Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WoW at Brewhouse Yard - Bungus at Kings Mill

After the doctors I went over to Reg's and we set off for our Wow to The Brewhouse Yard Museum in Nottingham collecting first Roy and then Brian in town..... and Picture 1 is of all three enjoying some brief sun after our visit. The tableau is appropriate because there had been much to see, hear about, and discuss.

We had a great time - criticising the Nottingham and Notts photo exhibition which was the main reason for our visit. The consensus was that although some v.good pictures had been selected, too many were clichés, were boring, or lacked life.

After the Exhibition we went to Calumet and I bought the Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens, like Reg's, and from the same place...... I met, and was served by, Jason, who the others all know, and I found him a very knowledgeable and confidence-inspiring young man..... More will inevitably follow - with snaps.

Thence to the Horse and Groom at Basford, for our chip-cob and what a disappointment. Picture 2 illustrates. The 'few' chips were not good, the cobs tiny and the salad garnish appeared to have been scraped up from the kitchen-floor. And it used to be such a busy, old-fashioned, good pub!

Having said all that we had a great time. Lots of laughs, good fun 'slagging off' the photos and it was great to see Brian on his feet again and enjoying a couple of hours with chums.

Bungus sent pictures of the new building at Kings Mill Hospital and here they are ! Please click here - I found it too difficult editorially to select a couple so decided to create a Picasa WebAlbums folder and publish a link to it for everyone....... Interesting architecturally ! though a couple, towards the end of the slideshow, look rather prison-like. Maybe prisons and hospitals have things in common anyway....... Very good snaps Bungus ! Thank you.


bungus ...... Do I take it that you would like your surgeon to belong to Alcoholics Anonymous ?

Nice one about your semi-colon ! I like it !...... I like also your Lidl story. Vesta Chow Mien 'eh? didn't we all think we were daring in the 50 s..... Some of the exhibits in the Museum triggered memories... Little liver pills, Farley's rusks, a laundry ponch and so much more.

Thanks also for the 'eating out' info. and when we resume (soon I hope) our Mansfield jaunts we must venture further afield than Leeming Street and The Market Place.

What an amazing google-list of qualities for the humble hyssop. I shall have to look them up because there are several where I have no idea of the meaning. Not unusual.

incy wincy ...... The 'cake' was splendid and you could taste the love. In the weekend supplements there was a list of 50 typical English things. They omitted 'rich fruit cake with marzipan' which must be a strong contender.

I'm afraid that, as 'blogmeister' I am the only one who can actually publish pictures into the blog. So the procedure is, e-mail me the pictures as attachments, I will download them and publish them. It would be super to have a picture from you..... Add abit of class what ?

reg .... Thanks for the aero-modelling information. As you have described the 5ft wing-span model I can well undertsand the £3,000 value.

Also thanks for your help with the lens acquisition. See you Thursday evening.



Incy Wincy said...
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Incy Wincy said...

By the Way, forgot to say that kodak have bought a new colour film out, the best and smoothest colour film on the market, their words, professional ektar 100.should be in November. long live film, digital is dying.

bungus said...

You’d have to go a long way to find 3 better looking monkeys.
A cliché, OK, but never boring, or lacking life (well, hardly ever!).

Did you complain about the chip cobs? Or simply resolve ‘Never again’?

I make haste to point out to the ‘real’ photographers (the ones who know what each other are talking about) that the King’s Mill Hospital photos are genuine ‘snaps’; uncropped, unadulterated apart from a bit of straightening and ‘Feel Lucky’ in Picasa.
Any quality (or lack of) is down to the artist’s impeccable (or suspect) eye and £60 camera!

So long as the surgeon has a steady hand I don’t care what state of sobriety he is in. But touché.
As for the hernia, a former colleague/friend and myself once read that the brain cannot cope with worrying about more than five things at a time, so we decided that it was best to worry about he big things such as how to prevent use of the atom bomb, how to keep the price of land down, how to strengthen the pound against the dollar, how to ensure that a meteor didn’t collide with the earth, how to prevent the next ice age - and not bother about where the next meal was coming from or how to pay the mortgage.
It sort of works.
So the hernia could be a good thing. I wasn’t aware of it and it isn’t bothering me, so most of the time it can be ignored, forgotten about. But when I‘ve nothing else to worry about I shall always have it to fall back (or forward) on. What could be better?

I liked Farley’s Rusks (with butter) and I just remember my paternal gran’ma using a ponch and dolly tub (while gran'pa was taking hyssop).
Did you ever have Fennings Fever Cure forced on you? I did once and fetched it straight back up. Some things you don’t forget.

The pub referred to is about halfway between the William IV and the Sir John Cockle; on the corner of Botany Avenue (?) about opposite Moor Lane. Car park entered off Botany Ave.

You are not alone in failing to understand some of the hyssop adjectives. I’ve not had a minute to look them up yet.

The following brief but illuminating exchange took place between myself and 13 year-old Jessica:
“Do you do History at school?”
“What period?”
Puzzled look, then “Two.”
Puzzled look, then “No, not that. What period of history?”
“All of it.”
“Well which bit are you learning about at the moment?”
“1970 to 1990.”
Shake of head and retirement of old fogey.

That’s me shot down! The model plane is actually flying!

Incy Wincy:
When I started producing a Dukeries U3A magazine in the old Amstrad days, I titled the first edition ‘Ey-Up Me Dux’. Some of our posher members thought this a bit infra dig and too coloquial (a couple of them came from Edwalton or Wollaton), so thereafter I abbreviated it to ‘Dux’ – a word which (as us wot is students of the classics knows) comes from the Latin for leader (hence ‘Il Duce’ and also the ‘Dukeries’, which made it appropriate).
If all else fails, try a little pun (or tenderness).

Death of digital? Did I hear a cuckoo singing in the clouds? Most folk like a cheap and easy life.
It’s a bit like automatic gearboxes – once you have grown used to one you only ever want to revert to manual for a bit of fun (or what some would call ‘real’ driving in which case it should mean a ‘crash’ gearbox).

Fusion Poetry
rhyming couplet/haiku):

Oh look! a kestrel,
See it hover. Buzzards can,
They just don’t bovver.

incy wincy said...

And they wonder why pubs are closing down so fast, serving chip cobs like that, and beer so expensive too.

Reg said...

Fennings Fever Cure great stuff I loved it, think I got addicted.