Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hannah's Panto - Panfotheram

Picture 1 is just a little photoshoppery for fun. Yesterday I took Y to collect something from the sorting-office and this Lotus was parked outside. Dont know if it belonged to someone like us collecting a parcel, or perhaps a postman/woman who needs to do 'express deliveries'. I changed the number-plate for obvious reasons.

You just can't believe cameras anymore !

Comments...... Not a time for pedantry and I apologise in advance Bungus, but the Dylan Thomas line was:-
"Rage, rage against the dying of the light"....... and whenever people discuss poetic forms the poem is the one they use as an example of a 'villanelle'. And 'rage' would be more Ralph than 'rail' - which implies a certain querulousness, and Ralph was never that. Except, as I understand it, to other dogs who were being argumentative or stupid. As Jill points out, it must be a comfort that he died at home.

Thanks for the quotes Bungus.

AnonymousRob.......The 'great mover' was Michael Jackson. I'm no dancer - no sense of rhythm - but I can recognise class acts when I see them.

AnonymousReg.....Thanks for the WoW report and I would love to see the 'Shifting Sands' Exhibition by Andrew Tebbs !! Nice try Reg, with 'Paul Taggs' Threw me for a bit but and they got me there. Rather like my 'Bill Rammell' bloomer last year. Anyway, The Exhibition is on till 30th March, so plenty of opportunity for a re-run. It will be fun trying the groundfloor room at EPS next week. This member at least won't be complaining about having no stairs to climb.

Hannah's panto is over for another year and Y said it was very good. I haven't actually seen Hannah today Rob, so haven't been able to sound her out about your chimney ! For TJ's evening meal I cooked 'Panfotheram' (see Picture 2) - a lamb dish I cook from one of my trusty old recipe books. If you open the link you will understand that I cheated rather by buying the chops rather than actually slaughtering a sheep. It used to be one of my more popular dinner party dishes with Dick and Mary Fruin. We all seem to be getting too old to entertain much now - and anyway we prefer lunchtime.

Arty Quotation................. For photographers too...

" Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"

Scott Adams

I think that will more than do. 10.30pm and TJ just leaving. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

Thanks for putting me right about rage/rail. I couldn’t be bothered checking.
Thanks also for your very thoughtful card, which Sandra and I both much appreciated, and to AnonRob and Jill.
Ralph really was an incredibly strong character in all ways, and much loved as is evidenced by the messages received from others who knew him well. And you’re right Jill, his spirit hasn’t completely gone yet. He is buried under an apple tree, a couple of yards away from his mother, and is to have a rhodedendron planted on him and a screen of ‘Isle of Man’ fuschia nearby because, as RG will confirm, he frequently went into a several minutes three-legged trance under one we have elsewhere (Sandra actually crawled under it herself to see if she could get a similar ‘fix’).

I didn’t recognise Michael Jackson. The figure looked too old.

Last week’s pork roast has led to rediscovery of the delight of bread & dripping (with a touch of Marmite). So good I went back for seconds.
A Kentish friend said they never ate it, “Food for the poor,” he said. How wrong these southerners can be.

The following quote is pinched from a book that you lent me “Are You a Miserable Old Git’
“A conference is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing, but together can decide that nothing can be done.”
(Fred Allen)

But that led me to a thought of my own:
“Why is it, that as soon as you discover a tinned or packet food that you really like, the manufacturer decides to ‘improve’ the recipe and, by so doing, make it worse?”

bungus said...

I missed commenting on Saturday’s highlight, viz;
Mansfield Town’s magnificent (losing) FA Cup performance against Premiership Middlesborough, shown live on BBC1.
As in the previous round, however, they were overshadowed by non-league Havant & Waterlooville, who twice took the lead against Liverpool at Anfield before eventually succumbing 5-2 (but the last goal was offside).

Jill said...

Well, this Southerner LOVES bread and dripping! (without the Marmite, though I do like Marmite, esp. under cheese on toast or a poached egg on toast). I was brought up on it - a piece of bread on a toasting fork in front of the fire, then on went the dripping.

We have three dogs buried in this garden, but not Harry. His ashes were scattered in Chiswick House Grounds, where we walked nearly every day.

Graham, this recipe, why is it under this Panfotheram label? I misread it as Pantotheram, and thought it was something to do with Hannah.....looks good, presumably can be made in smaller quantities. Slow cooker possibility? Or won't the potatoes cook properly?