Sunday, September 07, 2008

Got dressed - weather still bad

Got dressed this morning and managed to walk, with wheels, down the garden to pick raspberries. Total standing time maybe 10 minutes.

Our raspberries are cropping for a second time, or some later fruiting varieties are now thriving in the row. We got mixed up because when we were on the point of moving, 300 years ago, Bungus and I dug up several canes, for his family, and those that are left have now filled in all the gaps.

Re Jill's query as to why my Cauliflower Cheese takes ages, I thought I had better publish the recipe from my Best British Cooking book. You will see from the annotations over the years I follow it fairly closely.

I think perhaps that I do make 'heavy weather' of it and Jill's simpler approach would produce a dish just as good. Next time I'll try it out. The cauliflowers seem to be very high quality this year.

Picture 3 is the Hand-Book of Proverbs I recently mentioned. The only significance of the pocket-knife is to hold the book open while I photographed it.

The weather is incredibly bad and although we haven't had the flood troubles it is beginning to be a little depressing. If the sun breaks through, it only lasts a few minutes, before vanishing again.

Nice chat to David and it was so good to hear what a good day they had at Carsington when Steve and Lisa and Hannah, Miles and Millicent went over. Big cycle rides were accomplished and apparently Millicent was an uncomplaining pedaller over a large distance, even with her stabilisers. I can see them being abandoned soon. Also good to hear that David's physiotherapy has much improved his neck and collar-bone pain when riding his bike and raising his arm. It's been a long job.

Tomorrow, depending how I am, we hope to go to Mansfield to see Mama Mia which I have promised Y for some time. All I need to do is make it into the car, out again at the other end, and then sit in a luxurious cinema seat. Modern cinemas are v. good in this respect. I have heard good reports of the film. Apparently Pierce Brosnan singing is high on the cringe scale though.


Bungus ......... I like the call girl story. And also, although not related, the account of Sandra's visit to Riverdance. Obviously their seats defeated the whole object. I would have thought a complaint justified.

The 'left overs' sound good. But they so often are. I much prefer boxing-day turkey, cold stuffing, and tracklements to the hot version. When I was doing National Service in Germany, on an outlying radar station, Kurt our German cook used to do a delightful dish called (phonetically) 'veege' which was a sort of sophisticated bubble & squeak - everything chucked in, bound together with egg, and then fried. Delicious.

And I can't fault apple and blackberry pie with cream. I'm assuming your own Bramleys and freshly picked hedgerow blackberries.

Thanks for the rhubarb info. I suspect that I now know slightly more than I need, about the subject.

Like you I was very sorry to have missed Rob & Elaine's 'do' and I'm pleased to hear it all went so well.

Jill ...... Please see above re cauliflower cheese. I think mine is far too much of a faff and I shall simplify in future.

You are quite right about the 'toy' quality of our different acquisitions. I don't think I realised one could have 'toys' in one's 70s - but why not !

I've told Y that a real letter, in an envelope, is on its way.

anonymousrob ...... We are overjoyed to hear your day went so well and you both sound so lovely and happy. The 'carbon footprint' of your guest list just demonstrates the high regard in which you are held.

I have no doubt at all that Dennis's photos will capture that certain something. I hope though that 'webding photo' is a typo. If you don't know it, one day I'll show you the webding font - it's spooky !


I've rabbitted on far too long - so no quotation tonight. Catch you tomorrow.


Incy Wincy said...

After a few beers I am finally starting to relax after yesterdays traumatic photographic experiance.
It didn't help when it rained as soon as we arrived, and from then on it was like one of those weather clocks that go in and out wet and dry. There was extra pressure on this assignment as the esteemed client is a highly respected NEMPH judge, so I assume the pictures will be marked out of 20.
The films (remember them) go to be processed tomorrow, so it's fingers and legs crossed utill I see the results
The food at the bash was excellent and so was the buffet, and with so much left over they could have bought you some in a doggy bag, better than chard soup.
good to see you getting a little more mobile.

4 Ticks said...

A second attempt as the first one disappeared into the ether without warning.
I've never envied anyone's position less than Denis's on Saturday. I'm surprised he still had on his shoes when we saw him at the party. Had a really nice evening, got to dance with the Groom. The Bride looked fabulous, even at that time. Looking forward to seeing a photo or two. The food was indeed 5 star, sarnies without crusts, delightful little parcels of tasty surprises wrapped in pastry which melted away when put in contact with the tongue, posh fish & chips/chicken & chips & delicately aranged miniature vol au vents & canapes (can't find the special characters anywhere) with special treats on top and so much of it. Had to eat as any attempt at conversation was futile due to the extremely loud music although I have to say, there was something in the repertoire to suit everyone. We made the journey home without encountering any of the floods we splooshed through on the way there. A good time was had by all.

bungus said...

We have our original raspberries which crop in spring and the ones from you which we are picking now –and a good crop too. You will be glad now that you did not part with them all!
The current lot (I know they are not currants) are big and luscious but I think the early ones just beat them for intensity of flavour.

See cauli cheese response to Jill. Your recipe, delightful thought it sounds, does have something of the stuffed mushroom about it (was it Shirley Conran or Katherine Whitehorn?)

Sandra had an appointment for a scan at Newark hospital on Sunday morning, so I nipped into Aldi for nothing exciting and afterwards we called on Dan and Em for a cuppa. They have a very small but very productive garden (in addition to the allotment) so we picked up a selection of fresh veg and I was also entertained to a short guitar recital from Dan. He takes his (self taught and learnt at the knees of others) music very seriously but hardly ever plays in front of other people except when ‘jamming’. He improvises, almost never playing a recognisable melody (when requested by me he did, rather reluctantly, perform a version of Paul Macartney’s ‘Blackbird’).
As we left the heavens opened with thunder and lightning, but when we reached Ollerton there had been no rain at all (probably because I had taken the precaution and the washing in, before leaving – forgive the constructional conceit). I think we had all our rain on Saturday.

