Saturday, September 27, 2008

Northern Ballet - Lovely day - Computer jobs

Yet another Longshaw shot. A typical case of the camera, if not lying, then certainly misleading...... this was on my 10-20mm lens and it makes Higger Tor (on the sky-line just right of centre) look about 30 miles away. It is exactly the same mountain which has figured in previous posts this week. And my vantage point for this snap is only a few yards from the others....... If you open the link you will see that I was just to the right of the same tree shown on the website.

Camera club judges don't like you to have the sky-line in the middle of the photograph...... Oh Damn ! ..... I must remember next time.. ha ha!

Today Y went to The Northern Ballet's matinee production of The Tale of Two Cities and was back home by 5pm. She found the music jarred and the dancers just 'pranced around'...... she wasn't alone, the woman next to her went to sleep (there's constructive and honest criticism for you) others left at half time too..... The tickets were £523.35 ....... well, it felt like that !

The Picture on the left is a further example of 4 ticks's "tatting" and is entitled "tatting on a pin-cushion" and certainly demonstrates the delicacy of the work.

My day has involved much messing-about and as a result, I am finally getting the PC in my office more or less as I want it to be. I think I shall have to settle for the monitor not being as sharp as my laptop. The monitor was bought on advice but I would have been better to look in Staples etc, and then just picked the one I liked the look of best.

Not to worry. "Worse things happen at sea" as my father always told us.


4 ticks ..... From the day before yesterday. I'm glad you first Art class went well. 6 is a good number. When I was lecturing we found that "up to 8" or "over 12" were OK. Between 8 and 12 people always seemed problematical for some Social Psychological reason I understand. There is a tendency for them to split into two cliques, and people start making 'leadership bids".

I think your summary of the EPS lecture was about right. Like so many lecturers, they could have used the services of a good editor.

Jill in particular will enjoy -and understand! - your "tatting" information.

bungus ....... We may have been fortunate with the parking at The City. But, a fairly new introduction which you may not know about is a "disabled only" car-park near the Physiotherapy Dept (the right turn before the right turn down to Outpatients).

But the other advantages of Hospital Transport argue in favour of sticking with it.

anonymousrob ...... I'm SO pleased you both are happy with the wedding photographs. I know Incy Wincy felt honoured you had asked him to do them, and he was relieved when he got the prints back. You and I both knew he would come up trumps and I am very much looking forward to seeing them.

I love the Higger Tor Haiku and the near-rhyme with St Victoire is most enjoyable. In poetic terms it's known as an oblique (or slant) rhyme. But who's bothered about such technicalities ?

Interesting to learn of you are gathering material for the Sports Desk while developing film. I hope you weren't distracted from the timer !...... Bungus and I both disapprove of this multi-tasking. As he once memorably said "One thing at a time, preferably less !".

Quotation time ........ This seems appropriate to several of today's themes .....

"When I work, I work very fast, but preparing to work can take any length of time"

Banksy says that Cy Twombly is the only graffiti artist he cares about.


Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



bungus said...

On Thursday in Newark I bought some Morrisons’ ‘Eat Smart’ reduced-fat French Brie; ripe,soft and creamy (how erotic can cheese be?) it has a real pungency and, I reckon, is the best I have ever tasted. Off the prepacked shelf and not by a long way the most expensive either. I chose it on appearance and ‘give’. Highly recommended.
Morrisons Gold (loose tea) is no longer available. After trying a few other brands, we replaced it with Yorkshire Tea (loose) which has proved quite acceptable as our ‘every hour of every day’ drink. But I spotted a new one, Morrisons ‘The Best’ loose tea, which will be on trial shortly. Watch out for reports.

Finally, the portable telly you gave me itself gave up the ghost and has had to be replaced.
You will be proud of me though.
I got the ‘new’ one from a charity shop in Ollerton and a good tenner’s worth it is too, having been PAT tested, complete with remote control, and carrying a 14 days’ guarantee!

Having honoured Jimmy Sirrel yesterday I feel I should today also pay tribute to Paul Newman who starred in several of my favourite films; eg, ‘The Hustler’, ‘Somebody Up there Likes Me’, ‘The Left Handed Gun’, ‘Hombre’, ‘Cool Hand Luke’, ‘Butch Cassidy …’, ‘The Sting’. I don’t recall a bad performance from him.
And he also made salad cream for charity.

