Saturday, August 30, 2008

Y off to Palmers Green - Jobs

A warm welcome first to Incy Wincy, at 2.49am - I guess straight from Rob's 'do'......... More later.

And thanks AnonymousRob for the super cyanotype of Lumsdale (see Picture 1). The treatment suits the subject matter extremely well. The foliage almost gives an infra-red feel but the sky says it ain't. I suggest a little work on the 'edges' but, should you choose to use it, I would predict that the picture would do extremely well for you...... It's got that certain something.

Looking forward to the others.

We went shopping this morning and had a normal sort of day until I took Y to the Tram station for the start of her journey to Palmers Green. She goes at this time each year because it helps Debra out re half term. Ruby and Elli sent us a lovely home-made postcard from their caravan holiday which ends today.

Steve and Lisa and family were going over to David's caravan at Carsington for the day but I have finally decided not to go and stay for the few days I had planned. When leaving Rob's 'do' last night I nearly fell over. The problem is, when getting up from a seat, apart from it being painful, I can't control my legs for some time.

I found time during the day for some little jobs, the most important being fixing the rear gate which had become difficult to close and lock. And to sort out for use my heavy-duty wheels, equipped with seat. But I tried not to overdo it.

Picture 2 is a grab shot of our bullfinch visitor. It was my 300mm Tamron, hand held, so please excuse softness due to camera-shake. I really need a 70-300mm VR like Reg's.

My going to Carsington had been worrying Y and my other caring people, for some time. So my decision has put minds at rest. Falling over at Brinsley, surrounded by neighbours is not so bad as falling over alone in the wilds of Derbyshire.

Had a nice chat to John and I was delighted to learn that Alannah got good A levels with the grades she required to take up her place at Leeds to read English Literature. I'm proud of her.

Picture 3 is of quite a large moth (about 1½inches long) on my bedroom wall in the early hours. Around the time of Incy Wincy's return home. And , following the goldfinch's 'shield' frightener, the moth's back view near the head, resembled the head of a bird-of-prey. Identification-wise my Collins British Wildlife book was no real help and has already lured me into error over the buzzard/sparrow-hawk. So, words of wisdom from the Lepidoptery Desk would be helpful.


Incy Wincy ..... Welcome aboard and I certainly agree that the well-dressed chap with the stripey top has a certain urbanity and elegance, to go with his undoubted intelligence. With regard to the wine-glass holding chap at his elbow ?...... I couldn't possibly comment !

It gives me pleasure in this journal to publish photographs from readers - so, any you care to send me will be welcome...... But not nudists (unless female and between 18 and 40yrs) and only then in the interests of Art.

Bungus ...... Interesting that you learned to read via Rupert in the Daily Express. Thats where I learned to do crosswords. I was allowed to help, from a very early age. Does their crossword still not have black-squares but bold lines to separate the answers on the grid ? I must look next time I see an Express.

I note your comments re capital punishment. I also agree that for oneself , floating off in a morphine induced cloud has much to commend it.

Jill ..... The dearth of butterflies everywhere is, I read in the Telegraph, due to 2 wet summers on the trot...... They will return.

On an emotional level I understand your feelings about the death penalty for particularly nasty murders but I remain anti, except in times of war etc.

And if it were to be me, I would opt for the firing-squad. That seems quite an honourable way to be dispatched. But Bungus is probably right with the overdose of morphine. Just float away.

For your garden dead-heading, do you have the flowing floral frock and the secateurs and trug ? .... Y always fancies that look.

AnonymousRob ..... Great do and I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer. And I couldn't blame the booze for nearly going over on my way out.

Glad Reg has finally granted you access to Lumsdale and that you enjoyed it so. Re Tara's Slip and Elaine's comments, you can trust a lady to get her priorities right with regard to the proximity of her wedding.

Reg ..... Sorry I missed your best side in the snap ! ...... I can always 'flip it horizontally' in Photoshop. Would that help ?

We shall see everyone again next weekend I guess. By the way, would you like us to pick you up, then you can both have a drink ? Mind you, you might want to stay later than us. Just a thought though.


"The average person thinks he isn't"

Father Larry Lorenzoni

Sleep tight - enjoy the rest of your weekend - catch you tomorrow


bungus said...

Without understanding (or feeling any need to understand) the process of creation, I agree with RG about the fine quality of Rob’s cyanotype and its appropriateness to the subject. I also agree about the edges – the rectangle is a tad too obvious I feel. A bit more judicious blurring.
But why should you care what I think?

Sorry to hear about your unsteadiness upon standing.
I tend to lurch occasionally when walking (as does my friend of 65 years from Stevenage) but in my case I think it is probably because my ears badly need syringing.
I would suggest you keep away from Lumsdale, esp Tara's Slip.
"There's many a slip,
'twixt knee and hip."

I cannot find your moth in my limited reference books either. I must get a specific lepidoptery one. There are various Hawk Moths, so I suppose it could be one of those. It is not a Death’s Head Moth (featured on the cover of ‘Silence of the Lambs’).

