Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday EPS day - Y at Burton Joyce

Picture 1 is a seaside snap by Incy Wincy and, although he doesn't say so, it must have been infra-red film. Infra red conveys this slightly spooky, dramatic look and although people try to conjure up a similar look in photoshop, it never quite works.

Personally I think the picture is oustanding. The life-belt post breaking the shore-line and the sky-line is a deft touch which holds the picture together. Congratulations Denis! My guess is that Jill will enjoy the monochrome.

Picture 2 is of some of 4 ticks's 'tatting' and again, I think they look terrific. I don't quite understand whether or not the designs are hers too or if she follows a pattern, as in knitting. I feel sure that an explanation will be forthcoming.

The day so far has been pleasantly relaxing. I have printed and mounted a print to hand-in at EPS this evening. Mounting prints is not my favourite activity but I won't bore you with detailed reasons - I often get the bevelled edges facing the wrong way for instance and have to start again.

This evening Brian offered to cut me 4 which will keep me going for a week or two.

I have also done some computer jobs. One of the unforeseen problems of having multi-computers is that you do things on one and are then surprised it hasn't been done on the other simultaneously. (I know it is possible to network them together but I haven't done the necessary yet)

Tonight we have a lecture by Rowland and Barbara Hill who have won medals in prestigious events.

p.s. Their lecture and pictures were very good. From their travels in Cambodia, Venice, Laos, Nepal to mention just a few. They have a 'style' which they favour and perhaps a few backgrounds seemed close to being duplicated. Both are very skilful photoshop operators and they veer towards producing Art more than record shots. But a thoroughly enjoyable 1½ hours meriting more praise than criticism.

As it is Thursday, Y has gone to Burton Joyce. She will return happy-tired and I shall only see her for a few minutes before setting off for Eastwood.


Bungus ...... Welcome back and thanks for your account of your Supanet Saga. And all due to your changing broadband packages (who is boggering about with their computer now?). Still, we are all glad you have finally got it sorted !

There is much to be said for your staccato, sten-gun prose style, even if forced upon you. Each sentence becomes a little brain-teaser.

You 'dietary diary' is most interesting. Particularly so for us food-lovers who have a great interest in what other people cook and eat.

How interesting about Sandra's MBE conferring a right to be married in St Pauls. Are there any other hidden rights we should know about? Can she drive a flock of geese through people's gardens for instance? I think we should be told.

I shall continue to invoke Occam's Razor whenever I feel it appropriate. More easily understood than The Law of Parsimony, because people think that's to do with stinginess or Parsons. I suppose you could argue that it is to do with 'stinginess' in a way.

reg .... The Goosedale Conference centre's previous owner sounds like a real character. We need more people who are unwilling to be messed about. (nobody incidentally has come up with a better suggestion for the location - The Fat Duck at Bray is too far away and prohibitively expensive).

I suppose you are right to 'delete the expletives' in this family journal, but I suspect some of our readers will be disappointed.

4 ticks ..... The trouble with Catholic Weddings is they last too long. We were guests at Shaun Mosley's wedding to Teresa (Shaun is Sir Oswald Mosley's grandson but not at all right wing) and by the end there was much fidgeting and shuffling. Even now, so many years later, I have this indelible image of the soles of Shaun's shoes as they knelt at the altar-rail for what seemed like hours.

Thanks for the interesting material about 'tatting' and The Tudors. Y will be most interested

Glad you enjoyed the Longshaw view. Nothing too complicated for me. I just like a nice 'record' of places we have been and things I have found beautiful.

I hope your first teaching evening went well and that everyone who had enrolled turned up. With limited numbers there must be nothing more annnoying than someone booking a place and then not using it.

I noticed you had slipped in to EPS but obviously didn't know you had come straight from teaching.

Jill ..... in response to a previous 'comment'. I know that town-centres are bad at night, but as Sandra has found (see Bungus's comment) and Y's experience with the Football Hooligans, should you decide to walk through, they only make trouble between themselves and that you personally would not in anyway be threatened.

Unfortunately we have always been a drunken nation given to drunken revelry. As Wellington was reputed to have said about his soldiers "I don't know about their effect on Napoleon but they scare me to death". I haven't looked up the quotation, so it's a best guess at the wording.


We have a busy day tomorrow. City Hospital outpatient's clinic at 10.30am then Bromley House, then shopping, then computer jobs. However, I shall take my dongle and, if the clinic drags, I can use the time on my laptop, on-line !

