling activities with a Victorian surgeon my thoughts went to the same period but to Jack the Ripper.

Jill ..... I have a feeling in my water, as they say here in the Erewash Valley, that you are going to succeed with this pavement versus glasses business.

I'm with you re 'meat on the bone'. Maybe 'on the bone' is marginally more difficult to carve but, I find anyway, the meat remains moister and tastier.

So Strictly come Dancing has finished for another year. But we have our tickets to the live tour to look forward to. I note, could have been in the Telegraph, that there is a move to restrict the judges to just commenting on, not voting. The voting to be entirely in the hands of the telephoning punters. Sounds a brilliant idea to me. Put the pompous p***ocks in their rightful place ! Mind you Bruno isn't at all pompous is he?

And with no doubt at all, Y and I are with you about 'can't be bothered shopping in the last hour of supermarket opening'. Even if you find bargains you've then got a storage problem and, if you didn't really need it, it works our expensive anyway.

AnonymousRob ...... Many thanks for your seasonal greetings. And to extend the idea behind todays title. -

I always think New Year's Eve should be the day after Boxing Day. This rather void period until the New Year annoys me. When I come to power I shall remove 4 days from December and insert them into February to balance things up.

Anonymous ...... I read about the Beeb's reasons for not revealing the voting figures. Mind you, I also read that a member of The House of Lords, is considering using the Freedom of Information Act to winkle it out of them. That would be a laugh.


Quotation time .........

"A liberal is a person whose interests aren't at stake at the moment"

Willis Player

n.b. That whole blog-post was 896 words. Editor .....

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Jill said...

I have slippers just like Sky! except that they are beige......Very warm and comfy.

We also had a great couple of days, much better than I was anticipating. All four of our children and partners at youngest daughter's on Boxing Day, and the children of three of them, no fallings-out or any 'atmosphere' and R's brother and three of his 'children' too. Lots of good food (nothing to do with me, either) and good conversation. And I got some smashing presents, ones I am really pleased with.

Could we have a two-day break after Christmas when you are Master of the Universe, please, just to get over it all and get some fresh bread/milk/veg in then I would far rather have two extra days in the summer than in February.

I talked to Marnie, at end of first term at York Uni, the one prog. they all gathered to watch together was Strictly, and she was talking about the Freedom of Info. Act too! She was amazed how much colder it was in York than in London, they had had three heavy snowfalls already. (It's all this global warming, you know).

My two favourite tv progs. over Xmas were The Royle Family - thought Tom Courtney was marvellous - and Wallace & Grommit.

I've been to Peter Jones sale today, was up there by 9.00 (having got a lift) store was very empty, met three friends and after our shopping (knitting stuff in the main) we went to the cafe and all had the full English breakfast!

Very cold here, and forecasts say a very cold week, below freezing at night and only a couple of degrees above in the day time. It is 70 degrees in Madeira and Tenerife - bring it on.....

I've gone over the 200 words, special dispensation please as we have had no blog for two days and it is Xmas......

Y. said...

Your new format seems to have scared off your contributors so I felt the need to step in!

Christmas was great but with our large family, it's nice to sit back and have a rest.

bungus said...


At 13/14 fancied being surgeon. Not good enough Chemistry/Latin.

Since than only wanted superficial. Dilettante?

Want meat? Kill/butcher own. Nothing bigger than hare, thanks. Saved plastic bag blood fortnight, obnoxious smell, abandoned.

Your good case London Transport. All best.

‘YARN shop’ ‘YAM shop’ WI roots? (WestIndies not Women’ Institute).

Long Eaton friend counted 136 queuing at Birds.

Loads presents – hankies, tee shirts, underpants, biscuits, chocs, mugs, wine, cheese, chutneys, teas, books – all undeserved as I gave nothing.
Emma said because easy to buy for,
In Omar’s words,
“Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough
A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse - and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness –
And Wilderness is Paradise enow.”

Dinner topspot of day (hour late, reduced gas pressure)

Goose disappointing; goose breast tough; veg delicious, redcabbage/apple, parmesan parsnips, celeriac/spud, carrots, even sprouts (Emma grown)
Eight dined.
Steph’s to Dan present; Deep-Fried Crickets, Curry-Flavoured Crispy Mealworms and Chocolate-Covered Giant Ants. Bit like crisps or similar except ants a bit nutty.
Otherwise, highlight was serving of pud.
Only 3 wanted so Sandra microed 2 single portion ones and passed them, flaming...
(to be cont…)
198 words.
Full email version anyone?.