Monday, September 15, 2008

Exhibition at The Castle - Nails Day

Y's 'nails' were due for service at Carlton Hill this morning, and, as we were nearly going passed her door, we collected Joan, to 'do' the Dame Laura Knight exhibition at Nottingham Castle.

While Y's nails were being done, I trawled the Charity Shops and, in one of my favourites, all the books were 50p or 3 for a £1. I bought the above three. There are only three - honest !

The Ladybird book in the centre and the apparent duplicate above it, is actually the same book. But I wanted to show the page with the picture of potato-picking. So I re-photographed the book open and, by magic of photoshoppery, inserted the result in the picture where you now see it.

When we were children we used to go potato-picking like that. When the official pickers had finished and moved further up the turned-over furrow behind the tractor; we kids were allowed to examine the furrow and pick and keep any potatoes they had missed. Great fun !

The Dame Laura Knight at the Theatre Exhibition was, I felt, a little disappointing....... the link is to the exhibition when it was at Salford, simply because I thought their coverage was better. Charming though her work is, I have never considered her 'first rank'. The best pictures for me were the line drawings towards the end.

Picture 2 is from the top of Castle Rock looking down Friar Lane towards the town centre, when we came out. The staff are most helpful over all things but particularly to people with disabilities. I rang before setting off and they left a message at the Gatehouse to let me in so I could drive all the way up to the Castle... They always do this and it makes things possible.


reg ..... I've told you before..... don't worry about spelling ..... Shakespeare didn't ! At least in this particular journal we are much more interested in content. Bingus, bangos, bongis, whatever.... Bungus won't mind.

bungus ...... I don't think anybody has ever been sure where the Sutton/Mansfield boundary is..... Sutton/Kirkby is similarly obscure.

My success rate with Ham hocks is not good. To the extent that I never even try to cook one, or two, these days. The meat was always too salty and too chewy.

anonymousrob ........ Re dongles. I seem to remember reading on a forum that the continental/international coverage is fraught and the companies don't make clear to you what charges you are likely to incur.

Like you, I have every confidence in incy wincy's ability to clear the 14/20 hurdle with the wedding snaps. The cake, already published, was in the 18+ range and would definitely have been kept back.

roy ..... Where Brian's Council House picture was taken from isn't really a mystery. If I were a betting man I would wager a substantial sum on Bromley House Subscription Library. The picture on the left shows the building, on Angel Row, where it has stood since 1752.

There is at the rear a charming little walled garden which is a delightful refuge in the Summer just a 100yds from The Square. Whenever we have a summer that is.

It became a subscription library in 1822 and I have been a member since 1972.

Y and I value our membership and feel is is like having a 'Club' in the centre of Nottingham.

To argue my case further the picture on the right was taken from one of the reading rooms early in 2007.

Had I wanted to match Brian's picture (which I didn't know about then of course) more accurately, I could easily have moved to a window further to the right. I could also have gone a storey higher.

I've published it in B & W for purposes of comparison.

Jill ...... Talking about chocolate - do you remember the bars which came out of Rowntrees dispensing machines on Railway Station platforms ? When the chololate was so old it had gone grey round the edges ?

We kept our stirrup pump for years after the war. My Dad used to use it in the garden.

Thanks for the info about your Station Hotel and the Victorian villa waiting room. All interesting stuff.

Y continues apace with her new lappy. She has already become very keen on e-mailing people. I know she has e-mailed you and would be thrilled to bits to see a virgin reply in her inbox - which has had nothing to do with me !

We've been with Joan today (one of the few remaining IT luddites) and I picked up distinct overtones from Y to Joan .... "Perhaps you ought to ....... "


Sleep tight - see you tomorrow



bungus said...

I was never allowed to go potato picking or do anything similar, because ‘there is no need, “your father earns quite enough.”’. This never bothered me much but it probably accounts for my unshakeable non-work ethic.

How strange. To me, your picture from the top of Castle Rock looks artificial – more like a flat painting.

My view of misspelling is less cavalier than RG’s but it does quite frequently provide opportunities to take the pith, which is a very good thing.

If I could be bothered to look at the OS I would tell you where the Sutton/Mansfield boundary is. I think just east of King’s Mill.

The last ham hock I had was at the Clumber Hotel (formerly the Normanton Inn on the A614 opposite Clumber Park). It was gorgeous; falling off the bone tender, not over salty, and served with what they called bubble & squeak (but which was not scorched and crispy and therefore more like colcannon –and very good).
Unfortunately they have had a makeover, changed the menu, and put up prices.

I am nut and currently eating a ‘grey round the edges’ bar of chocolate that Sandra tried to throw out.

Despite my dad being a firewatcher, we never had a stirrup pump (probably the most ineffective firefighting implement ever devised).
I still have a gasmask though.

Although not a fan of ice-hockey, I did register the Panthers' convincing victory at the weekend. Well done indeed.

Am I to take it that you are a Man U supporter? You certainly have one of the essential credentials, ie, you do not live in Manchester. I suppose that, like Chelsea (who share with them the title – ie, the title of being the best supported but most disliked team in the country) and Liverpool, but unlike Arsenal, they do, to their credit, have a few English players in the side. On the other hand, and to their eternal shame, they do have the most uncouth, unpleasant man as manager. He should be abolished.

The best way to keep the sun off your neck (apart from staying in the shade as I do) is to join the Legion. Not the British Legion.

