Saturday, June 02, 2007

Y returns - Another lovely day - over 70F

Picture 1 is from the NASA website courtesy of my igoogle homepage and doubtless is a nebula somewhere; from Hubble I guess unless there are earthbound telescopes more powerful than we have been told.

It seemed awesomely beautiful and I was just quick enough to right-click and 'save as' but not quick enough to read the title.

I have 3 image-based sites on my homepage and sometimes the pictures change in fairly quick succession and I miss out on information.

Picture 2 is much easier, being a snap of one of our overfed but contented Goldfinches. It probably looks suspiciously as if I've wired the poor bird to its feeding perch. But the circle of green covered wire is there to hold the feeder to the branch and stop it swaying around too alarmingly due to over-exuberant starlings.

I did the shopping this morning so we needn't rush out tomorrow. Often by the time we get to Morrisons they have sold out of Pain de Campagne so I telephoned quite early and asked the bakery department if they would save me one and slice it as they usually do and I would collect in about an hour. "Certainly" said the young lady "I know who it is, I recognise your voice". I was once told that my voice was my best feature. So at least one thing is still working OK.

It was good to see Y when I picked her up at the tram terminal. She was, as you would expect, tired but happy-tired because her 'grannying' is such a help to Debra. The trouble is that, now she's turned 70 the journey is tedious, involving as it does so many different stages. Palmers Green>Kings Cross>Nottingham>Tram to Phoenix Park>Car Journey. But she so much enjoys being able to 'make a valuable contribution'. And while she feels she can do it, I entirely agree that she should.

Thanks Anon 1 for your kind remarks about the garden. Again, it is Y who does 90% of it. She dreams of having a small low-maintenance garden where she can go out of a summer's evening in a loose long frock and wide-brimmed straw hat, holding a wooden trug and equipped with secateurs so she can dead-head the roses. One day darling, I promise !

I can't resist sharing this :-

"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
- Mark Twain

And it isn't only about photographers is it?

...... I shall be glad when we get our own little vroom-vroom back. The Polo is OK, but no sunroof. And in this weather................ sleep tight.

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bungus said...

Beautiful pic 1 (even if it is rather indistinct, boom-boom!).

Lovely goldfinch 2, too.
I was at some friends’ house the other day and they had four at once (sometimes as many as sixteen) and I have failed, so far, to attract more than one every seven years - for thirty seconds! Perhaps some niger seed would help?
If I ever do get one I shall follow your example and tether it to a tree in hope of catching a lion.

I understand that, like you, I too have a distinctive voice. Certainly, with others, Yvonne always recognised it instantly on the phone (before the days of caller identification) and I seem to remember Sandra saying that it was what first attracted her to me(then she regained her sight, but too late, the trap was sprung).

Sandra is also the gardener here but I think she is too intent, sometimes even too brutal, to quite carry off the Gertrude Jekyll bit.