Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weather better - Ikea - Fly swats


Reg calls the enormous Ikea site near him 'Terminal 5', and when you see it, the reason hits you. Basically it was an Ikea with a Next and a Decathlon nearby, which have been OK - I s'pose. But now it has become a massive complex with lots of big names therein.

Although it is great picture it is hard to see what a big site it is, even when you open it as an enlargement. So I have taken the liberty (I hope you don't mind Reg) of cropping the original photo into 2 separate pictures and publishing them side by side and abit bigger. Hope this works.

I must have spent a good half hour doing that and I'm not at all sure it's an improvement. An important current piece of local history though, and photos like this are essential in archive terms. A pleasure therefore to publish the picture.

n.b. Readers - please remember that the composite immediately above is actually 2 pictures and to enlarge them you need to click on the left half first, and then the right.

Fly Swats are probably safer ground for me, and the snap on the left is posted with a query. I had occasion to use the green one this morning and can report a 'clean kill'.

(Wasps 0 - RG 1)

It occurred to me "Are the fly-shaped holes in the swat included to provide the fly with a sporting chance ?" or "Is it something to do with aerodynamics?"

The customary 50p piece seems essential on this occasion because it shows that the 'escape holes' are quite large enough for a quick-witted fly intent on self-preservation.

Your opinions, as ever, will be welcomed.


anonymousRob .... You will no doubt note that Reg, The Sherif of Lumsdale, has decided you may visit. But, as he says, strictly monochrome, and no candy-floss water (an exception might be made in the case of a pinhole shot).

Bungus ..... The PCmover programme, and it's cable, are sitting on the corner of my desk - minding their own business and causing no trouble.

I can well understand your need to fall to your knees in prayer when faced with Reg's Swaledale Path.

We are really enjoying the Olympics too. That amazing 100m sprinter ! What speed could he do flat out for the whole distance I wonder? You are quite right too about our lovely Mansfield Rebecca. She has put us on the map and I have read about the open-topped bus etc., and the plans to welcome her home. I might even take Y.

Jill ..... As Bungus says "your order has shipped" is better than being told it has 'sunk". I rather wish it had though. My hope that I could use SD cards to shift data doesn't work. I've tried several cunning methods but it appears they are solely designed to take photos on and then download them to one's computer. My own fault entirely though that I have them and not memory-sticks, not Amazon's.

Like you and Ro we are enjoying the most obscure Olympic events. Didn't enjoy the rifle shooting though and we both feel that having top-of-the-tree professional Tennis stars like Nadal in the amateur Olympics is stretching it abit.

Looking forward to the 'yngling' (I've made that a link to the relevant Wikipedia page) because I know nothing about the sport.


This morning David texted me from Longleat and sent me this photo from the centre of the maze.

Yet another excellent photo taken on his mobile phone and the technology involved in sending it seems straightforward.

A text message arrived in the inbox of my mobile with an ID and Password to download the picture from Orange.

No problems.

Quotation slot ........ I always admired Carl Sagan and his TV programmes made science and astronomy interesting enough to hold the ordinary viewer spellbound - his voice of course, made all the difference.

"In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."


Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow - Hope the weather isn't too bad for caravanning - David, Rob, Roy and I'm sure hundreds of others.....

. ......................................................... .


Jill said...

I don't understand how players like Nadal and Federer can compete in Olympics, either. R says the boxers have to be amateurs to take part?

The fly swat, I thought it was something to do with the aerodynamics, although my knowledge of such is miniscule. If it was solid it would put up some resistance and you couldn't bring the swat down so quickly? With the hole some air goes through, less resistance, a quicker swat? R has one shaped like a guitar ('A present from Nashville') which has several small holes in it.

That IKEA complex looks huge...I hate going to IKEA, not for what they sell, but the journey there, the parking, struggling to find what you want, wandering around vast aisles (we are usually arguing at this point) queuing up for ages to pay, then finding a loading bay and bagging it and getting the car.....I always say 'never again'. Sometimes I go with son and DIL, this is preferable as they seem to have it sussed a lot better than we do. I wish they had a separate place for the smaller items, not furniture, that was like an ordinary shop.

Off to visit my friend in hospital today, I heard she is better, complaining about things, that is a good sign....

bungus said...

The other day I sampled (Delia’s) frozen mashed potato without realising it. Sandra tried it for an individual fish pie (made to use up surplus parsley sauce). It was Aunt BETTY’s from FarmFoods (presumably their own brand and about half the price of Aunt Bessy’s). In no way inferior to standard mash and much easier than cooking and mashing such a small quantity. I revise my position on 'quickfix'. Unfortunately, Farmfoods only had Aunty Bessie’s in stock yesterday.

