Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gorgeous Sunday - Canal Walk

After my regular and much cherished Sunday morning chat with David, this morning, with the weather being so lovely, we decided on a walk along the Canal Bank and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

So much to see and nice Erewash Valley stalwarts to talk to as they walked, jogged, cycled or canoed past. (a good example of their niceness is that while messing about I unbeknowingly dropped a filter from my camera -bag. We carried on walking and ten minutes later a jogger who had been going in the opposite direction found it, turned round and caught up with us. "I think you dropped this" he said, proffering my Cokin x4 filter). What can I say !

I took my wheels (of course) and we managed quite a long distance, with a couple of sit-down pit stops. Y loved it and I was so comfortable sitting on top of the bridge I could have stayed there all day. A side effect of my 'wheels' is that I can walk at a much quicker pace than without them.

Picture 2 is a 'water-boatman'. Ages since I've seen one. There were several on the canal and, yet again, my Nikon 'vibration reduction' lens performed well. I didn't expect to get this sharp at 300mm. Aren't I having fun with it?

This one was temporarily static, but mostly they were scudding about quite quickly. Reg has told me something about changing the VR to 'active' for moving objects. I shall have to read the instructions.

Y is, as I predicted, racing along with her laptop. Without any assistance at all she can now cope with e-mails, finding the result of a football match, and navigating e-bay to track down a missing Poldark video. Not to mention loading her 'Vista for Dummies' DVD and learning how to play it 'full screen'.

This evening we watched the 'Strictly come Dancing' results show ! We must be the only people not annoyed by Brucie. Anyway, our votes did the trick and John Sergeant stayed in. Phil Daniels and Flavia went out and I'm not suprised. In this morning's Telegraph Bryony Gordon said he danced like a mixture of a corpse and an ironing-board. She's got a way with words .......


Jill ...... The premature publication was due to the problem with using the 'blog this' procedure with pictures. They were far too big and I had to revert to tried and trusted methods. (you wouldn't expect me to suffer with 'premature publication' at my age, would you).

Great to hear your adventure was such a success. You are quite right about obsessives, what ever the obsession. From Photographers and Knitters to Ramblers through Morris Dancers and Penny Whistle players - all potentially problematic differences are levelled by the common interest.

Whatever Shakesperean scholars we may have, will find little to carp about re your quote about the ravelled sleeve etc......

I too enjoyed the Robert Hughes programme 'The Mona Lisa Curse'. He made some good points, and I have enjoyed reading his material for a good while now.

4 ticks ..... Your Friday comment did appear twice. But that is better than not at all (like Rob's - see below).

Talking about the cider making you feel happy quickly - my Fentanyl Patches have the same effect on me. The other day I missed changing them in the morning due to having a bath, then the boilerman coming, the having to do something else - so I forgot. Had a painful and depressing day. When I remembered and changed them around 6pm - WOW .... inside 2o minutes my pains had gone and I felt on top of the world !

incy wincy .... we need to talk on the 'telling bone' or exchange e-mails. Or speak to Reg. There are 'issues' as young people call them.

I don't know what to say about the 'wedding picture'. Did someone download it from the blog ? Or obtain it from another source?.

bungus ...... Like Jill, your Dr Johnson quote is quite accurate enough for the purpose. Without looking it up I think it starts off being about a woman preaching.

Re. big blokes dancing - there have been several examples on Strictly....... Darren Gough, the fast bowler, atcually won, Peter Shmeichael the goal-keeper, and a couple of others spring to mind. But of course you are glued to the X factor.

My county-trial was only as a schoolboy - but I suspect that I was guilty of being occasionally irritating even then.

Thanks for your advice to keep pressing buttons on the earphones ! Are you sure this doesn't constitute 'boggering about' with them ?

See other comments - no - it wasn't a typo in the Blanchard's Bakery sentence. All will be revealed at an appropriate time.

anonymousrob ...... Sorry about your vanishing-comment. Is it a touch of dongle-trouble ?

Unhappily I feel you are right about incy wincy's photo-ideas. And he couldn't copyright that particular one because he didn't take it...... How it was obtained remains a mystery. Perhaps Elaine or yourself sent it to them ?

