Friday, January 18, 2008

Hardwick Hall the future - Weather still foul

Before we leave WoW and Milldale I wanted to share with you this pretty cottage which is right down near the disabled car-park at the bridge.

Be assured that I have forsaken my pursuit of camera-club judges and milky water and will deal with important things like Hardwick Hall, the weather, and crossword puzzles.

'Group terms' can also be left to simmer, especially as we overgrown schoolboys were degrading the issue towards bawdiness. I know Chaucer started it off, but we lack his poetic
turn of phrase.

In spite of a busy day, we finished the crossword except for one tricky one.
20 Across ? The down clues which contribute the letters seem correct. But I can't think of even one word with a U blank R ending.

This afternoon with other Mansfield Centre committee members we went to a meeting with regional people to discuss Hardwick Hall and possible future Hardwick developments. We met in a room at The Baptist Church, with a lovely warm, peaceful atmosphere. Nearly two hours flew by in an enjoyable and constructive meeting. We discussed children's play areas, the farm-shop, the shop and restaurant, and many other things. I feel it would be improper, without committe approval to go into details, so I won't. It was encouraging to learn from Peggy that volunteers at The Hall buy their meat in the farm shop!

Comments.....I think I'm about uptodate now. Thanks for the water-support Pete and you, if anybody, should know. For new readers Pete, or Manxislander, is a life-boat man on the Isle of Man and his fascinating blog contains super pictures and details of life on the Island.

Continue with your interrogation of the pearly barley people Jill. So long as you don't encounter another who blames a computer for the 'Jayne Austin' spelling We shall keep our finger on the pulse !

Matt is at his brilliant best again today and I wanted to share this with you non-Telegraph readers. I always hope Matt won't feel that this is a breach of his copyright, because I restrict myself to a few 'steals' a year. And I am sure he would feel that, as this modest publication is strictly not for profit, it's OK. When I say 'not for profit' it is an actual issue. Google certainly don't pester me, but have asked me a few times if I want to be part of their Adsense scheme. It would mean in effect that the blog would carry advertising for which I would be paid a meagre sum, per click. The idea doesn't interest me at all. I don't want our accountant to have to declare 2p a month, to HMRC.

Quotation for the Day.....I wanted a suitable quote to do with this awful weather. But January seems to have left poets cold ! Ha Ha! Shakespeare muttered something in 'Winters Tale' about the 'winds blowing through and through' but it was hardly a classic, even if, no doubt, the source of the cliché about the 'wind blowing through you'.

....Clicksmilies is/are back, thank god. Sleep tight folks and I'll hope to catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

Cannot come up with the crossword answer so far; and yes, 'the d-old-rums' fits the clue.

The only January quote that I recall is from Flanders and Swansong about the months of the year:
"In July the sun is hot.
Is it shining; no it's not.
Bleak December's wind and rain,
Then bloody January again."

I liked this anecdote from The Observer of 13 Jan:
“Harry S Truman once grew so exasperated by his advisers saying ‘on the other hand’ that he pleaded for a ‘one-armed economist’.”

Jill said...

I have only done about half the crossword today, ddidn't start it until tea-time, and I am not at my brightest in the evening.... That clue was one I had not done, but agree that what you have done looks right to me. I have been trying that clue as an anagram (with an extra 'u'?)but can't find anything. We shall see tomorrow.....

I thought that was a terrific Matt cartoon too, am sure he wouldn't mind your occasional usage.

I am very glad you are not taking advertising!

Madeline said...

I love the cartoon and the little cottage; we see quite a few similar buildings here.
I think the answer to your crossword clue is 'cataloguer'. You'll probably know by the time you read this anyway!