Friday, September 15, 2006

A Rest Day - Sort of

Pinker pinks, redder reds and much crisper definition. The latter quality may not be immediately apparent from these pictures because to persuade them to upload it was necessary to lower the pixel count again. It is much easier to ask Picasa to 'resize' them rather than to keep changing the quality setting on the camera.

We've had a restful Rest Day and apart from nipping up to Eastwood Library to return overdue books and visit the Hospice Book Shop we've just been quiet. It was a Y day meals-wise and we thoroughly enjoyed our food. I won't bore Tracy by 'blogging' the menus though.

David managed some sleep and Y said he would probably appreciate a rest rather than us dashing over and tiring him out. I'm sure she is right. Had a good chat to him on the phone and confirmed that, unfortunately, he won't be recovered enough for Y's birthday "White Water Rafting". Seriously, it is something she has always wanted to do and she has nearly a full raft of 8. My role is limited to 'official photographer' - thank God.

I continued to learn more about my new 'boy's toy' and managed to find on the net a 30 page tutorial which will keep me busy. My feeling is that I shall be able to cope, at a basic level at least, with some of the photo-opportunities at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where Bob and I are due to arrive tomorrow lunchtime. We plan to go back for a second day on Sunday and from all the info. there seems plenty ro retain our interest.

It follows that Radiogandy will be 'off air' for a day or two. So my absence should not cause any apprehension amongst readers that The City Hospital has demanded my presence again. No blood-test till Tuesday anyway - which is damned convenient. An email from Jill arrived for Y who whipped off a reply in seconds.!


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