Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Computer day - e-mails - Pictures

A picture of Sandown Bay in mixed weather which actually turned out quite nicely in the afternoon. I considered monochrome - well, it nearly is I think.

Even though still in bed (for ankle reasons only - I'm not ill) I've had a busy and productive day. I had a 'google/picasa glitch' which wouldn't let me access my Web Albums - it insisted on telling me I needed an internet connection which I self-evidently already had. Anyway - I fixed it and loaded up a slideshow of holiday snaps which can be found by clicking here. I recommend you use the slideshow option - they go quicker that way !

My ankles are subsiding steadily and I had hoped to manage a WoW tomorrow but Senior Management recommends a further day flat out.

Our 3 hour boat trip round the Solent was good. A knowledgeable captain who pointed out the important bits and knew the names and histories of all the naval warships etc and it was nice to see HMS Warrior again - she hadn't changed abit since our Southsea trip with the National Trust in early June.

This evening we watched a most interesting programme on Channel 5 about the Mary Rose with which we felt an association following our recent visits to the area. The good professor made some interesting points. And, as always, we enjoyed a 'lecture with pictures'.


Jill ..... I agree with you about Richard Dawkins's lack of TV presentational skills, but we enjoyed the lecture, for that is what it was.

You are right that the producers could have put up more some more doughty opponents than the school kids. I would like to have argued about 'how the eye evolved?' and 'why aren't there fossils of things in mid evolve?" sort of thing.

And of course the age-old problem of the absence of fossils of 'the missing link'.

We are looking forward to Part 2 however when some of these points may be met.

Y did indeed enjoy her break, and read your comment this morning.

Bungus ...... Thanks, as ever, for your witty and germane contribution. I'm sure your explanation of the 'cockhead' is more than adequate.

Although a comedy character in Dad's army, John Laurie certainly had the sort of face to scare you out of your cullottes. And I freely accept your point that I had my cullottes in a twist.... lapsus calumni

Xmas cards have certainly deteriorated over recent years and we often use cards not designed for Xmas and just write Xmas greetings therein.

Helen ...... Please send a copy of your 'bay picture' and I'm not at all surprised to hear that there is a 'rock' in it. Perhaps even a 'lolly stick'. If not please feel free to photoshop this one in.

As Bungus notes, I don't think that male suspenders/socks carry any sensuous charge whatsoever.


Quotation time ....................

"Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing"

Which leads me, via a convoluted thought process to things our parents used to say. Was the expression 'lock-jaw' used in your time ? I think we now have anti-tetanus injections to prevent it. But what was it ? ?


Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow. Sorry I shan't be WoW-ing but I am sure Y is right.


mannanan said...

Graham, thanks for the link to a great set of holiday photos. Some excellent ones among them. Cheers

bungus said...

Thanks for the slideshow.
In particular, I am very much impressed by the seascapes and, of course, the ‘backshots’ of the crowd and Yvonne (in the gallery and exposed to the elements). I particularly like the first outdoor one with windblown hair and scarf on neck).
Moving on, I think the lolly stick would perhaps have been a bit more impressive, more jaunty, if turned slightly more clockwise. But perhaps that is being hypercritical. I note the subtlety of the sort of reflected shape, at centre of the bottom right quarter of the pic.

From knowledge of your past experiences, I have no doubt the extra day bedbound will do good.

Talking of suspenders (I hope you are not tired of the subject) I recall my mother telling me, when I was very young, that 2 suspenders per leg was inadequate; a third one giving an improved appearance to the stocking (at that pre-war time my dad and his brothers were making fully-fashioned pure silk).

Of local expressions (apologies if this has occurred before):
“Well, ah’ll gutta the futt‘v ah stairs” was a commonly heard expression of surprise. In the first office I worked in, this was eventually conracted to the concise “Well, ah’ll gutta…”

Good old Benchley.
I think the lockjaw is easily explained; one of the common primary symptoms of tetanus is that it paralyses the jaw muscles.
Does your convoluted thought process involve the fact that it was Robert Benchley’s nephew Peter who wrote ‘Jaws’ (book and screenplay)?

WC Fields:
"It reminds me of my journey to the wilds of Afghanistan. We lost our corkscrew and had to survive on nothing but food and water for several days."