Thursday, January 10, 2008

Camera Club - Y at Burton Joyce

Another interior from Wollaton Hall and it serves its purpose of illustrating what I have been doing. Not an 'exhibition' photo, nor a 'camera club' photo, but a 'blog' photo and I suppose that my photographs are mainly blog-fodder'.

But at least they have a purpose.

I shall return tomorrow to the subject of the 'judging' this evening. Too tired at the moment to do the subject justice in any depth. Suffice it to say that, in my opinon, he was far too severe in his comments. Our club, and others, worry about the low number of competition entries but, with this sort of judging, no-one should be surprised. It will eventually kill off Camera Clubs. Most people have more to do with their lives than concern themselves solely with how many hundred exhibition successes they have. Producing pictures with that aim in mind seems a peculiarly sterile pursuit.

Y did her regular grannying at Burton Joyce and I collected her and brought her back asround 6.40pm. The longer daylength is just beginning to be noticable. Apparently, the light lengthens by 20 minutes a week. Goody goody say all.

Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

I like the interior - nice shadows. But Who am I to judge? (I understand the judges' difficulty having myself upset novice writers by not simply saying 'That's very nice'. So you are right that criticism beyond the mildest, however constructive, does put people off.) But I have probably spoken too soon, so I await your furher comments with interest.

20 minutes a week! That's nearly 3minutes a day. Very goody goody.

I hope I didn't bore the arse off people with my lengthy tree saga in yesterday's comment. I blame you!

bungus said...

Nice highlights too.

Jill said...

That's a lovely interior shot - could be a painting....

I read he trees saga with interest (so did R) I could do a similar one (but don't worry, I am not going to) about our neighbours over the siting of a fence and a carport - we were insured for legal costs, and they insisted it went to arbitration, we had a team of Moderators going backwards and forwards between the two houses for two days. It was eventually agreed, both sides compromised, our costs were met (nearly £500) but then of course neighbour did not comply. It was another year of letters before they did, and then only partly.....there is still bad feeling, they keep putting house up for sale and then withdrawing it. Our house is odd in that we share boundaries with seventeen other neighbours,

Anonymous said...

I, too, really like the interior photograph. You have captured the light and shade perfectly and, as a result, created an image with mood and atmosphere. Go compare it to the Nempf exhibition.

I will not say anything about camera club judges until I have read more. I may even wait until after I have judged the beginners competition next week!

When I get home from work this evening I will send you a couple of quotes that you may feel inclined to publish.

Bungus - you have my sympathy regarding your neighbour. What a nightmare. Fortunately, we have excellent neighbours and have even said that, should we ever win the lottery, we will have to buy three big houses to keep our neighbours either side of us!