Saturday, December 06, 2008

Much better - only been to 'loo' 435 times today!


Brian was kind enough to bring me this picture of Old Market Square, Nottingham (circa 1928?) He has the glass negatives for a series, so I assume each one is a contact print. The quality amazes me ! As I have previously said our photography hasn't actually leapt ahead in 80 years has it? Please note the depth-of-field, sharpness front to rear, and an exposure fast enough to prevent any blurring due to subject movement.

I am much improved today and thank you all for your good wishes. The 'runs' have slowed to a gentle saunter and I have eaten. It was obviously nothing serious although I felt proper-poorly.

Picture 2 was through the bottom of the tumbler containing 'health-salts' a tried and trusted remedy for upset stomachs.

For now we see through a glass, darkly…” (1 Cor. 13:12)

The bottom of the glass seemed a reasonable telephoto lens and my Nikon, bless it, actually managed to auto-focus through it.

AnonymousRob hopes the problem is now behind me. It certainly was !

Awful thing has happened in the Reg and 4 ticks household. While they were away on Holiday they were burgled. By youths in balaclavas who broke into several houses in the area. 4 ticks has had jewellry of a sentimental value stolen and, of course, no amount of insurance payout is proper recompense for items like that. Our thought are with you both. It is such a trauma.

Comments .......

bungus ....... You were quite right. I meant to say that hard-drive failure seemed imminent. Certainly not eminent. Straightforward carelessness. Today I took the back off and carefully hoovered the fan area and the filters and the machine still functions. For how long I wouldn't be prepared to wager.

As you say, being in bed is not a problem for me, at least, not now I am safely in my 70s ! I try to use the time productively. Yesterday though was an exception - I could do nothing but lie there, in between loo-dashes.

Very good to hear that your "evening with David at The Rocking Horse" was so successful. I agree about turkey - I decline unless I actually see the meat carved from a whole bird.

Jill ..... Thanks. As you will see from above. I'm a lot better today. TJ coming for lunch tomorrow so I have got to 'rally'. I'm doing fresh wild salmon aux Provence. And for pudding - profiteroles (bought - not home made) and 'poury' cream which is one of her favourites. Then she and Y are off to BJ because Hannah is dancing (her exams) in the Village Hall and cheer-leaders are required. Doesn't involve me though.

I'm so sorry to hear of the closure of Ro's Country and Western Music Club. Especially if it figures highly in his enjoyment of life. I really hope someone can carry on with it elsewhere and not too far away.

AnonymousRob ...... I think that next door to AnonymousKevin lives our ex-BNP Councillor. So maybe she was involved in the 'leak'.

I know we agree about 'lecturing' strengths/weaknesses. And you put it so well. I learnt such a lot from Professor Fletcher, who incidentally is not at all well. He had a bad Deep Vein Thrombosis problem, is allergic to warfarin and has almost lost the sight of one eye. His brain remains unaffected - thank God !

Helen ..... Thanks for your good wishes. I'm more or less recovered. Shall be pleased if I can get a decent night's sleep. Last night wasn't wasted though because I figured out how to send/receive e-mails on my new mobile phone. Had to create a new Yahoo e-mail account - I couldn't use my old one, nor my gmail.

Can't remember if you are WoW-ing this coming week or not. I'm sure we shall be in touch.


We've just finished watching Strictly come Dancing and it was very close indeed. The standard is excellent. I voted for Tom and Camilla, and Y voted for Austin and Erin. It'll be exciting tomorrow night. I have now reverted to my last-year's method of voting for whoever, in my opinion, performs best on the night. No favourites ! No preconceptions.

Quotation time .......

"The petty economies of the rich are just as amazing as the silly extravagances of the poor."


Jill said...

I'm still not voting in 'strictly' as a protest about John Sergeant (a sort of reverse protest vote?) but if I was it would be Tom and Camilla.

Very pleased you are better - horrid while it lasted.

And much sympathy to 4-ticks, it must be a traumatic experience.

I watched a BBC4 programme about the real Kurt Wallander ' the Norse Morse' - it was a most interesting programme. Quite a lot about how life in Sweden has changed in the last 20 years (using black and white footage with an Alan Whicker voice-over) and a long interview with the author. Author's mother walked out when he was a few months old, father brought up him and his sister, retraining as a solicitor and a judge, and family lived in a flat over the courthouse. He met his mother for the first and last time when he was 15, and realised he much preferred the mother of his imagination to the real thing. Grandmother taught him to read, and started him off on Hemingway's 'Old Man of the Sea' which he quoted as his biggest influence and made him want to write. He left school at 16 and joined the merchant navy. He uses part of the profits from his books to support charities that help aids sufferers die with dignity, and establishing world literacy. His wife is Ingmar Bergman's daughter....obviously much more interesting if you have seen 'Wallander' - watch out for a repeat of this prog. on BBC2, Bungus.

David said...

435 is an interesting number choice!! When I got the Haloween decorations down from the attic, Helen asked if I had found them all. "Yes" I replied after retrieving four bags "the other 435 have Christmas written on them!". Glad to hear you are recovering. Helens family have a saying for your condition which is "John runs". Speak to you in the morning, Love David x

bungus said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sounds as if it ‘must have been something you ate’.