Where is Reg’s ‘Terminal 5’? It sounds like a bigger Macarthur Glen.
I think you conclude correctly that the ‘joined up’ photo says little more than the original.
Shifting just slightly sideways, I made another version of Pete the Manxman’s super soup using less tomato, more pepper (and yellow not red) plus a potato. It was DISTINCTLY inferior.

Sorry to spoil the romance but I think the ‘fly-shaped’ hole is just a logo. I am sure Jill is right about the other holes, ie, they make it more aerodynamically efficient than a rolled newspaper.

As with your PCmover programme, I have a device for standing near a digitised telly that will allow all other TVs in the house to become digital. Despite having bought it after being told how well it works, I took one look at the first page of the instructions and put it back in the box.

Sorry, I don’t understand ‘not Amazon's’. ???

As I recall, until the 1950s or 60s, the Olympics had been officially strictly amateur but then the edges got blurred with, for instance, athletes receiving ‘expenses’ payments. So the events became ‘open’, except, it seems, in some cases, like boxing. Yes, confusing.
I too am watching some obscure sports but, perhaps most of all, I love the cycling where the rules are so imaginative (the sprinting is crazy and amendments were called for, I believe in the 1920s, when an Italian stood still on his pedals for half an hour or so). Pursuits are great.
Take the 'yngling' route and you could go on for ever, eg, tennis played with different sized balls and different sized rackets; weightlifting while standing in a bucket of sand; beach volleyball played at high tide; etc.

Another a-maze-ing mobile phone photo.

I admit to never having previously heard of Carl Sagan and the website does not encourage me to learn more! (No one’s fault but mine).

I have always assumed that 'cold enough for a walking stick' is just a bit of ‘daftness’ to confuse southerners.

Reg said...

Bungas The Ikea Complex is at Giltbrook Arrox 1 mile West of Junc 26 M1 At the moment Ikea, Decathlon and next. But the County Council and Broxtowe decreed that a shopping area for non-food good is needed to the west of the motorway. So after much public protest, which was over ruled, approx 18/20 shop unit are being built to be occupied by Comet and such.(Plus some industrail units)
Traffic can be horrendous at present especilly if Ikea have a sale but the county council traffic gurus have installed some traffic lights which they say will solve the problem. Unfortunatly the county council is sited to the East of the city and rumour says they don't know where Giltbrook is.
General belief is that when the new shops open, before Xmas, they will kill Eastwood and Kimberly. I wonder how long the non food thing will last for.
They are of course Standard NOttinhamshire Grey Colour. Except Ikea's Blue and Yellow. Nothing spectaular here and already have been described as looking like a prison.

anonymousrob said...

It is an absolute nonsense to open more units on the Ikea site without putting in an adequate road system to start with. It's been bad enough with just Ikea - I intend to stay away from the area if at all possible.

I don't think, RG, your amendment adds anything except more detail in the shadows - good attempt though. I like the Terminal 5 description and more unsightly grey is just what the area doesn't need. Talking of prisons, did you know that Meadowhall is designed as it is so that it could be used as a prison if it didn't take off as a shopping centre?

Thanks, Reg, for the permission to go to Lumsdale. This weekend may see a visit. Why would I want to photograph it in colour? You might see a cyanotype though.

The 'fly hole' in the fly swat must be part of the design to let people know it's for flies, surely? So why use it on a wasp, RG? Could you not buy a wasp swat? Given that wasp is an acronym for white anglo-saxon protestant (an alternative term for right wing Americans), I'm sure there must be a market for them.

The sports news today has almost all been about Team GB's cycling proficiency (I wonder if they all got badges and a certificate for cycling around the school playground?) and their chances in tomorrow's Madison. I heard Chris Boardman describe it as a cross between tag (I think) and Quidditch. He was enormously pleased he got Quidditch into a discussion about an Olympic sport.

Did you all see the fire at Annesley? I guess Jill won't have because it only made the local East Midlands news. The factory that caught fire is/was just a couple of hundred yards from our house. I picked up Elaine from her shift at the pub and it took us an hour and a half to get home. We only managed that because we took a walking route the coppers didn't seem to know about, having left the car in a pub car park (Badger Box). We went back up there for a meal and, driving home later, were met by a Community Support Officer who told us we couldn't go home because all the houses had been evacuated. "That's odd", we said, "we've just rung our neighbour and he's at home." Eventually we had a police escort down through the cordoned area to our house where we were able to stay the night "as long as you don't leave your doors open." Hmmm.