Quotation time ....... Now this isn't true for other art forms, painting for instance, where the knack lies in knowing when to stop - and then stopping, promptly.

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned"

Sleep tight - hope to catch you tomorrow



Incy Wincy said...

Glad you like the snap, and you are correct, in that it is on Infra Red.
Tomorrow (friday night) is the great unveiling of "the album" and I go to bed hoping and hoping all will be well for them.

Jill said...

Meant to say that I liked yesterday's photo of the beknighted oak-tree in the field. I can see today's one of the beach has dramatic impact (is it at night?)but I find it unsettling, wouldn't want it on my wall....sorry! But perhaps that was the effect he was after?

Welcome back Bungus, we missed you.

Am very interested in the tatting, is it hard on the eyes? and what thread do you use? I love the dandelion clock, now what do you do with it, do you use them on cards for appreciative people? I remember using a grey metal shuttle, but I have seen beautiful old ones in museums, made from ivory and tortoishell and bone, ones that are carved. I imagine you create your own designs? The occupational therapist had me doing edgings - very basic - on linen handkerchiefs. Do you belong to any on-line group of people who tat? Or is there a local group? I'm wondering if it is/was a localised thing. I know a lot of 'crafty' people, but no-one who tats!

I am going to see 'The Duchess' this afternoon - I shouldn't be really, as we are off to Devon tomorrow until Thursday- but was offered a spare ticket and a lift! so possibly more later.

anonymousrob said...

As has been mentioned before, we are back in the country and I am back at work :o( Elaine starts a new job on Monday at BEGIN which is an acronym for Basic Educational Guidance In Nottingham. It is part of New College Nottingham.

I like the blogmeister's comment on the quote; you need to know when to stop with Photoshop as well. And the same applies to boggering about with computers I guess.

Sad news about Jimmy Sirrel. Lots of well deserved glowing tributes to him on the this is nottingham website today.

Thanks, RG, for clarifying what incy wincy meant when he referred to me as a NEMPH judge. I thought it was an insult! However, as I know my way around a photograph, I cannot possibly be a NEMPH judge.


Bungus said...

District Nurse came yesterday (Thur) and I duly took my trousers down as instructed. Blood pressure sky high (200/78).

In the afternoon I went to Aldi and Morrisons at Newark and Netto in Ollerton where, surprisingly, I spent the most!

Consultation at City Hospital today; the penultimate before I go on aftercare or something (I note that you were there yesterday).
Ready for transport at 9.00, which duly arrived at 11.30, ten minutes after appointment time.
Arrivd City 45 min late but walked straight into blood sampling and thence to the clinic where, although I heard someone being told that things were running 1½ hours late, was quite quickly attended to. Nothing much to report apart from blood pressure very high again. Not a long wait for return transport and arrival home at 2.40.

Don’t think I have been doing nothing four the past 4 days. I have been growing my beard.
As I am also getting ready for a haircut I rather resemble some hybrid of (in chronological order) Moore Marriott (Will Hay films), Uncle Albert (‘Only Fools & Horses’) and Boris Johnson.

I like Incy-Wincy’s dune picture – very nicely balanced and graded (as if I know anything). I can understand Jill’s unease though. It looks as though something is about to happen.
It’s no doubt my inner snob but I am not one for photos on display unless they have a personal significance (like my great-great-grandfather, for instance). Sandra has current family photos all over the shop (photoshop?); children and grandchildren in all stages of development – not for me.

I also liked your ‘table top mountain' photo yesterday. The orange patch did connect it to the Cezanne which reminded me of Crownie Pit Tip in its heyday (‘hey’ apparently means ‘vigour’ so I’m rather past mine).

Grovelling apologies to 4-Tick’s for my unwarranted and dismissive words about tatting. (French knitting indeed! Slap my wrist). The examples shown look like delicate silver wire jewellery but, like Jill, I am curious about how they are used – or are they purely delightful ornaments?
I could do with a ten-bob bit for scale too.

I can understand you getting bevels wrong.
My mother joined an evening class with a friend once – Woodwork, which was almost unheard of for women in those days (just postwar, I think). She made a solid little stool and a thin-legged, rather Scandinavian looking, coffee table which collapsed fairly quickly. But the point of the story is that her friend decided to make a kerb for her tiled hearth. Unfortunately she got a bit confused and it ended up zed-shaped.

A computer netwook, hey? You’ll be needing a LAN Team to manage it next!.

