Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuxford - Manxislander's Tomato Soup

These fungi were growing in the Churchyard about 18 inches from the the one pictured on Sunday's blog. Having seen an illustration in Bungus's authoratitive book, I am quite satisfied that that one was the 'Orange Peel' fungus and is edible.

Perhaps he will be kind enough to look up this one for me too.

The book has the 'plus point' of announcing under each illustration '½ life size', 'life size' etc. and I wish bird identification books had some similar schema to indicate size.

After shopping this morning (which conveniently got us out of Karen's way) we went over to Tuxford for lunch with Bungus.

He had prepared Manxislander's (click here for his website) splendid Tomato Soup. Please click here if you would like the recipe. Take our word for it - it's the best. It transforms humble tomato soup into a cordon bleu experience. Followed by crumble and custard for puds. 'Great conversation' accompanied each course.

Picture 2 is from the TV programme about the Russian Avant-Garde. This oligarchic Russian Art collector spoke fluent English and was a very pleasant chap, contrary to his rather threatening appearance, and he knew his stuff too.

Some of the roses seem to have got their second-wind although one can tell that the end of the year approaches and that dahlias and chrysanths will take over. The rose picture is the 'Hannah' rose which Lisa bought us the year our granddaughter Hannah was born. The rose is a strong performer in the garden but it doesn't enjoy life as a cut-flower.

How times change, now at 11 she has just e-mailed Y a picture of a snow leopard she is using in her homework. No problem to her and fortunately, just today, Y has acquired the necessary knowledge to download it at this end.

As you can see, the snap was taken in rain-sodden conditions. For the plant that is, - I was inside, looking out of the window.


Bungus ...... Re Peter's lawn - apparently the badgers are searching not for worms, but for daddy-longlegs larvae.

Nice joke about Incy Wincy and the spider.

Useful Micology information. I would certainly like to 'foray' into the culinary aspects but I suspect that Y would refuse pointblank to try the results.

anonymousrob ....... Re the mackeral sky's possible role in a photoshop exercise to 'drop it into another photo to enhance the finished result'. Please wash your mouth out !

I love the Haiku stanzas.


Quotation time ............... I've been saying this, or similar, for years.

"No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one"

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow, which is WoW of course



bungus said...

Graham and Yvonne visited.
I gave them a warm welcome and a bowl of soup (2 bowls for Graham, in fact, but who’s counting?) They brought me a much appreciated bottle of red and a basil bush (Ho, ho, ho) with which Sandra was delighted having just finished the last leaves of the last one grown from cuttings off the parent plant from 2 years ago.
We spent a very pleasant couple of hours of mostly intelligent conversation and more than a few laughs.

Both English clubs recorded convincing victories in tonights European matches. Although not much tested defensively, Man U’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at Right Back was impressive (even more charismatic than Gary Neville).

A very strong line-up in Jools Holland’s ‘Later’ which featured, among others, Boy George, the excellent Kaiser Chiefs, and the wonderful foot-stomping Seasick Steve who sang the song ‘I Started Out with Nothing / And I’ve Still Got Most of It Left’.

By chance, I also caught an entertaining online video of VV Brown. If you want cheering up, watch it, I say.

Although much less brightly coloured I suspect it may be the same variety of fungus (its conformation looks very similar) but I’ll check and come back to you.

Saying '½ life size', 'life size' etc saves having to carry ten-bob bits about and, as you say, is just as useful.

In case anyone else should be confused too, I live at Boughton (effectively Ollerton) not Tuxford. I find it hard enough to remember my name never mind my address.
I must get me’sen a label like wot the evacuees had round their necks.

The ManxMan’s ‘almost knife & fork’ tomato soup is not only good but simple although it takes time to roast and whizz the veg which are its only constituents (no thickening) and obviously GOOD FOR YOU.

... daddy-longlegs larvae being Leather Jackets, if anyone who is interested doesn’t already know – well worth getting shut of (that’s the North Notts version, although I understand that elsewhere it is ‘getting shot of’).

Have I already said that mushroom eating is my way of living dangerously rather than climbing the North Face of The Eiger without ropes and crampons?
I have spent just a FEW anxious nights wondering if I was starting to sweat and develop stomach cramps!

The Elbert Hubbard quote echoes my feelings as a pub landlord, expressed as:
“the good thing about never having a day off is that you never have to start back to work”.
Retirement, of course, has the same advantage without the drawbacks (provided one is a person who does not get bored).

Ooh, cheeky, as if he would… (enhance the fishing result, that is).

Yes, we miss the Colemans of the past – ‘Juanterena opens up his legs and shows his potential.’

I like the haikus (although the first has a syllable too many in the last line).
In Spain at that time you took no chance of ending up ‘inside’ and the thought was that someone may have seen something and that the evidence would still be there in the morning.
It wouldn’t be fair to answer the second by saying who it was, so I’ll just call him AnonymousJJ (whose office our blogmeister once picketed as a protest against what was considered by us arty types as unfair dismissal of an employee for going to work as an Insurance Consultant on a bike and having his head shaved).
I wrote a poem about that holiday (but made it a year later for the sake of the first rhyme).

In hot mid-summer, sixty-four,
we bask on Spain's most southern shore.
To Cuba-Libre all addicted
but Clem, with diarrhoea afflicted.
Drawn and wan, he palely sits
beneath the sunshade, ogling tits
of lissome, darkly Latin lasses -
with tightly-muscled, peach-shaped arses -
who saunter by on legs so slim,
totally ignoring him.

But wait! his gaze is now distracted
to his forearm limp and white;
could that be a rash just starting?
Or just another insect bite?
Frantically he makes perusal;
cautiously inspects each hair;
and each follicle beneath it;
concentrating, taking care.
Is it leprosy? or dandruff?
Beri-beri or the clap?
He should have listened to his mother;
not drunk water from the tap.

Next day to his bed he's taken -
fresh white 'jamas changed each hour -
weak from trotting to the bathroom;
face as white as well-bleached flour.

For eleven days he lies there;
slowly he just dehydrates
eating pills and eggs and lemons;
as suggested by his mates

Then, through split lips, he croaks "These foreign
holidays, it seems to me -
in spite of all the commendation -
are not what they're cracked up to be."

mannanan said...

Wow I'm famous....So glad that you enjoy the tomato soup. It is delicious. Hopefully when I get time I will be putting some newer ones on there so pleased do drop in and leave a calling card.Keep up the good work Graham.

4 TICKS said...

Just found the recipe for the famous tomato soup and copied it on to a bit of paper. Couldn't download it because I don't have the right windows programme. I'm a firm believer in the old saying, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it. Will try it a.s.a.p. Made chutney at last this week. tastes good.
Love all the fungi photo's, one of these days one of you will manage to snap a fairy having a snooze under one, I'm sure.
What clever creatures spiders are. Isn't their tatting just so delicate, and functional too. Must see what I can do.
Went to see the Doctor yesterday, got the latest locum and, poor thing, I told him what they could do with the latest batch of pills. Supposed to be good for the osteo parosis but caused so much pain and swelling to my injured limb and made my gums bleed profusely. I left him, poor kid, with instructions to inform my usual G.P. that I'd be back in 3 weeks time, which was the earliest I could be given an appointment to see him.
Got to go for physio tomorrow. I'm getting so tired of all this and will be glad when I can have a week off without seeing a medic of some sort.
The roses are wonderful RG, We have one out front the flowers look like deep red velvet on opening progressing to resembling a mass of bright red frills. I don't know what it's called because it was in situe when we moved in here 30 odd years ago.
Well I've got to go do my lesson prep for tomorrow evening & Friday morning.

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