I hope you get as much fun from Mama Mia as Sandra did.
I like my singers singing and actors acting (I’ll make an exception for Lee Marvin) but most people are obviously enjoying it.

re Riverdance: I think Sandra and Glen did complain at the first interval and were allocated better seats. Pat and I had complete freedom of choice on where to stand at which distant bar.

I think pork is often tastier cold than when hot – and leg of lamb certainly (in a sandwich with Branston)!
Kurt’s cooking sounds fine. The best things I remember about army cooking - and at some places (Chatham and Giado) it was very good but at others (Malvern, Cove and Azzizia) mostly pretty dire - are ‘battered jam sandwiches deep fried and served with custard’ and ‘tinned pears on a bed of rice pudding on pastry’ (a version of ‘pear conde’, I was told).
Sorry to disappoint you but the apples in the b&a pie were from Stephanie’s boyfriend’s mother and the blackberries from the freezer! The cream was from Netto.

We sometimes use a cauli whole, sometimes a chopped up one, sometimes leftovers. No breadcrumbs, just a simple cheese sauce and a layer of grated cheese before going under the grill. What’s the problem?

Pleased to hear that your wedding went so well, in spite of the spiteful weather, and that it was attended by such a motley international crew, including your Shameless in-laws

I look forward to seeing a photo of the stunning Elaine – and also, I am sure, the stunning Rob emerging resplendidly from his anonymity like a phoenix from the ashes.

Enjoy Italy.

On the sporting scene, Murray did extremely well to beat Nadal and reach the American Final. When he lost the 3rd set I thought he might go down, but no.
I may get into trouble for saying it, but I cannot get interested in the Paralympics. It makes me uneasy. Even though there are divisions, it seems to me impossible that the competitors in any event can have an equal level of disability (could I get away with suggesting it would be easier on a level playing field?) and this suggests that a handicap system would be fairer, which would complicate things even more.

Incy Wincy / 4 Ticks:
Accents sometimes insert themselves. Maybe only if the comment is written in Word and copied into the blog? But it obviously doesn't work wih conde.

Reading about the delicious nosh makes me even more sorry to have missed Rob & Elaine's ‘do’ but it would have been very frustrating for me, presently suffering difficulty and embarrassment when eating.
The loud music would have bothered me less than usual as I my ear’oles are currently blocked too.
Thankfully, my eyes are still pretty good; otherwise I would be a one-man ‘hear no evil, see no evil, eat no lovely grub’.

Radio Nottm Home Page has a headline ‘No Bacon’ (about Richard Bacon) which reminds me of when I was about two years old and my father would play ‘knock knock’ with me. The one I liked best was
“Knock, knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Egbert who?”
“Egbert No Bacon.”
But I had my own version (which people found even moe amusing).
“Knock, knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Oscar who?”
“Oscar No Bacon.”

mannanan said...

Just popped back for a quick skeet.....The chard after it was cooked (stalks only)went straight in the bin. So glad that you like the tomato soup recipe. So much better than the tinned stuff don't you think?

Jill said...

I managed to watch the end part of Murray/Nadal, it was fantastic. Agree with you, we cannot get interested in paralympics either, just watched a 13 yr old win a gold in the swimming,her only apparent disability was that she was small (what we used to call a dwarf - height-challenged?). She was swimming against someone with one leg, now I don't call that a level playing field. Unless all the competitors are one-legged, or all dwarves, I don't see how it can be equal.

Cauliflower cheese, I often don't do the onion/bay leaf bit, I put the cheese in straight after the milk, I use cornflour, and I mix bought breadcrumbs (ciabatta ones from Waitrose) with grated cheese and that goes on top. I do macaroni cheese much the same way - i.e. pour it over pasta instead of cauliflower.....

Fun in Tescos this morning, we only go about once every six weeks, to a very large one. We had a £5 voucher from the News of the World (almost worth buying it for)£4 Tesco voucher, and a couple of other Tesco coupons. We spent into three figures (not only food, I bought a cashmere cardigan, printer paper and cartridges, and R did well in very discounted books....). We had done the maths and expected 73p change. But the till was playing up, it wouldn't subtract the vouchers, etc. Supervisor was called, she worked it out on a bit of paper, adding up and then taking it away, wasn't sure, so a chap in a suit came (earrings and acne) he did it, yes that was right, and gave us £9.73....To assuage my conscience I said 'are you sure?' to which he replied, 'yes, I've double-checked'. So we left, their arithmetic was hopeless, they had added up right but couldn't subtract - perhaps they were off school that day? So we came home.....we reckoned Tescos could stand the loss and we had spent a lot of money.....

I don't know anything about the wedding, or the people, but I am pleased to hear it all went well and a good time was had by all.

That reminds me of an old joke - Lily Savage? - 'she was the good time had by all'

It was Shirley Conran who wasn't stuffing mushrooms. I think you should do what you want, if stuffing mushrooms floats your boat, then go for it.

Went to see my friend Jenny this afternoon, she is just so pleased to be out of that hospital. Family are keeping a close eye (one lot live next door) and they have made her wear one of those Medi-alert bracelet things, if she fell or got stuck or something she just presses the button and it rings in some central office, who alert various members of her family, and if none of them can be reached (unlikely) emergency services are alerted. She is grumbling about it, but realises it is probably A Good Thing and has agreed to it 'for now'.