Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Off - Post lunch walk !

Really nice day. Both slept well and we had a lazy start and caught up on papers, magazines etc., and little cooking because the panfotheram reheated splendidly and for pudding Y made our favourite Angel Delight (butterscotch). My legs seem to have been OK for the last two days so, after lunch, we took advantage of a sunny afternoon. We didn't go far, just down the road to where the walk to The Headstocks starts. The link shows you more but Picture 1 puts them in context. And that is what record-snaps are all about. There was such alot to see, snowdrops, daffodils nearly open, lords-and-ladies poking through and the birds to listen to.

Picture 2 is the derelict cottage in the woods next to the route of the old railway line which has now been beatifully made into a walk. There was a notice on the gate saying that a 'wildlife/conservation' area is planned.

I didn't manage very far, but Y said I'd done well, and at least its better than I have been doing. We had noticed during the day that policemen kept walking past and on the way back we saw another pair. So I decided to stop and ask them what they were about. Y said "You can't do that". But she forgets that I spent many years being paid to ask policemen what they were doing?

The Officer, who only had 11 yrs service said "Whereabouts do you live ?" So I told him the address and he said "Ooo, it wasn't far from you then". The banter doesn't change and I think it was a case of 'take one to know one'. Apparently an Information type Caravan was parked in the Church Car Park and residents were invited to call in and chat about Brinsley matters.

Nice phone conversation with David this morning and we've spoken to Joan, and Tracy and done the usual things.

Comments.............. Like Jill and Bungus I love dripping, either on bread, or toast (preferably not hot). And you must be sure you have a little of the brown sediment on top ! A sprinkling of salt is permissible but marmite would be a barbarous practice.

I can't comment on your 'footie' comment Bungus. Perhaps AnonymousRob will rise to the challenge..

Jill...... Why it's called Panfotheram is a mystery to me too. Strangely though I found plagiarism going on. In the link I published, the paragraph about "......hefty dish....." seems to have been lifted straight out of my old book. Or vice versa. Enjoy your 14 days - cruise on Fred Olsen's Balmoral, from/to Dover, down to Canaries and Madeira, calling in at places in Portugal on each way. (Jill's words) and she sets off on the 3oth. My googling failed to reveal a webcam so, unless I find the site we shan't be able to see where you are. Hope you both have a smashing time even though we shall miss you on t'blog.

Quotation time.......

"To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight"

I always had plenty of time for Santayana. Sleep tight folks. Got to face Ikea tomorrow because one of my halogen lamps is done-for. So we'll probably make it a breakfast trip and a general look round.

Catch you tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Thank you for informing me that the 'great mover' was Michael Jackson. My initial thought was that is was him but the gesture of pointing the arm in the air seemed very Travolta-esque. You are right, Michael is a great mover and probably the most famous person on the planet. I'd like my photogrpahy to be widely known and appreciated but I have no wish to achieve international superstar status. I'm sure those that do must lose touch with reality, or maybe have a different version of reality.

Panfotheram sounds like a hefty word to describe a hefty dish. What is the correct pronunciation of the word? Is it Panfo-theram, pan-foth-er-am, or something else?

Congratulations to Havant and Waterlooville; scoring two goals at Anfield is no mean achievement. Now if only the Mighty Stags had been drawn to play Liverpool we might be down to 5 Premiership sides left in the competition.

Congratulations also to Nottingham Panthers. 6-3 winners against arch-rivals Sheffield Steelers (in Sheffield) in the 1st leg of the Challenge Cup final last Wednesday. Then beat league leaders Coventry 6-2 on Saturday and Manchester 4-3 last night. First time they have won both weekend games all season.


bungus said...

Delighted to hear that Jill enjoys toast & dripping. The last time I tried bread and dripping (about five years ago at a dominoes match, where it used to be traditional fare) I simply could not manage more than one bite because of the rich fattiness. We used to have it on toast pre/post war (beef dripping too) but I could not face the richness of that now. But when I tried the pork dripping, dark jelly included, very thinly spread (and with marmite - Surprised RG finds that unacceptable; would he not have Patum Ppeperium with scrambled egg either?), I found I enjoyed it. I had it for lunch again today (I was going to have an omelette and chutney sandwich but Sandra had used all the eggs to make ice-cream (rum & raisin).

I shan’t be trying the pantotherm. A joke's a joke but lamb chops? Ugh!

This was birdwatch weekend in which I participated, as is my custom. Today (Sun) I watched from 10.30 until 11.30 having put out extra birdfood, some scattered for groundfeeders.
All I saw, at any one time, was 2 blackbirds, 2 sparrows, 1 bluetit (I think) and 1 collared dove. That is apart from the rat who was big and fat and very friendly looking and who ate most of the bird food.

Today was also Holocaust Remembrance Day.
It may not be generally known that the National Holocaust Remembrance Centre is only a couple of miles from Ollerton, on the road to Laxton. I mean to go.

Although I am no ice hockey fan, I always notice the Panthers/Steelers result.

Today I went into FatBoy's for some dog food. And then I remembered. And I am still shutting the gate to stop Ralph wandering down the drive. Poor me.