Thursday, January 17, 2008

Y at Burton Joyce - EPS in the evening

Just a quick blog, to hold the date so to speak.

I've just arrived home from Eastwood Photographic Society and I'm tired. Maybe I will return to this post and add more, but it has been a splendid evening. It was the 'beginners' competition; difficult to believe, when one saw the quality of the work.

AnonymousRob judged it splendidly. He is well qualified for the job after decades of experience both as a judge, and prolonged success in Exhibitions and Competitions both locally and nationally. He is an ARPS (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society) and they don't hand them out in crisp-packets.

His comments were astute and encouraging and there would be little debate on his 'winners' selection. It was so rewarding to see our young lady members do so well. The whole entry was first class and lively and Rob made the important point that the competitors had vivid gifts, not yet dulled by Exhibition mores and sarcastic judges. (don't start this again...... editor).

I won't cover all your comments this evening but will return later.

But I was asked what I think water should look like? Two pictures are offered. No 1 was taken during Y's 70th Birthday White-Water Rafting treat. No 2 is from David Hockney's Caifornian water phase. It is called 'Bigger Splash'. Yet another breathtaking picture and the water will do for me !

Off to kip now. Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

To me the water looks fine on both pictures, which I assumed at first were EPS competiton entries and was about to say the second one looks very Hockney!

My Hedgeline adviser on the matter of the high hedge was on The One Show yesterday (Wed) talking to the cockney bricklayer whom I believe in some way upset Jill a few weeks ago.
I asked Dot’s opinion of him which is as follows: “I did like the cheekie chappie, he is WYSIWYG type I like - no hidden agendas or airs and graces.”

Jill said...

I thought like Bungus did about the pictures....I think the first one looks rough and wild and the second one is 'come on in, the water's lovely'.

Jill said...

Just got this from Waitrose - "I have checked with the manufacturer and there is no safety reason why you would need to boil the pearl barley prior to putting into a slow cooker.

The product should be fine to put straight in - although we have not carried out specific trials so would not be able to recommend cooking times.

The only reason the Co-op may suggest this is to reduce the cooking time?"

I think I might try M and S who have only just started selling pearly barley (down South, anyway) without any warning about slow-cookers.