The difference is that I didn’t KNOW I was ‘boggering about’. It came as a complete and unwelcome surprise.
I had a phone call from Dan having emailed him and related the saga and ensuing trauma.
“Now you might undertand why I get so worked up,” he said, “I’ve got that all day, every day.”
I certainly sympathise. His job sounds better than bomb disposal but that’s all I can say in favour!

I am sure you are right in your ’less is more’ comment about my prose. Trouble is, I enjoy telling, even embroidering (I get it from mum) a tale.
I suppose I could try making every comment a cryptic clue?

Don't know about geese (other than Goosedale, just outside Bestwood) but I think the honour bestowed upon Sandra may entitle me to drive a coach & horses through any argument (her eldest son is allowed to drive through red lights after all).

I just thought Occam’s Razor would be better kept away from certain body parts.
A friend of mine has a daughter called Clare Talia Surname. As someone remarked at the christening it was fortunate that the parents didn’t select Jenny as her first name.

I hadn’t thought of Goosedale. I think the Notts Hockey Club played there in the 60s.
Does anyone know where on the A60 The Harvester at Arnold is? I have to go there in afew weeks and haven’t been able to google it.

I agree about the inordinate length of Catholic weddings (and funerals). I did Latin (failed School Cert) but that doesn’t help.
Just moving sideways a bit, did anyone watch ‘The Virgin Daughters’ on Ch4, Thur night; very creepy American sectarian control stuff.

"I don't know about their effect on Napoleon but they scare me to death".
I recall as,
“I don’t know what they do to the enemy but by God they frighten me”,
which I think is rather pithier.

Your Valery quotation may well be the origin of what I know as
“There is no such thing as a finished poem.” (I make no generalisation but all the (2)Valeries I have known have been big breasted nymphomaniacs).

Thanks for missing me. I have longed for you too. It feels like more than 4 days to me.

I seem to recall my mother talking about tatting but don’t know if she ever tried it (she was a keen embroider , and dressmaker and also did tapestry and rushwork).

When you get to Devon, don’t expect to see the Duchess. Her estate is at Chatsworth on the edge of The Dukeries.

Reg said...

Bungus I suspect you mean the Harvester Retaurant At the White Hart on the Junction of Ox- Close Lane abd Mansfield Road Daybrook End Of Arnold phone is
0115 926 5311

4 TICKS said...

Evening Class, successful session with 6 students all from previous terms so everyone knew the others some of them travel from Chesterfield so I must be popular. Soon got comfortably in swing and each one produced a small landscape painting using pens and watercolour. Enjoyed the final few minutes of the EPS lecture. Don't think I could have endured the whole thing though. Most of what I saw, some of which I admired especially the one with the Bothy, resembled pastel paintings. Enjoyed the juice of the grape later, the grub was good too. Was really ready to sleep when we arrived home. Got up this am. and went to teach my Arts Group and was totally exhausted after demonstrating how to mix colours for the latest project using only 3primary colours. I'll send the painting to RG and he can use it when he feels the time is right. I quite liked the picture which I saw in one of the Photo Mag's. I find them useful when I'm stuck for a subject.
Went to The Bird In Hand for lunch, it was 1.45pm. when the builder chappie left so himself rang the pub to check what time they stopped serving food. 2 o'clock she said, how long will it take you to get here? 25 min's said he. O.K. said she I'll keep going 'til you get here. How about that! Both had Jumbo Sized Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas. YUM.
I don't know anyone else who tat's and am self taught. Perhaps RG unless he intends to use more of it at a later date, will forward my e-mail if I ask him. It contains a fair bit of info., and more pic's. THREADS I use lots of different ones from sewing thread which is good for miniature stuff for Doll's Houses to Embroidery threads, cotton perle, crochet cotton etc. The motifs in the picture are mounted for insertion into card blanks.
Apology accepted but as far as french knitting is concerned, we used to coil it up and make teapot mats for the table and pot holders for the stove and with a little imagination you could fashion a tea cosy so it could be quite useful. I have used tatting patterns and made my own designs too. Sorry I didn't think about the 50p. for scale purposes but The black paper measures W.three and a half inches H.four and three quarters of an inch. The Dandelion Clock is one and a quarter inches high and the Delphinium/Foxglove two and three eighths of an inch. When will someone give us a keyboard with fractions on???
Speaking of knitting patterns, there was a boy in our youth club, during our teenage years, who read knitting patterns in such a way that it was hilarious. He literally, had us in stitches. I've tried but can't make it sound the same so I gave it up.
I could go on but you'll get bored bye for now.