Unlike Graham and yourself, I think the new square, apart from the water feature, is a more boring, unrelieved open space. On balance I preferred it as it was in the 30s, 40s and 50s with separate squares and steps.

Perhaps selected passages from the blog should be sent to the pub which serves inferior chip cobs. Most, but not all, such establishments appreciate constructive suggestions to improve their service and trade.

Lager drinkers should not be allowed to run pubs.
End of story, except *…

Yet again our thoughts run along similar lines (RG’s new spying lens).

Kali (if I have the correct spelling and I cannot find it in any dictionary or wikipedia) may have been the local name for sherbet; it was certainly very similar – a fizzy sweet powder (sugar, baking powder and citrus flavouring)- and sucked from a cardboard tube through a licorice 'straw' which only worked for a few seconds.

My dad was a firewatcher too, at the chapel next door, but I only remember him being on duty once. As he had to travel some 30 miles on at least three buses to his ‘war work’ at Tollerton aerodrome he often did not get home before midnight.
The butcher I was thinking of was Clive Dunn.

Yes, it must have been the father’s new wife/partner (The Children). Can’t think why else they showed her crying, last thing. Confusing, yes, but intriguing (if a a bit too Agatha in the number of suspects).

Stations always used to have Ladies’ Waiting Rooms, didn’t they? I can see why ticket machines have taken over but you can’t ask them questions, can you?

So The Old Station House is on the point of closing down too, as Roy’s 'Three Ponds' at Nuthall seems likely to do.
End of story, except *…

£8 to £10 for a decent portion of fish and chips in a good pub has been the norm up here for some years (now about a fiver takeaway from our next-door-but-three chippie). The smaller, but ample, portions priced at 2 for £8 at the Forester are exceptional value. As I know RG will agree, many places now give portions that are greedy size.

Not through global warming or nuclear war, either.
Built in the 30s, probably on the site of an older establishment, this seminal pub, immediately opposite the colliery gates, was first port of call for most miners coming off shift (be it ‘days’, ‘afters’ or ‘nights’) for some half a century.
Even following the pit closures, it remained the busiest pub in the village/town until the iniquitous smoking ban was introduced. It was an essential port of call on the weekend passegiata for 16 to 40year olds and a 6-to-10 pint ‘local’ to older customers. Its only rival was the Welfare (‘The Palladium of the North’, whose opening act, in the 50s/60s, was Johnny Ray and which is also on the verge of closure – just 4 customers in the lounge bar at midnight on the last, 2005/6, New Year’s Eve that we went). Fights at both, most weekends. Neither served food.

4 Ticks said...

No G' I didn't think you were being rude at all. I think 'Google' were being devious for reasons beyond my comprehension.
Give my e-mail address to Y'if she doesn't already have it. Then she can send one to me and I can send one back.
Sorry I haven't popped round with the raffle prizes but should see you tomorrow. Been so busy forgot what day it was until R' told me when we went for our swim.
Went to Ilkeston this pm. and it took me 20 min's to drive from the roundabout at Awsworth to home which would take 5 min's at most normally. Some idiots dug a blooming great hole in the road at the end of Smithurst Road. Don't go that way for a day or two.

roy said...

What a remarkable coincidence. Your picture of the square was obviously taken from the same building as the one taken eighty years earlier and depicted the same upheaval caused by the renovation – amazing! It never occurred to me that Angel Row curved so much as to make it possible to take the pictures from there. I’m still puzzled by the absence of Queen Vic particularly as Brian and I have been looking at some more of his glass plates this morning including the unveiling of the statue in 1906. It was in exactly the place I remember it, just to the left of the bottom of Market Street. I can only assume that the camera position was just too high as I feel sure it would have been included in your pic had it still been there.
On the subject of statues I loved the modern one of four people which replaced it fairly recently, but in it’s latest position in the Castle grounds it seems totally inappropriate. It should be back in the Square.

You’ve made my day. The fault with Grahams photo lies not with the photographer nor with the lens,
but with digital reproduction. It destroys the recession and atmosphere in the picture and makes
everything appear too sharp and therefore flat. One day people will realise that film might not be as sharp but it is certainly more realistic.
I suspect the Horse and Groom is the type of pub who will be concerned and I intend to mention it next time I visit which is only about once a month.
Re The Three Ponds it is too popular a pub to close but it could be so much better with a proper landlord. But that’s Greene King for you. Bring back Kimberley Brewery.
My old friend Ron who ran a transport café used to cook his own hams and frequently gave us the hocks. Even local butchers almost gave them away. They were delicious. Some time ago we went in an
upmarket pub/restaurant in Cambridge and the ham hock was as expensive as steak!

anonymousrob said...

Is there any chance the statue of Queen Vic was removed because of the renovations to the Square?

Yes, I support ManU - have done for 45 years, and I've been to see 'em play, home and away but not, yet, in Europe. I don't like prawn sandwiches. Fergie- who cares if he's unpleasant, he's successful and that's what he's paid to do. He must be influential as four other Premiership managers must have learnt something from him - Hughes, Keane, Bruce and Ince. Name me another club and manager with as much impact on the game.

Where is incy wincy? Has he left the country already? Elaine and I want to know how the photos turned out.

Sadly, it seems, running a pub is no longer anything to do with knowing about beer, just as taking photographs is no longer anything to do with knowing how to expose film.

Progress - just a word
Meaning things have not improved
But gotten much worse