Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moonlight - Lunch with Margaret

As promised, my charity shop acquisitions. The Dinosaur jigsaw is for a dinosaur crazy 6yrold grandson, not for us. He would be a valuable addition to any pub quiz team on the subject. Not only does he know each individual breed but he can spell them too.

The others, apart from a pack of envelopes are self-explanatory except for the one standing up which is The Home Treasury of Knowledge circa 1942. Such a lot of pictures of things I remember. It isn't my practice simply to acquire more and more books by the way, I have a dib in them, keep some and then every so often I take books to a charity shop. You might say "Why not use Libraries?" My answer is "I do; but where would I find some of the odd volumes that appeal to me?"

If I was really researching something seriously we always have Bromley House Subscription Library to fall back on. And in main city/county libraries, researchers are often granted access to old books in the archives, if you ask politely !

Picture 2 was 4.40am and the full moon was in the SW sky. The bungalows at the bottom of the garden are lit thus, by a mixture of moonlight and a sodium discharge at the dog-leg in the footpath. There was a keen frost and I hope the snap sets the scene. It was a 4 second exposure, but the camera works these things out these days.

Today was a Karen day and Y had her hair done in Eastwood. The we went to Nottingham to buy me a new 'jacket and trousers' and found absolutely the right things; in the Big Man Shop I'm afraid. While I was at it I bought a shirt, a tie, and a belt - I'm not heavy on clothes and several years can pass........ Y approves of my new things which is nice. The we went to Wollaton for lunch with Margaret. She had done a super buffet and we had a great time and, as always, lots of laughs. Margaret was our cleaning lady nearly 25years ago when both of us were still at work. She wanted pocket-money to help run her brand-new car. She is 80 now and has become a staunch friend, and she was fine today. She has been not well at all, but today seemed fully recovered and on top form.

Comments...... That will fit-the-bill very well Ray (Ourstanley). For the benefit of other readers and because I'm sure he won't mind, I'll try to explain. When I was completely new to, but very interested in computers, I gravitated to WebUser forums whose volunteer experts are very gentle with 'idiots'. Ourstanley helped me so much. He even used to send me tutorials to show me how to do things. And he is still there, helping loads of people. If you read WU magazine, never an issue passes without a few problems he has solved. Madeline too is a mine of information. She doesn't grace the WU pages as much as she used to - so it is especially nice to see her here.

When you said Madeline that WordWeb was on one's computer and usable while offline I thought I would promote it from 'bookmark' to 'programme'. It would be handy when using 'blogger for word' while away from home and not online. But when I opened your link I only got a download for a 30 day trial of a payfor programme. Am I doing something wrong.? It could of course be a 'Grrr......' that Bungus refers too.

Sorry to hear of Sandra's malaise but you are quite right to insist that she 'rings a bell and carries a placard' when emerging from her room. With your current therapy, you can't risk infection. Y went further than your 'disappointment' with the denouement of The Messiah. With her usual gift of understatement she simply said "It was rubbish". Thanks for the Woody Allen quote. Always a reliable source. It led me to this:-

"One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing"

Oscar Wilde

Re the £3.50 'carveries'. I would say Bungus, that the Snooty Fox version was the better. AnonymousRob is right about the profusion of such in the area. To me it seems unlikely that for £3.50 you can serve good quality roast meat, properly prepared tracklements and well cooked fresh vegetables.

Sorry my link to the chinese costa pictures seemed 'grrr'-ridden. Please click for one more, which I hope will work OK. Thanks AnonymousRob for the fascinating newsclip you unearthed. 'Niftygoogler' strikes again. You don't need to 'beat about the bush' Mannanan about my photoshoppery. I'm not in the same league as photo-colleagues but; I learn by asking how to do things, reading, and messing-about.

With WoW we are going to Buxton tomorrow to see an Exhibition by Dave Butcher and I see from the frontispiece of his website he is a candyfloss water person ! If the weather is reasonable Y is coming us. Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.......



bungus said...

Sandra has seemed a little better today although she echoed your comment by saying that she feels like a leper. She did at least eat a soft cob (known as ‘pubs’ in Northants I believe and ‘cut-arounds’ somewhere else) with a generous roast veg filling.

I feel that some unkindness is being shown to the £3.50 carveries. It is certainly accepted that one cannot expect haute cuisine at such a price but I would certainly be happy to eat once or twice a week at the Snooty Fox in Ollerton where the food is better than acceptable, the quantities are generous, and the accompaniments appropriate (except that they do try to force serve Yorkshire pudding with all meats).

I quite understand the ‘we hear’ shorthand, Madeline, but the ‘ue’ was the one bit that was not specifically dealt with, so far as I can see - or perhaps I am missing something? But as Bogart said at the end of Casablanca … ‘(it) don’t amount to a hill o’ beans.’
I managed to sign up with free Word Web without any trouble. Thanks for that; it looks useful, although I still like getting my big Longmans dictionary or Roget down from the shelf.

Greatly enjoyed AnonRob’s newspaper report on Chinese beaches.
You seldom get that at Skeg.

Madeline said...

I don't like to say this, but I think you're being obtuse over the 'ue' part of that clue, Bungus. I've never seen 'Casablanca' fortunately as I was never a fan of Humphrey Bogart. Bogart has a completely different meaning from a name for me!
If you're still having a problem getting the free version of WordWeb RG, you can get it from:
It's a later version than the one we've been using since 2006, so maybe it's time for an update for us!
I hope you have a lovely time in Buxton. It's a very nice town, at least it was when I was there in 1983!

Madeline said...

I forgot to say, I don't 'grace' the WU forums at all now. It's been at least 7 months since I posted there and I've been there a couple of times since then only to get private messages. Maybe I'll go back there one day...

bungus said...

Graham has explained the 'logger' sounding like 'logeur' which makes all clear! I was simply looking past the obvious - a wood and trees thing (logger?).
Sorry you don't like Bogart H. Casablanca is wonderful as is African Queen.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Bungus about Casablanca; probably my most favourite film of all time. I'm also a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. Maybe I was born too late?

I had a conversation with a work colleague today about £3.50 carveries. She started it by saying she had been to one somewhere south of Nottingham and she thought it was awful though her friend said it had always been good in the past. We agreed maybe it was something to do with chefs though I verge towards RG's views.

I'd be interested to hear the chaps views on the exhibition at Buxton. I saw Dave Butcher give a day's talk at Gamma Photoforum. I wasn't too impressed though 4 hours is a lot to fill.