Friday, September 12, 2008

Full Friday - Watnall Farm Shop


Aint that a super photo. The author and © holder is Dennis Morley and awful things will befall anyone who steals the picture...... Don't even think about it...... The texture of the icing is captured so well I can taste it!

Eastwood Photographic Society had an excellent meeting last night. There was no judging or anything of that nature. Members were invited to bring along examples of their summer activities and the range was first rate. Lots of lively work and it was rewarding that newcomers to the club felt able to bring and exhibit their pictures.

One of our young lady members had had a brilliant idea. She photographed a plate with 2 slices of toast being buttered, jammed, and then eaten..... and when displayed, clicked quickly through the 20 or so images (I am guessing at the number) until the plate was empty except for some crumbs. The idea worked beautifully and was so original. I've no idea what NEMPF judges would have made of it. But who cares?...... It might be a good idea to appoint our young ladies to be NEMPF judges for a season and see what lively images they would select for an Exhibition!

Our Friday has been quiet. After shopping and putting away. We had needed meat, eggs and greengrocery etc ., and re-visited the Watnall Farm Shop. It didn't disappoint. The only thing it lacks is a website. I am irrationally anti PDF pages. Then to Lidl and finally to Morrisons. Wrapping for the freezer took me well over an hour. My theory is that, if I spend time cling-filming sausages in twos, rashers of bacon in fours and so-on it keeps the freezer tidy and eases the burden at the other end, when I need something to cook.

Picture 2 is another Dennis and the same rules apply. The snap is authentic from the 'costa del sol' but he will no doubt explain more in a comment. I'm sure Jill will enjoy the sepia !..... It is so in keeping.

A personal opinion is that you've burnt-in the bull on the skyline a little too much. If it is 'as was' I think it needs dodging, just a tad.

Apparently the farmer also ploughs with the same two oxen, and, as they fertilise the ground while performing, the farmer's carbon footprint is tiny.


..... Sorry to hear about the slip-ups with the drip-trip. We could make it a tongue-twister. Do you remember those ? "The Leith Police dismisseth us" - was a good one.

The 'alien' hernia sounds horrendous. Did it eventually un-balloon itself ? Or was medical attention necessary ?

"Ah, you see, men have a gift for things mechanical, an instinctive, mystical connection....." I'm not at all sure that this is correct. John and David and Steven are very good with things, but I am fairly hopeless. I can tighten screws and bolts and things but I completely lack subtlety.

incy wincy ..... I think your geography is correct. The problem arose because I misread the caption to John's picture.

He actually said they had moved south to The Med coast because La Rochelle was cloudy.

And I completely misunderstood.

Roy will be interested to hear of the new Kodak B&W film.

reg ..... Thanks for the update on the current 'jiffy', 'mo', 'half a mo' and '2 ticks' position. Perhaps Jill can join in, if things are different down south.

'blog-search' is a google tool which enables you to search the blogosphere for anything at all. Please click here to download the tool. As with all things google' it's a freebie and very efficient. You type in a search box what you are interested in, and click. Google then searches all the blogs and if someone has 'blogged' about your chosen subject, the blog in question will be produced..... Often very revealing ! Bloggers for instance don't have the reticence of professional restaurant critics. However, the laws of libel apply to blogs as much as they do to any other sort of published prose.

As an experiment I did a blog-search for 'aeromodelling' and it produced lots and lots. Please click here for an example. I obviously don't understand what they are talking about. But you will.

Like you I hope Rob hasn't fallen foul of the XL catastrophe.

I hated Cod Liver Oil, Radio Malt was yummy, and Condensed Milk was great.

Still keep getting out my Nikkor 70-300mm VR and fondling it..... I need some sun !!


It's too late to go searching for a quotation. No doubt one will appear tomorrow.

Sleep tight and everything



bungus said...

Re judgmentalism.
Young Jessica, as readers may have gathered, has a somewhat sardonic and cutting sense of humour.
In conversation with Granny Sandra today, about a particular schoolteacher:
“But why don’t you like her?”
“Because she’s big and scary.”
“Well, it isn’t really fair not to like someone because they’re big, is it?”
“Well, how about fat and ginger then?”

I’ve been called in to Newark hospital (makes a change) next Thursday for an anniversary MRI scan. Tomorrow Sandra goes to King’s Mill for a nerve scan and I shall collect my barium meal while there. Yummy!

Lovely photo of lovely looking cake. The two rings are a nice understatement of the more usual bride & groom figures.

Your story of the toast photos reminds me of a first reason to complain about Lidl. We bought some pikelets (or crumpets for those too young to remember pikelets). Today was the ‘use by’ date and they had grown green mould!