I think your age limit on female nudes is too narrow. You eliminate Helen Mirren, for instance, whom I would stick on my wall any time.

Bogger honour! The firing squad option rather depends upon the rules. Nervousness in the squad must play a part (or why else the need for a ‘coup de grace’?) so does only one of the six have a live bullet or a blank?

Jill as Gertrude Jekyll very much appeals.

Re Elaine’s practical response to Tara’s plight, I am sure Graham is right that it is a woman thing. My stepdaughter had it at the early age of five.
Down by the breakwater at Ingoldmells, her two year old brother Dan slipped under the surface of the deep pool. “Grab him Stevie,” I shouted. She looked up. “I can’t,” she said, “I’m looking at this starfish.”

Good quote. Anyone described as average would feel insulted.

bungus said...

Sounds about right.

A court in Havana, Cuba, has ordered a punk rock musician to pay a fine of $30 (£15) for public disorder for playing his band's music too loud.

However, Gorki Aguila was cleared of a more serious charge that could have led to a jail sentence.

The lead singer of band Porno Para Ricardo is known for songs that ridicule Cuba's communist government.

He had faced a possible four year term in prison for the crime known in Cuba as social dangerousness.

The controversial law allows the jailing of people who the authorities believe have been displaying behaviour that would indicate they could be on the verge of committing a crime.

But, prior to the trial, prosecutors decided to drop the charge. Instead Mr Aguila was found guilty of public disorder for playing his group's music too loud while they were recording their new album.

He was then ordered to pay a $30 fine and released.

Minutes later, the outspoken bushy-haired singer told reporters gathered outside his house that it was clear the international interest in his case had played a key role in the last-minute decision by prosecutors to drop the more serious charge he was facing.

He also vowed to continue criticising the Cuban government and its emblematic communist leaders like Fidel Castro and the current president, Raul Castro.

Nothing, he said, could ever be gained by remaining silent.

There has been no comment regarding the case from the Cuban authorities.

Jill said...

I like that photo - and I rather like the edging too, I think it is fine how it is, I don't want it tidied up!

Sorry to spoil the image, but I had a plastic Tesco bag and the kitchen scissors, the secateurs having gone walk-about. Old trousers and t-shirt finish it off! I would prefer the big shady sun-hat and the tea-dress idea too, along with the trug, but I thought that was for picking flowers rather than dead-heading?

Went to the hospital to see my friend, who is now on crutches, which is one better than a zimmer, and is supposed to graduate to two sticks tomorrow. One stick gets you a ticket home....She fancied some fresh air, not having had any for three weeks, but wasn't allowed to walk outside, so I had to push her in a wheelchair along miles of corridor (which was fine, it was the many fire doors that are heavy, stiff and won't stay open that were the problem) until we found the memorial garden, which was very pleasant, a rock water feature being enjoyed by a pair of pied wagtails, a fountain, pleasant flowers and shrubs, all well-cared for, and lots of seats, and it was shady. As Jenny remarked, the roses looked better fed and cared-for than she was.... The hospital Costa Coffee shop was open, so she at last got a reasonable cup of coffee to take back to the ward. I used to take my Mum out a lot in her wheelchair, but that was ten years ago....

Firing squad sounds OK to me too, but if I get a choice I'll join you with the morphine. I always thought the firing squad was better for the executioners, no-one knows who actually fires the fatal bullet, so no need for guilt.

After a 'proper' summer's day here yesterday we have storms with thunder and lightning and heavy rain today.

Better get on and make the Yorkshires - roast lamb actually, but who cares?

anonymousrob said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments about my digital cyanotype. Having read Bungus's comment I went back to the image and blurred the edges; I thought it improved the finished result. Then I read Jill's comments and now I'm not so sure! I guess it just goes to show that any 'artist' needs to be the final arbiter of their own work and not worry too much about what others think. Though feedback is important to help one see 'in the round' as it were.

I was concerned to read, RG, about your nearly falling over after you left the stag night, especially as you didn't partake of the falling-down water. I hope you are OK and you received assistance if you were in need of it. You must be careful next Saturday when you start bopping to the disco beat.

How interesting that Cuba has active punk rock musicians. They must be catching up if they are only 30 years behind us. The reaction by the authorities sounds as though New Labour is in charge. Now our punk rock is the age it is I'm starting to get interested in it; I hated it at the time.

Elaine worked her last Sunday shift at the Dixies Arms today. When we return from holiday/honeymoon she starts a new office admin job in Nottingham. She has only two more shifts to work at the pub; this Tuesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 6pm if anyone wants to go and see her in action before it's too late.

Kylie Minogue was 40 on May 28th this year; is she in or out? And Halle Berry was 42 on August 14th. Bungus is right.


Incy Wincy said...

Being an alternative process worker, ie FILM I have now advised AnonymousRob on how to get rid of those hard edge's on his fab cyanotype pictures.
I hope it works for him