Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiring Tuesday - Laptop problem solved

The Copyright © rules apply strictly to Picture 1.

An original water-colour by 4 ticks - and isn't it super? The passage on the left hand side, where we have the shrubbery and the trees, is particularly charming and in that tradition of English Water-Colourists. I have told her before, that her trees and foliage have a similarity to Rowland Hilder's work with the same delicacy of touch.

Picture 2 is the evening light, from the front door, looking over the football field towards Moorgreen.

I am tired and this will be a shortish blog. Fortunately I've managed to sort out the Anti-virus programme, eventually by uninstalling it and persuading AVG to refund my money.

The solution has been to install the McAfee Total Protection CD which accompanied Y's new laptop. During the closing stages of installation I was informed I could install it on up to three computers. It also said this on the box...... I'm delighted with McAfee: the programme includes their good old 'site-advisor' which tells you, when you have a page of search results, which are safe to open and which are dodgy..... Strongly recommended by WebUser forums and I have used it for ages.... You don't need to buy that bit, just download it here for free.


anonymousrob ...... I know you are looking forward to being home and I am so sorry that the weather has been such a pain. If it's any consolation; it's been pretty awful here too.

As soon as you have settled back,  we must plan the 'sausage-fest'. It is doubtful that we can find a date to suit everyone but we can at least try. We favour a lunchtime 'do', at a weekend, so you both can manage it. And lunchtime suits me better because I tire so quickly as evening approaches. Y is looking forward because, as you know, she does so enjoy a bit of 'social'. (What a pity Jill that you are thousands of miles away in Chiswick).

I think Incy's 'NEMPH judge' description is just a convenient shorthand to indicate that you know your way round a photograph. Don't worry about it.

Bungus is aware how much we are missing his 'wit and wisdom' which you correctly identify.

Re his PC problems - His ISP is Supanet and I know nothing about them. Now the weekend is over he is getting in touch but, if they are anything like AVG on the telephone, he would achieve as much by disemboweling a chicken in front of his computer.

Jill ..... Xanthe Clay's first name annoys me too. Perhaps it is pronounced Chrysanth (as per Xmas)...... We are also with you about most offal. And even with proper meat we tend to eat much less, plus lots of veg.

And welcome to the 'proper water supporters club'.

Y also watched, and liked, 'A Place of Execution'.

The recipe is from the book on the left and is basically 'Potatoes Fermiére'. I say 'basically' because over the years it has been 'modified'..... Marcel Boulestin was one of the great chefs, in my opinion. In any case, as I understand it, the 'fermiére' bit only means 'as of the farmhouse' hence the dash of cream, the eggs, and the bacon bits.

4 ticks .... See top paras re your picture.

My Mum also was keen on the rain-water from a but at the bottom of a drain-pipe, for hair-washing. Mind you my Dad also had a tendency to dangle a canvas-bag full of sheep-droppings in it, to produce feed for the tomatoes.


OK fellas, I think we must now leave the ladies to their tatting. Should be Port and Cigars time I suppose ..... but, as I neither drink nor smoke ! As Y pointed out some time ago, we are fast becoming the sort of people we used to avoid !

Way past my bedtime - catch you tomorrow

I think Bungus needs to give this guy a ring !



Jill said...

What an attractive picture, could have that hanging up here any time. I particularly like the trees, the tops of them. More please! and a very rural view, can you see any other buildings at all (apart from next door) when you look out?

I got soaked today, coming home - all my fault for listening to the weather forecast, occasional light showers it said - it bucketed down and I had no umbrella, jacket or anything. Luckily I was coming home, just had to change everything.

I'm sorry I shall miss out on the sausage fest too! Rather fancied it. Daughter and husband were in Nottingham this last week-end, went to a wedding at the cathedral? There's posh for you. They stayed in what she described as a very nice hotel, am not sure if it was in Nottingham or outside it, Goose something? I don't know why or where, but they were driving to or back from somewhere late Saturday night, hit some area where every other building was a bar or a club - she said she had never seen so many half-dressed drunken young people, all over the road, lying down, throwing bottles at passing cars, etc. They couldn't believe it! Was it a special night, or is this typical? Apparently there is one club in Chiswick where this regularly happens, but it was the number of places altogether that seemed to amaze them.

4 TICKS said...

Thanks for the admiration Jill, I'll send some more later. I used to be able to see Heanor Church from my observation point but someone built "affordable housing" in between and next door built a garage so all I can see now is next doors garage wall and the upper halves of the affordable houses . If we look out of the front door and windows we have a view, over the rooftops opposite, of the Erewash Valley but that is gradually filling up with housing estates. I want to move.
I've just tried to send a load of stuff for GM to blog but I think I've (boggered it up). No doubt G will let me know and I'll call himself to sort it out. Oh well!
One doesn't enter the streets of Nottingham at night, even in a car these days. We did, some years ago and even then it was scary. The powers that be try to play it down but I think it's beyond them to control what's happening.