BLLOG COMMENT: (extra L to be sure)Nice Longshaw shot. I think the tree does the trick.
Just to clarify the issue of the lenses:
does the one you used for the other photos act as I would expect (what I have always known as) a telephoto lens to act, ie, foreshortening and making distant objects appear larger in the way that a telescope does)?
Does the lens with which this photo was taken act in a reverses manner by making distant objects appear smaller?
If you are saying “Sod the camera club judges,” then I’m with you.

Some ballet music doesn’t jar but don’t the dancers invariably just 'prance around'? I always feel that I should prefer modern ballet but I seem to find that even more difficult than the traditional. Mind you, I would never think of actually PAYING to see any of it (as I would gladly do, up to a tenner, to watch jazz tap dancers who are right at the top of my scale of entertainment, as are jugglers.
Although I videoed the 'all-male chorus' version of Swan Lake (the one Blly Elliot was in) because I thought the snatch I caught (don’t go down that path) looked interesting, I have never got around to watching it

Hope you will find plenty to fill your time now that you seem to have resolved to bogger about no more with the computer.
I understand that ‘buggering about’, as opposed to ‘boggering about’ is only one of the worse things which can happen at sea.

I appreciate that you are not suggesting I should forgo hospital transport, so the following is merely comment, not argument.
The new carpark at The City sounds like an improvement. Nevertheless, it would not encourage me to go by car as, in order to avoid paying, I would have to take Sandra with me and the walk from Outpatients to Oncology (and Chemotherapy) is so far as to be something that I have avoided doing twice after the first 2 occasions (I have to give blood at Outpatients when attending clinic) and would certainly be asking too much of her! The only satisfactory answer would be to have a little train running, as they do but more frequently.

Thanks for reminding me of "One thing at a time, preferably less !".
I reckon it fits in nicely with the Cy Twombly dictum which I applaud and support.

4 ticks:
You must have posted your yesterday’s comment before my second one!
Yes ‘Coal Broad’ was a typo but I make no apology and am quite prepared to claim that I invented it deliberately.
I am reliably informed that she is available on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening in ********** Welfare when her husband is on nights at ********.

I have only once tried taking an evening class - in Creative Writing.
It was held at a primary school at the request of some parents.
I had 3 students the first night:
1) one of the parents who simply wanted me to say how wonderful her work was - it wasn’t, it was sentimental tosh although I didn’t put it like that but nevertheless she took the hump and never came again;
2) Someone who thought it was a calligraphy class;
3) the lollipop lady who had time to fill.
After that, it went downhill (just me and the lollipop lady who was very pleasant company).

Pleased to hear the wedding photos turned out well.

And Elaine is right about the best times behind a bar being the busy ones (although Maypole Day in Wellow could sometimes be a bit TOO much!).

Yes, didn’t the Stags do well to come back twice. And County won too. Oh dear Forest.
And the Panthers had a very convincing win last night. Away today.

Chelsea 1 ManU 0 then, in the Unfair Reporting stakes?
I can understand the ref giving the penalty although, after seeing replays, no one semed to agree with him. I didn’t see the Chelsea offence and have the impression that no-one else did either. Mind you, I haven’t heard Ferguson’s views on the matter.

anonymousrob said...

I much prefer the view of Higgar/Higger Tor that appeared, courtesy of RG, on Friday's blog to the one in the link. The latter emphasises the tree far too much for me.

Bungus, due to other commitments, I didn't see either United's "obvious" non-penalty nor Chelski's "obvious" hand-ball. I am relying solely on the immediate reports from the BBC's commentators. In my very biased anti-London mind, I've just assumed that the reporter at the Britannia Stadium will be assigned Midlands Championship matches for several weeks. My comment related to the reports following the 5 o'clock Sports Report reports (hmmm, there's a lot of reports in there!). Have you seen Ferguson's verdict on Jimmy Sirrel?

Well done to the Panthers last night; now top of the league on goal difference. OK, it's early in the season and there's still 45+ matches to go but my view is that in professional sport the skill levels are pretty close; it's the confidence that makes a real difference. There's nothing like a good start to the season to make things go well. Ask ManU, bottom after three games last year, or thereabouts?

I'm not sure what's happening at Forest as I don't follow them closely; I much prefer the 'Pies. Derby, though, seem to be starting to put things together. Any road up, the Stags are more important. Having just looked, Panthers are 1-0 down at Hull but it's a cup game; the league is more important.

4 ticks - I'd love to see the tatting examples "in the flesh" as it were; they look exquisite. Elaine has a talent for producing hand-made cards; maybe you and her should get together.