Yes, an amazing photo of Slab Square. Must be 1929 or later because the Council House appears to be complete and functioning. And yst somehow the photo looks rather older - reminiscent of Butch Cassidy & Sundance, c 1900.

I spent some 60 years (until a couple of years ago when I was put right) thinking “through a glass, darkly…” was from ‘Macbeth’.
I like the relevant photo which indicates that aliens have landed in Brinsley. Probably a member of the BMP (British Martian Party).

I feel great sympathy for Reg and Maureen.
We are fortunate enough never to have been burgled (fingers crossed) possibly because there is nothing obviously worth taking but perhaps more likely because being on a well-lit main road makes us a less attractive target.
We had a bit of petty pilfering at the pub, of course, including a bucket full of coal from the corridor.
Sandra’s parents did have a burglary and my mother disturbed an intruder coming in through the bathroom window. They, like other victims I have known, said what a disturbing and persistently unnerving experience it was.
I gather it is the lingering uncertaintly, and unnecessary incidental damage, rather than the actual loss of goods which persists most strongly.
Very disturbing.

Yes, I’ve had my turkey and would now prefer Xmas to be over. Instead I am amid people carrying out temporary decoration projects. Humbug!!!

It occurred to me that in the misery of Jan/Feb weather, your WoW group might prefer to stay closer to home and perhaps end up at Durban House where David’s rocking horses are well worth a snap or two.
He has one at the moment which is particularly striking (a snip at c£1500) and I dare say that, if asked nicely, he would be prepared to do chip cobs as a ‘one-off’!

As you mention it, Steph bought some profiteroles from Tesco which neither she nor Jessica liked (although generally a favourite confection). I managed to see them off but they do not, in my view and theirs, compare with the ones I have bought from Netto. Last night a friend called round and was impressed with the (not homemade) mince pie he was given. Much better than the Mr Kipling ones he had bought. It was from Aldi.
I have found a Lidl I can visit by (free) bus. It's at Carrington, near the Forest.

Yes, it is a ‘market trend’.
Things have always ‘come & gone’ as Rob has suggested and that is another underlying cause of the pub decline.
Two writers’ groups to which both Graham and I belonged ‘died the death’, one after some 20 years. And so many groups have an ageing membership with no one coming up who is prepared to be involved in the ‘running’.
It is more than likely, if the C&W pub is a tenancy, that the brewery has increased their rent too!
I am not a member of ‘The Legion’ but have occasionally visited the Radcliffe-on-Trent branch with a friend who is a member.
On Thursday afternoons he plays his accordion (he used to be accompanied on banjo by the one-time well known ventriloquist, I think his surname was King, who frequently appeared on TV some 30 to 40 years ago with his dummy ‘Grandad’) in the interval between sessions of a members’ ‘big band’ performance of swing music. The five to eight piece (variable) band is composed of competent amateurs and ex-professional musicians (one led a band on cruise ships). There is the occasional wrong note (it is something of a public rehearsal) but it is a entertaining and people can dance. John Sergeant would be right at home. And it’s all all foc, unless you want a cheap cuppa or pint – people take their own sandwiches.

The Kurt Wallender story sounds fascinating. I’ll keep my eye on the schedules. Thanks.


Man: I can’t stop singing ’The Green Green Grass of Home’.
Doc: That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome.
Man: Is it common?
Doc: It’s not unusual.

Helen C. said...

I'm glad to hear you're 'on the mend' Graham. I am expecting to be wowing this week, I hope you will be fit enough also by then.

Brinsley once again got a mention on the BBC East Midlands news programme because of the raid on Councillor Sadie's house. When I first moved to Brinsley, none of my friends had ever heard of it but now everyone has heard of it as the BNP place!

4 TICKS said...

Don't feel much like writing as I'm still trying to catch up with laundry etc. after being away from home. Hundreds of e-mails to deal with, what a bore. The burglary didn't help either. Whilst in the act someone helped himself to a fair sized slice of chocolate cake which had stood on the kitchen table since Saturday evening. I hope he enjoyed it and that he has a serious case of extremely painful Gastro Enteritis.

Thanks for the messages of sympathy, we're OK. but the police force keep sending coppers round to interview us and I'm getting a bit narked about it.

Bungus, I hope your Mother told the intruder, firmly to b***** off and wasn't too upset by him. Oh! and Christmas decorations are my favourite things with Turkey a very close 2nd.

Roy said...


Glad you are on the way to recovery, hope it wasn’t the Lancashire Bomb!
Incidentally is the “runs” an advanced form of the “trots”?
By the way your gulls at Bakewell are the Blackheaded variety in winter plumage. The black (well brown actually) heads disappear in the winter to be replaced by the black spots behind the eyes.
I hope you will be fit for WOW this week.


The ventriloquist was Neville King. He appeared regularly at the Commodore and I seem to recall that he used to present the shows there. He was a very talented guy who, although appearing on television from time to time, never seemed to receive the acclaim he deserved. Grandad of course had a local accent which was possibly not properly appreciated outside of this area.