Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday lunch - Visitors

Today's 'post' will have to be brief because it is already 11pm.

Lisa, Hannah, Miles and Millicent came for lunch, (another 'sausage-fest') and extended into the evening. The occasion was a great success and we managed a brief birding trip round Narrow Lane, Moorgreen Reservoir and Colliers Wood. The children were delightful and Hannah was so helpful with sandwich preparation at teatime while the others were off on even more exploration.

I didn't take any photographs today so I am indebted to Bungus for this Clematis Tangutica. A lovely picture - is the variety name 'Boris Johnson' by any chance ?


Bungus ...... I agree re computer courses and I was lucky to find a good one in Eastwood which would have suited Y very well. Unfortunately the Govt withdrew the funding and it had to close.

Sandra's 'Jessica poem' is first rate and so expressive. Rhythm and rhyme add so much oomph to such sentiments. Even after a lifetime as a poetry lover I have never really worked out how it works though. I no longer worry about such deep considerations and just enjoy it.

Jill ..... Your packet of mixed annuals sounds fun. They always seem to produce enough material for a game of 'name that plant' don't they ? A snap or two would be good to blog and then we can all play.

anonymousRob ...... 'Grotesque' sounds about right for the Pierrepoint programme. I've only read a couple of reviews and I base my view on those. And if niftygoogler can't pin down a definitive number of executions the 'fact' will have to remain in dispute. It sounds as if some writer perhaps 'stretched' it a little.

See you on Friday, all being well. And I agree that the sausage-fest will have to wait till your life has resumed normal.


Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow. I haven't shown Banksy's 'Flower Chucker' for a while...

Good 'innit?


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Jill said...

Love the Boris Johnson clematis shot....and the Banksie. My fave one of his the one where the maid is lifting up a corner of the wall and sweeping the dust etc. underneath......

Yes, that was supposed to be Ruth Ellis - on the cast list in Radio Times. I know she was the last woman to be hanged, am not sure whether she was the last person?

I had a lovely card from Australia today - glossy photo of a lyre bird on the front, and when you open it you get a lyre bird 'singing' - like a bell, with the noise of the rainforest in the background. The quality of the recording is vastly superior to the 'happy birthday' type of thing I've had before.

Off to my knitting friends meeting in yarn store at the back of Waterloo Station (near the Old Vic). It's the only yarn store in the UK with a drinks licence, he sells wine, cider and beer - and makes me a cup of tea....The link is IKnitLondon if anyone is interested!