Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WoW at Longshaw - Chip cob at The Peacock

.Our Wow today took us as far afield as The National Trust's The Longshaw Estates in north Derbyshire and we regulars were joined by Roger and Incy Wincy. Both enjoyed their WoW-ing. I don't know how many pictures they took, because after walking with them for a while (with wheels of course) I let them carry on with the more serious walk while I messed-about closer to the Visitors' Centre which was unfortunately .closed, due to staff-illness or something. Fortunately I had my thermos, and I enjoyed myself with frequent lens-changes and endless consideration of the best view-point which I could actually reach.

The view across to the hill, from Longshaw reminded me such a lot of Cezanne's many versions of Mont Saint Victoire. Eventually we left and travelled to The Peacock at Oakerthorpe for our chip-butties, and very fine they were too. Roger knows many attractive country-lane routes to places which avoid the busy and less-interesting A class roads.

You will all be pleased to know that Bungus's computer is up from it's sick-bed, after much hassle with Supanet. However he feels 'drained' and although he texted me the good news, he asked to be excused a reply until tomorrow.

4 ticks has sent me some great pictures of her 'tatting' and some of these will, hopefully, appear tomorrow and in future editions. I am also promised more pictures from both Brian and Incy Wincy, and now that Rob and Elaine are back in the country, I also hope for some from them. It looks as if I can have a week or two off !

The picture on the left is just another Longshaw snap. I thought I'd better get one or two in, before the rush starts.

While chatting, Brian expressed an interest in the more technical side of 'blogging' and 'live-links' and pictures etc.

I've told him that, if I can, I will be delighted to help. is a very user-friendly programme. Occasionally subject to 'google-glitches' but nothing serious.

Just checked and I've now been blogging since the end of February 2006 !


Jill ...... Very posh, getting married in The Cathedral...... It is a Catholic cathedral - our Anglican one is Southwell Minster. Very posh to get married there too.

The Goose ...... something Hotel defeats me. Maybe a reader will have a brainwave.

I'm afraid the scene you describe in the city-centre is, I understand, fairly typical ! What are things coming to.

4 ticks ..... Thanks for the 'tatting' pictures which have arrived safely.. No need to worry about file-size anyway. I can sort them out with a couple of clicks and provide the big thumbnail whch appears in the body of the blog, and enlarges to 1024 pixels.

It is good to receive things but obviously I can't guarantee to publish them all. I try to strike a fair balance because my children and grandchildren and many friends and WebUser forum people etc., are readers, and I try keep them all interested.

As you say - see you soon.




bungus said...

Bungus is back!

But only after an exhausting Marathon (3 hours?) session on the phone to Supanet (twice) and Netgear (manufacturer of router) 3 times, talking to the charming but sometimes indecipherable relatives of the man on the bike in the picture.
Being told ‘it is very simple really’ didn’t help. And signing off with ‘You have a nice day’ guaranteed apoplexy.
That said, the matter was not helped by my electronic ignorance, far less than perfect hearing, and forgetfulness. I was lucky to have Sandra to hand over to for the final lap!
But I have been happy with Supanet and all this was caused by my switching to their Gold Programme (8 Gb instead of 2) to save perhaps £5 a month and get more free phone calls (what yesterday's cost me will want some making up!).



Good news filters back thanks to kindly jogger.

Obsessions for all. Weltology and Entemology for me (Stocking-tops and Insects).

‘Wot, No Patio?’
AnonymousRob afflicted by ‘Honeymooner’s Dongle’.

Premature Publication reveals shortcomings.

Does ‘pressing buttons on the earphones’ constitute sexual fantasising? (The ears are an erogenous zone)

Fentanyl or morphine?
Way to go!

I’ll pass on pigs’ trotters.

‘Cut to the chase’ with Occam's Razor?

Spare a moment for Jimmy Sirrel who died today.
Notts top cricket table.
Liverpool wuz robbed (Gerrards’ goal)
Stags in dock.
Terry deservedly sent off for cynical foul.
Wenger’s unlucky babes only score six against Sheffield United.
No away team penalty given at Old Trafford (ever?).
Who will follow Venables at Newcastle? Tutankhamen?

Charming watercolour by ’4 Ticks’

AVG Free does it for me.

My mother also believed in rainwater and she had a very good complexion.
And comfrey in a bag in the butt (go on then!) makes good fertiliser too.

Butterfly looks more ‘Speckled Wood' than anything thing else in my limited refernce books.
It makes the point about your lens. What impresses me is that, unlike that which I have always known as a telephoto lens, it does not appear to distort the distance by foreshortening. Am I right?

Rules: tomato sauce is fine with Egg & Chips unless you also have peas.

How about publishing knitting patterns in Webdings? (as a change from Sudoku).

Xanthe not as in Xmas but as in Xavier (Cugat among others).
As the lovely Mr Winner would say “Don’t get excited, dear.”

Unlike Jill, I like liver, kidneys, even heart but not the other stuff.
I have no doubt that liver makes the best gravy possible.

I agree that the first part of 'A Place …' was very well executed. Gripping.
Produced by Robson Green I see.

Is tatting anything like French knitting. If so, what a waste of time! (when there are insects to look at - and stocking tops).

Newcastle is really the place for half-dressed drunken young people, all over the road, lying down, throwing bottles at passing cars, etc. And that’s at four in the afternoon!