Interesting news today that Morrisons' profits have increased while those of Waitrose have gone down. Aldi’s have increased too, and probably Lidl and Netto at the expense of Tesco and Asda.

I applaud your methodical freezer loading. They need labelling though.

Worry not; the abdominal balloon collapsed immediately.

"Ah, you see, men have a gift for things mechanical, an instinctive, mystical connection....." was, of course, nought but a jest, a mere quip.
I am pretty well no good (certainly not interested) in anything mechanical. Sandra has started a course in bricklaying.

Having read your libel stricture I must watch my pees and queues.

Colloquialism Corner:
Tonight I used a Mansfield expression which Sandra, (surprisingly, although she does come from south of the Trent) had never heard, viz:
“He thinks he’s everybody.” meaning much the same as
“He’s got a bob on hissen.”

Incy Wincy:
I am surprised how many people suffer from skewiff geography syndrome and the ‘in-school’ version of the subject over the last 30 or 40 years differs greatly from what I was taught.
Only a coupkle of days ago, I asked Jessica (13) if she knew where Scarborough is.
“The Mediterranean?” she ventured.
At least she had heard of the Mediterranean!
If I hear a place name, my own usual reaction is to find its location if unknown and, unless I have been spun round three times in a strange environment, I can usually point in the correct approximate direction. I know other people do not have this sort of curiosity and, although it seems strange to me, I cannot condemn them.
Right you are, Incey.
From Wikipedia: ‘La Rochelle is a city in western France, and a seaport on the Bay of Biscay, a part of the Atlantic Ocean’ (that’s sort of over there; pointing roughly SSW in the fashion of ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’).
But RG did not actually say that la Rochelle was on the Mediterranean although he gave that impression.

Curly. Larry and Mo were the Three Stooges.

If Mr & Mrs AnonRob fly XL, what does RG fly?

And if they do get stranded in Greece will they find themselves on a slippery slope? And have to paddle home in a Delphicoracle perhaps?

Cod Liver Oil and Malt. “No”.
Nestles' Condensed Milk, “Yes” (for real builders’ tea or, in the W Indies, as a sandwich filler).
Rose Hip Syrup, “No”.
But what about Horlicks powder eaten dry, Pignuts, Tiger Nuts, Chewing Wood (licorice root) and Locust Podge (or Carob).

Jill said...

Bungus, your Jessica is obviously going to be a newspaper columnist, aka Anne Robinson.

Pikelets and crumpets are not the same thing down here - at least not in M & S or Waitrose - crumpets are thick and pikelets are thin.....

Very classy cake, I thought the rings were a great improvement over bride and groom.

We have a globe and an atlas always to hand, constantly look up where places are. Our 'children' are hopeless - remember Carrie going to Chicago and swearing it was on the coast, OK, it is a jolly big lake you can't see the other side of, and it has waves and a tide, but it is not the coast....Grandchildren don't seem much better - Annie (15, at private school) had been ski-ing with the school to the US, I asked her where she went, the answer was 'I don't know, we went on a plane'..... She came back with no idea of where she had been.

I loved Virol, Government orange juice, and condensed milk in tea and in sandwiches - I still like it in coffee....(I don't like sugar in tea any more, but can't drink coffee without it). My grandmother used to make herself bread and butter and brown sugar sandwiches, sometimes fried in butter....I always used to have some too. I have never heard of some of the things Bungus mentions....

Hernia/Alien -I remember John Hurt talking on radio, he had been with a group of luvvies in Hollywood (his term)all of whom were boasting about how they suffered for their art. He reminded them of 'Alien', opened his shirt and showed them his appendix scar (which was much bigger than usual, there had been complications) and they all believed him.....

'Two Ticks' is what I usually say. or sometimes 'just a sec' - don't think I say 'half-a-mo'.

Jill said...

PS Forgot to say how much I liked the sepia photo, it could be a 'real' old postcard. That black bull cut-out on the horizon, they are all over the place in Spain, think they advertise some sort of drink?

Incy Wincy said...

Think your right about the bull on the hill, said I was not very good wi'photoshop. The original print is not like that.
How about camp coffee, with condensed milk in?
Liked most of the other stuff except cod liver oil, but the other day I saw a couple picking hawthorn berries, they had a couple of bags full, I asked what they were for, and she answered her secret recipe, and wouldn't explain. She looked as if she had some oriental blood in her. Can anyone shed a bit of light as to their use?
We had a wonder round Attenborough gravels yesterday evening and there were lots of hops growing, undecided whether to pick some, and decided I didn't like the smell of boiled hops permiating through the house, and it's far easier to open a can.
Glad you like the pics