Monday, January 07, 2008

Joan's - Nails - Cheesecake Shop - Shopping

Plunging straight into the matter of the 'eschallots' , we must immediately congratulate Bugus on his detective work And without even seeing the items at this end!

I feel absolutely sure that our 'eschallots' are Long Red Florence.

It is to be wondered if she, and Long Tall Sally who created Steve's sunken Victorian Garden are, in fact, related.? I think we should be told! As Private Eye used to say.

Spot-on about the mild sweet flavour and I guess the August cropping is probably right. If they are completely mature and the necks have narrowed, most members of the onion family cropped around that time, keep OK till Easter.

After a terrible night I rallied this morning and we went over to Joan for coffee -plus malt-loaf and a piece of toasted and buttered Panettone. New to me but I like it. And we delivered Joan her pack of Sushi. She didn't need warning about the Wasabi, she knew!. Y took her Digital Photo Frame and was able to show a selection of 'over the holiday' photographs.

Then to The Cheesecake Shop for soup with toasted Ciabatta. The soup was very pleasant, even though difficult to establish its parentage! The shopping and then home. With my rejuvenated Printer I decided to tackle the printing I had tried to send to Aldi. Aldi online Photoprinting do a tidy job and their prices for prints are rock bottom i.e. 4p for a 6x4" and the 10x8" are 35p and printed on a decent weight Fuji Classic paper. I spent ages yesterday but couldn't get my pictures to download to their site. Anyway, the job is now done and they look fine.

Comments...... You are quite right Bungus about 'best' Wiljas. Have you also noticed that the only sort of batteries produced are all 'super strength'. 'Ordinary' strength ones are no longer available. I had thought that the 'boiling' water thread had run out of steam and then in comes nifty-googler with an argument clincher. And the piece is almost poetic ! I shall print it (on my own printer) and paste it into the back of Delia.

Like Mark Twain last night, I can do no other than admit I was completely wrong.

Thanks Mannanan for words from that fair Island. And I am glad you fully recovered from whatever lergie it was that beset you.

.....An early bath I think because we are National Trusting most of tomorrow. Committee meeting in the morning and then the monthly meeting in the evening. The lecture is "A centenary of village history" by Pauline Marples - about which google maintains a stony silence. Hence - no link !

Catch up with you sometime................................


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bungus said...

Pleased the shallot photos helped but the ones on your photo look considerably less red (remarkably) than the ones in Netto and the Marshalls photo.

I believe that Long Red Florence and Long Tall Sally were distant cousins of Fag-Ash Lil (who, Mike Harding said, always walked around with a mattress on her back in case she met someone she knew).

Worth buying a Panettone at the Aldi/Lidl/Bargain Shop price. It keeps very well (after slicing) in the freezer. You may recall that it makes a good b&b pudding

Now I understand! The photos were not a contribution to some Aldi picture gallery but went for printing. Well, well!

I went to a talk by Pauline Marples once and was not unduly impressed – but I seldom am. She lives in Forest Town and is a local historian. Hope you enjoy it.

To AnonRob:
You have done a red hot job on the boiling water. So there are different levels!
Tea made on a mountain does not properly mash (or brew, as some would say) unless (I believe) it is heated under pressure. Does that make sense?
And, simply, ‘What's the point of a hike up Mont Blanc’. They have pictures on telly.

I shall avoid Nempf (or N&EMPF) like the plague (which it rather sounds like a variety of). Your pedantry is appreciated; I feel a sort of kinship.

To Mannaman Pete:
Although I have only had it once, I much prefer smoked eel to smoked salmon. At risk of repeating myself, that was when, in the mid 1960s, I and another friend were invited by the Assistant Brewer of Mansfield Brewery to join their Foremen’s Outing to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. Guinness showed us round the brewery, with appropriate sampling, and provided us with lunch, the starter being the smoked eel, which impressed greatly (I did not like smoked salmon at that time). They then took us on a coach tour of the surrounding countryside with afternoon tea at a hostelry.
The Head Brewer at Mansfield at that time, Mr Deakin, was a renowned stickler for people being on time. The coach for the airport was scheduled to leave the brewery at 8,00 am but we were advised by his deputy to be there for 7.30 or it would have left. It set off at 7.25.

Sandra went with a friend on a 9 hour Sunday shopping spree to Nottingham (M&S and Lakeland) and came home with the obligatory Big Issue. I always find it interesting and this one has a good 2 page spread on energy saving which is topical in view of the coming price rise of fuels.
On the subject of magazines, I started to subscribe to Amnesty a few years ago. I read their first monthly magazine and looked through the second but found them so harrowing that I now bin them unread. I still consider it a substantiallly worthwhile charity but feel that they have widened its scope too much. I am not in favour of women being beaten, for instance, but think campaining on that front distracts from what I see as the main aim of reducing torture and freeing people unfairly imprisoned.
Today Sandra came home with a Henry to save carrying the current vac up and down stairs. I also had a request to consider a conservatory linking the garage to the house; feasibility study required.