I think I am right in saying that Sandra is not in the least frightened to walk the streets (I dare you!) of Nottingham City Centre at night. But she was also quite happy walking alone in Harlem and other districts of New York (not New Jersey and she became a little disturbed in Chinatown but only because she was lost).
She must be something like my mother’s maiden aunts who, at the turn of the 19th/20th C, went to distribute food and Methodism to the poverty stricken in Broadmarsh and Narrowmarsh where even the police only walked in pairs (they -maiden aunts, not policemen - also went as missionaries to India).

Roger sounds my sort of motorist. I love unclassified routes. What does it matter if you have to follow a tractor for 7 miles and avoid chickens.

Soon be your 3rd blogging anniversary then. I’ll consider making a cake and sending it via gmail.

While we’re on ‘posh’. Did you know that, as an MBE, Sandra and her children are entitled to be married in St Pauls? I don’t think we’ll bother.

Googled Notts hotels. No Goose. Could it be Swans Hotel, W Bridgford?

Things are 'coming to' what they were like a couple of centuries ago. Remember Xack the Ripper? And the last public hanging in Nottingham (1825?) when there was such a huge crowd thronging the narrow streets that 74(?) people were trampled to death in the crush (the details may not be absolutely accurate but in the Local Studies Section of Nottm Library there is a fascinating book of local crimes and trials of that era, inc Bessie Shepherd).

bungus said...

For dinner/tea we had Aldi’s beautiful marlin, with Pink Fir Apple potatoes plus a salad for Sandra and peas & mushrooms cooked with lightly fried onion for me. I finished off with a nectarine.

Our gooseberries are the sour green ones. But they turn pink in the cooking. My mother made gooseberry jam but I have never really liked it except as an accompaniment, in lieu of chutney, for fried cheese and potato cakes (discovered accidentally, as a teenager, when my parents were on holiday and I was hosting a nightly 5 or 6 hour dominoes ‘ha’penny knock’ session).

For lunch I heated up some leftover swede & spud mash, added butter and fried onions. Delicious. It is also good cold (without the swede, a generous handful of grated cheddar goes well).

Macmanaman’s tomato soup for tea. Our outdoor tomatoes are about finished but a friend had given Sandra about 5 lb from his greenhouse.

Clearing out the rubbish from the plants (bluebells, lilies of the valley, Japanese anemones) under the eater/cooker apple tree, Sandra came across half-a-dozen Shaggy Parasol mushrooms from 2” to 6” dia. These are described in my ‘bible’ as ‘edible but may cause gastric upsets in some people’. That’ll do for me; a small sample this morning and, if no ill effects, the rest for tomorrow’s breakfast.

[And, not food, Jess just can’t stay out of the limelight.
Her language teachers (English, French, German) selected her and one of her friends to act as guides to a party from Brazil who are to tour the Community College on Tuesday (they have been busily engaged in a crash course in Brazilian).
Needless to say, she is also appearing in the stage show to be put on for the entertainment of the visitors on Wednesday.
I have to say that I am almost delighted to discover that she is rubbish at photography!]

Smoked mackerel with spiced gooseberries for breakfast; finished off the mashed spud/swede/fried onion for lunch.
‘Boil-in-the-Bag’ fish in butter sauce for tea with mashed spuds and green beans.

Finally got around to the Shaggy Parasols at teatime. Used them plus a few frozen mushrooms, chopped and fried with cream, to fill an omelette (the chicks are still laying an egg every other day between them).
Followed by an ‘upside down’ variation on the Tarte Tatin (ie, same ingredients but oven baked as a pudding with the fruit in a baking dish topped with the grated pastry mix – a cross between a crumble and a pie really. Very nice – with cream.
I intend to try a non-sweet crust, made the same way, to cover meat & potatoes.

Reg said...

There is the Goosedale Conferance and Banqeting Centre at Papplewick they do up market 'posh' weddings etc., but I do not think they have hotel facilities. One room will, according to their web site, take up to 790 delegates.
The previous owner was a character, when the itinerants arrived and set up camp, he loaded his bulldozer bucket with gravel from the ponds, positioned it over one of the vans and said you have half an hour to move or I empty the bucket on to the van. They moved very quickly. The above has had many adjectives removed for the purposed of the blog.

4 TICKS said...

We went to a wedding in the Catholic Cathedral, Nottingham. The most boring wedding service ever. Most of the time we sat contemplating our toes, supposedly in silent prayer. I wonder, did the Priest forget his words?

Tatting was I'm told a favourite pastime of the ladies of the court in Tudor times. They could carry it in a small reticule and 'Tatt' whilst standing obout in small groups or standing behind a pillar or statue.

Speaking of 'Goosedale' I used to work for a company that managed a lot of stuff for relatives of the owners who are, possibly, rich relatives of the man on the bicycle.

Thanks for the photo of the view at Longshaw. I will now proceed to prepare to paint something similar.

I have to teach my first session of the term. Arts Evening Classes at the local school. Must go and check that I have everything I need.

bungus said...

Addendum (more worldy readers will know where it goes).
“… with only a few drawbacks.”(but PLEASE don’t involve Occam’s Razor).

I prefer Clive Dunn to George W Bush (“Don’t panic, don’t panic !”