Wednesday, January 02, 2008

WoW at Shardlow - Great Day but dull

Five of us went to the Shardlow canal-side, Brian, Reg, Roy, Y and me and had a smashing day even though it was around -14C (well it felt like that) and not counting the wind-chill factor. The Malt-Shovel Inn (1799) is directly behind where I stood to take these pictures.

As usual they parked me in a pretty place, with my coffee and an assortment of lenses and had a good bracing walk lasting about 1hr 45mins. Y went with the chaps and thoroughly enjoyed herself. When they returned we adjourned to the adjacent pub where the statutory chip-cobs were eaten with relish ! Their appetites seemed healthy and I managed to force mine down. In its time-honoured manner, within ten minutes of getting into the pub, the sun came out. It didn't last long though.

Following the Mies' dictum of 'less is more' I hope these 2 pictures set the scene. Several narrow-boats went by and although jolly I suspect that the boatmen were colder than the walkers. I took lots of pictures and enjoyed my day immensely.

My printer problem was child's play to Brian. He told me exactly how to fix it via Control panel>Printers and other hardware>clear buildup of files. When I got home having done what I was advised to do, I plugged my printer in and switched on. My computer recognised the Epson, re-installed it and now it works perfectly. The IT world is a world of shared knowledge and a pleasant environment to be in.

The picture on the right is by AnonymousRob who says

"However, for a hand-held digital compact it's not bad. It was taken just after midnight last night/this morning from the edge of Market Square looking up Friar Lane towards the Castle."

He means 1st Jan, and I think he captures the feel excellently.

Comments........Please click here for my trusty poached egg method. I've used it for about 4 years, since I discovered it and it hasn't let me down. I can only apologise for revealing the 'porridge' story; I do hope you aren' t too scarred. The 'Brewer's.....' sound great. I love the description you chose to publish. I only know their 'Dictionary of Phrase and Fable' which google tells me is now online, hence the link.

A busy period lies ahead. Y at BJ tomorrow and I shall deliver her then David & co are visiting after going to IKEA, then I have my Camera Club in the evening. On Friday Debra and family are coming up and we are going to Newstead Abbey - I just hope it is a little warmer or they come with layers of warm clothes then on Saturday we are all invited over to Tracy's for lunch, bless her. I have been given permission to bail out at any stage !

Quotation time...............

"Water speaks in long syllables, air in short"

Malcom de Chazal

I am indebted to my Faber Book of Aphorisms edited by Auden for that one. Not unfortunately a charity shop acquisition. I paid 30s folding money for it in 1962. Maybe it will finish up in Oxfam though.

Sleep tight folks. Catch you tomorrow - sometime !


Jill said...

I do love that painted canal-ware. It always looks a bit Russian to me, bright flowers on a dark background. I have read the poached egg bit with interest, as I have just sent off for two egg coddlers...will report back!

Loved the sound of your meal, Bungus, your Sandra sounds a great cook, even if she is unable to eat some of it.

I made a good beef stew in the slow cooker today, I boiled the pearly barley first just to be on the safe side. Mine is decanted into a jar, so I can't read the label, I asked a friend who uses a slow cooker and pearly barley but she had never heard of this either. Something to do with the Common Market?

Lovely firework picture too. I watched the London ones on TV, I love fireworks, esp. when reflected in water. Best display I've seen was in Sydney Harbour for a special ANZAC day.
I hope your busy day goes well tomorrow.

bungus said...

Unlike you, I do not find the IT world of shared knowledge a pleasant environment to be in. As with cars, I have no interest in what goes on beneath the bonnet and I do not want to know how the brakes work. I simply want to be able to make use of the machine with as little hassle as possible.

The poached egg method sounds absolutely convincing. But my 3 minutes (more or less, depending upon the freshness of the egg) in a pan of simmering water with vinegar has never let me down either. And I so infrequently want to do more than one egg that there is no problem with that.

You may already have been told that I have a ‘customized’ 1896 edition of 'Brewer's 'Dictionary of Phrase and Fable' (with an embossed cover bearing the Mansfield Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls logo) which was presented to the Head Girl,my great-aunt Emily, as VI Form First Prize in 1897.
Brewer was a local man of course (he lived with his daughter and son-in-law, the vicar of Edwinstowe). Part of obituary – ‘Though of a slightly stooping figure, and wearing a long grey venerable beard, his rather slow walk was practically the only sign of an age which had reached 86 years.’ (Mansfield Advertiser 12th March 1897)

Re Jill’s comment:...
Sandra is a good cook but doesn’t enjoy it!
The pearl barley warning was new to me too although I have known about the toxins in certain pulses for some years. ‘Better safe than sorry‘ springs to mind!

Friday is my 6 to 8 hour (in total) blood-letting and 2 minute consultation visit to the City. Who knows what odd ode, ballad or story may come out of that!

Anonymous said...

I like the atmospheric feel of Picture No. 1; have you taken the colour out of the background or was it really that monochromatic?

Thanks for publishing the fireworks - was Tracy involved in planning the event? They were pretty impressive.

I'll give the poached egg recipe a try. I don't know why but I've never had much success with putting the egg in boiling water. My mum used exactly the same method as Bungus and it always worked for her. We bought a poaching pan but it stays in the caravan.

My microwaved egg method ends up with something close to a poached egg but no way to get a runny yolk. It's good enough for a quick result but not as good as a properly poached egg. I forgot to add that I also scramble eggs in the microwave. I melt a little butter or spread in a glass Pyrex jug for about 20-30 seconds, add milk, pepper and the eggs, beat 'em up and return to the microwave for as long as it takes to get the desired consistency. I advise microwaving for 30 second intervals for a start until you get a feel for it. You'll need shorter times as the eggs cook through.

30s must have been an expensive purchase in 1962. If I remember rightly, when I started work in 1967 I was on that much a week!!