Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Printer Prob, and now Computer too

No sooner had I semi-fixed my printer problem than Firefox has taken the hump. As soon as I have Firefox on screen I get a message saying it has encountered a problem and needs to close. So here I am on Internet Exporer 7 . It is a little slow but I'm getting there. There are advantages to a 'belt & braces' approach to computing.

We needed to deliver some things to TJ's and Y managed to set off the alarm when she let herself in, and then couldn't stop it. I went to help and found that one of the digits for the code was sticking and needing an extra hard press. Obviously a case for WD40 I would have thought. I thought that, while down Nottingham I would call in at Jessops for some mounting board for my pictures on Thursday. They don't stock it anymore and sent me to Jacobs who sent my to some place n Exchange Walk - no longer there ! By the time I got back to the car on Angel Row I was nearly a stretcher-case. No health giving walk this afternoon. We had soup and ciabatta at The Cheesecake Shop and then came home the pretty route.

It was quite a sunny afteroon so I decided to scour the garden to find enough flowers to make a January Collage. Picture 2 is the result. As Y says, it makes it look as if we have a garden full of colour; we haven't - you need to go round with a magnifying glass.

I note on the other channel, so to speak, that Firefox has forgiven me and returned. So I shall publish this and reopen in Firefox. I don't like being without mi' customary gadgets.

A little good news on the housing front. Our purchaser rang to say that contracts are about to be exchanged on her house in Nottingham. At least things seem to be moving but - not getting excited 'eh ?

Y pointed out to me a great piece of graffiti on the rear of an extremely dirty white van. With a finger someone had written "Also available in white". It's good that people's sense of humour hasn't evaporated in these troubled times. This evening I cooked a spagbol, not having had pasta recently, we both fancied it. Y kindly said it was one of my best ever. I think the bucketful of fresh basil helped (I have a glut again).

Comments.....AnonymousReg...I think that 8.33am for an Evening paper must be unique. Mind, I suppose with most folks calling it just The Post anyway, the proprietors have become confused. I remember the tea time scores being published the same evening. And I also remember the little rectangular box on the front page reserved for 'Stop Press' items.

Jill..... You are bearing up well. The Cancellation is a link so folks can read all about it. But surely they would have know more than 48hrs before that the refurbishment wasn't going to be completed ? Debra also reports that, in Palmers Green, you dont actually need to get the Council to remove anything. Just put it outside the gate and it dematerialises. .......Bungus, rather than pay the Council give the 'outside the gate' method a try next time you need to disposes of something. Jill again.....We have had CRAFT moments up here for some time. And a favourite of my computer chums, when they have fixed someone's problem, particularly if presenting a bill, they say they have sorted out the DRFM fault. It stands for "Didn't Read the Flipping Manual" or, as you say, select your own adjective. But apparently customers seem happier with it, rather than being told they are stupid.

AnonymousRob...... Ha Ha Ha ! and Ha Ha Ha! again. You are right though about the Narpo-forum. It needed punctuating better. A little problem with my adjectival clauses ! And veal is making a comeback apparently, and a good job too. Bungus also has noticed this story. At least, in my opinion, it gives the little creatures some dignity, to be cooked and eaten rather than just dumped. In Germany in the 50s I used to like wiener schnitzel the link takes to a recipe and picture. I might cook it again.

Bungus....Of course your touch of pedantry is forgiven. I think Churchill, having had a similar error in his prose drawn to his attention, wrote in the margin...."This is the sort of English up with which I will not put".

Quotation time....... If I've published this before I make no apology for doing so again...

"Trying to be a first-rate reporter on the average American newspaper is like trying to play Bach's 'St. Matthew's Passion' on a ukulele"


.......It is WoW day tomorrow and although no destination has been decided, we are meeting at 9.30am. It all depends on the weather I suppose, and cold and icy is forecast. Looking forward to it though, even though I personally shan't walk far. I may put on my red socks as a gesture of solidarity!..... Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow......


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bungus said...

I note your picture of the Round House; one of my unfavourite buildings.

I hope the good news on the housing front does not turn out to be another false dawn.

I do like the white van graffiti although I think I may have encountered it before. My favourite is still ‘Preserve wild life; pickle a squirrel’.
I think perhaps people's sense of humour becomes more acute in troubled times; eg, the Blitz. But I do not get the impression that people generally do regard these as troubled times (apart from those who are having their houses repossessed having been encouraged to borrow beyond their means. That cannot be very funny).

I think I’ll forget the 'outside the gate' method of getting rid. A local shopkeeper has just paid £1,000 in fine and costs for letting someone fly-tip his waste. ‘They’ seem to be getting quite good at tracing stuff (DNA?).

In the sixties, I used to enjoy ‘weiner schnitzel’ at Betty’s in York. Also the one with a fried egg on top; I forget the name (not ‘Buck Schnitzel’).

Jill may have had a lucky escape. I don’t know that I would fancy boarding the Balmoral. It sounds like a cut and shunt job to me; a sort of water borne stretch limo.

Not exactly a quote but a text from daughter Stephanie to Sandra:
“I’m sending this to you because it worked for me. I’ve found inner peace.
The way to do this is to finished whatever you have started.
I looked around for thing’s I’d started…
and finished the vodka, the Baileys, some red wine, what was left of the whisky and rum, the ice-cream and the valium.
You can have no idea how peaceful I feel.”