Thursday, September 21, 2006

James Turrell - Light Installations

After this I really will leave Yorkshire Sculpture Park I promise. I must be boring the pants off some readers. The James Turrell light-installations have already been mentioned but this one, The Deer Shelter, is a permanent fixture in a building in the park. There is a square hole in the roof through which one gazes at the sky. The white square on the right is the sunlight shining through onto the side wall.

This Bungus picture makes the set-up clearer because he found that by lying flat on his back in the far corner of the room he could include this glimpse of a tree.

I decided against trying it because once down I would have had a job getting up again.

On the first day the Deer Shelter had little appeal because the sky was uniformly grey. And, would you believe, on the second day the sky was uniformly blue. There were little clouds, but miles away and not moving. We had hoped to sit there, because it is a very restful and contemplative experience, and wait until a cheery little white cloud drifted slowly across the space. But it was not to be, although a sky-lover like myself could have sat there for hours just checking on the intensity of the blue. Madeline is a fellow sky-lover and she would have appreciated the experience.

Today is a normal Burton Joyce day for Y and my only input has been her delivery to the tram and collecting her just after 6pm. We are having a simple jacket-potato and salad for main meal because it really is quite warm. In fact very warm - just checked with Google and it's 28C in Nottingham. Ray is helping me sort my memory out with Crucial because when I tried it I could get so far and then got 'unable to........' messages. They are the bane of computer beginners' lives.

Y came back with some super photos from Palmers Green and I printed her some yesterday. That little Casio is still pretty good because in those of Elli in her shool-dress before that all important first day, you can see the tiny blue/white check very clearly.

Back to flowers, skies, ill-health and menus from tomorrow - honest!

That will have to wait because Radiogandy will be 'off-air' for a few days. Lappy going in for memory upgrade..............

Ta Ta!!.....................


bungus said...

G is not quite right about the viewpoint for my snap. Even though it only happened 4 days ago (rather than 50 years) I distinctly remember that I did not lie on my back. I stood on the seat and raised my camera way above my head in order to get the glimpse of greenery (‘… where God paints the scenery …’ as Mel Torme sang so joyfully and memorably)..
The two pictures do illustrate difference in cameras. G’s, likely to be far more accurate, shows a near white patch of sunlight on the wall, whereas mine, admittedly from a different viewpoint, shows up distinctly yellow.
But if you didn't know, you wouldn't know, would you?

bungus said...

Just to let other readers know that RadioG is still off air and may be for several more days.