As Professor Fletcher always says "Don't look for a complicated explanation when a simple one fits the facts." It is known in academic circles as 'Occam's Razor'.

Strangely enough, as a non-sports listener, during the night I often listen to Radio 5. The 'Up all Night' show is very good. Particularly when it's Rhod Sharpe.

reg ..... see above comment to incy wincy.

I've e-mailed you re the 'bubbles' picture and I suppose it would be best if I took the picture myself. Unfortunately, with one thing and another, I have not left myself much time. I may well decide not to enter.

Picture 3 is also performing duty as the quotation slot. Yet another page from my 'Tennyson-selected' quotes.

My only regret is that it is such a small book ! Never mind, I mustn't be greedy.

That train must be due - surely !



Reg said...

No the VR cannot stop objects that are moving. The setting are 'Off' if the camera is on a tripod or similar. 'On' for handheld use, panning etc., and 'Active' for if you are in/on a moving object i.e. a boat. As you say 'read the intructions'

4 TICKS said...

Concerning the quote. I agree wholeheartedly, the most pleasant and relaxing of pastimes, one of my favourites, if only I had more time these days not only sights and sounds to be experienced but, depending upon where you are lying, the perfumes that float by. Pine trees, meadow flowers and grasses, the sea, baking smells from an open window somewhere. I could go on.
Haven't been doing much knitting lately. My arm is still bothering me, I don't seem to be able to find patterns to suit me these days no matter how hard I search. I have resorted to making up my own. This takes longer because I have to write it all down but then I know that no-one else will ever have one just the same.
Did a little adjustment to some trousers for himself at the weekend. He wanted the waist taking in, It took ages and my back ached something terrible.
He took me for a walk on Sunday, we went looking for the rear end of the Wildlife Centre at Attenborough so as to get a picture with the church in the background but we couldn't get into a suitable position. I suppose I'll have to compose one in watercolour.
Love the canal picture, well caught.

Jill said...

Oh good, another woman on this blog and a knitter to boot......I'm not very good at doing my own patterns, but I often adapt existing ones. Don't know where you looked (are you on Ravelry?) knittingpatterncentral has literally thousands.....

G, that Fentanyl sounds just what I want, wonder if you can get it on the internet......Cava with friends is pretty darn good, but that sounds like the elixir of life!

Loved the 'premature publication' and have tried and failed to think of an appropriate response....

Haven't seen a water boatmen in years. As a child my grandfather ued to take me to the Pen Ponds in Richmond Park to collect frog spawn, we used to see them there. We also used to hear cuckoos and skylarks, now long gone.

I see in the DTelegraph that pigs trotters are making a comeback! There is a recipe, which doesn't sound too good to me. It just says to chop up the trotters. My grandfather used to bring his home wrapped in newspaper, cold, and breadcrumbed, he used to hold it in his fingers and nibble at it, I remember a lot of small bones.

4 TICKS said...

Just a quickie. Speaking of trotters my father enjoyed eating them hot from the oven dish, no-one else got a look in. I couldn't have eaten them anyway, slimy looking things all fatty. The bones, however, came in very handy we played snobs with them.

anonymousrob said...

Sports Desk update - Panthers lose 100% record due to, apparently, dodgy referring decisions. However, that's the way it goes in lots of sports and sometimes you get decisions against you and sometimes they are in your favour. Unless you are Arsene Wenger, of course. Anyway Panthers are still joint top, ie second on goal difference, with/to Belfast.

We are almost at the end of our Calabrian sojourn and, most unlike me, I'll be glad to get home. The weather has been cloudy with sunny intervals for a few days now and the apartment we have rented is not one for relaxing in; we would like to have an outside space in the sun where we can sit. Despite being advertised as having a garden, we found out after arriving we cannot access it. The balcony is too small to sit on and is over a busy, noisy road and doesn't get the sun. Apart from that it's fine. This means we have to leave the apartment to be able to sit in the sun; not the relaxing location we expected.

I guess, though, things could be worse - for example I could be at work.

It's bedtime now.


PS - follow Occam's Razor to solve the photo mystery. Haha, we've just been in a bar showing The DaVinci Code. Tom Hanks speaks fluent Italian don't you know.