Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Off - Good Weather

Reg points out that, in the website under the link to The Yorkshire Waterfalls yesterday, the path was described as giving easy access.

To quote Reg ....

" It doesn't say that most of the path is only a foot wide , rocky and approx. 70 feet above the river"

His picture above shows the nature of the problem. Definitely a No No! for me and my wheels.

Picture 2 is the Ford on Beanford Lane at Oxton which I cross on my way to Burton Joyce. The water level is low for the time of year. Always a nice snap though.

Twice a year the road is closed to allow the toads to migrate, first one way and then the other.

The variety of toad is the Common toad bufo bufo I don't know if that is an attempt to imitate their call.

Picture 3 is yet another attempt to capture a bee in flight and probably this is my best yet. The flower is Echinacea (the purple cone flower) and is a well know herbal remedy. I don't know if one should chew it, sniff it, or brew a tisane with it ?

At this stage in their development they seem to glow almost.

Since Alex and Emma worked so hard in the rear garden it is a pleasure to walk in. You can actually circumnavigate things now.


..... We will indeed preserve a 'Wildlife corner' in the rear garden and it may well be extensive.

I haven't actually been 'boggering about' with my new PC unless efforts to install it and have it running to my satisfaction qualify for that description.

I could as well say that your problem with the 'Land Registry document' is a sign that, to quote you "Obviously you have been boggering about with your PC". I am not fortunate enough to have a Danny to offload all PC problems to.

Also I haven't been 'skipreading again' and I didn't miss your word play with AA. It is just too difficult to respond individually to each and every word in your lengthy 'comments' and there are pressures of space.

Reg ........ Goody goody me never had the misfortune to spend time in either Colchester or even a Guardhouse but I do remember the charge form reference, a 252 I believe.

Strange how people acquire nicknames. We had a Superintendent Flinders who everyone called Polly - but I never worked out why. He was a great bloke.

Jill ...... We stayed on Sky a few years ago and all the drinking water was that colour. The explanation was the peat. It was we were told an essential adjunct to the Whisky.

I've been listening to an excellent series on the radio called A Dollar a Day which investigates the lives of people living in poverty world wide and trying to support themselves and their families on next to no money.

They are not some sort of sub-species but often intelligent and articulate people. A lady from Ghana made the wonderful point that, if you educate a woman you, by implication, educate a family and future generations. On the other hand, if you educate a man you tend only to educate one individual.


Quotation time ......................

"Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings"

Evan Esar

Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I did Have the misfortune to visit colchester, In my case as prisoner escort. Our charge on arival addressed the staff sgt as "colour" which was the same rank in our battalion.I got a taste of what the poor guy was in for for the next 6 months then. My ears was still ringing 10 mins later.
Seems so funny now but at the time I swore blind I wouldent be coming as an inmate anytime soon.


Jill said...

'Little Polly Flinders
Sat among the cinders
Warming her pretty little toes'

Have you never heard that ?nursery rhyme? I think it goes on

'Her mother came and caught her
And smacked her little daughter
For spoiling her nice new clothes'

Of course, none of it would happen nowadays, not with 'elf and safety.....

I've heard that before, if you educate a woman you educate a family etc, but that doesn't stop it being a very valid point.

I didn't know that flower was echinacea. Carrie is a great believer in it, for boosting immune system/stop getting colds.

Watched ten minutes of The Tudors, but the dialogue - modern day idioms, etc. - just irritates me. Daughter-in-law loves it, thinks it is a brilliant series, I did warn her that I don't think some of it is historically accurate. She says that doesn't matter, it's just a very good story. She is right of course, it is, it must be me being a miserable old git. Can you have female gits?

Reg said...

I thought I might have to remaind you of the origins of the Florrie nickname but surely you knew the nursury ryhme even I could remember that.

bungus said...

Even without wheels I would not enjoy taking that path above the river (especially after closing time!).

Simon and a friend (now a PC) once, when aged about 10, stopped traffic on the main road through Wellow (A 616) to allow the frogs/toads to cross in safety.
The cellar at the Durham Ox always had an ample floor covering of baby amphibians which supplied a useful live diet when Danny owned a pet Garter Snake. Somewhat spooky as the frogs/toads waved a last goodbye.

Apologies for having falsely accused you of'boggering about'.
My perception is that, as a rule, my problems happen by chance (and are frequently put right likewise) whereas yours are caused by your own deliberate efforts to push the boundaries.
It is comforting to have Danny in the background but he is under such pressure at work and in travelling (and insists upon giving lengthy answers that I usually don't understand) that I try not to trouble him other than in desperation (when it can take a month or so before he has time to respond). I am now more likely to ask his lovely partner Emma (she corrected a recent fault by plugging in my mouse which had become disconnected from the USB port). On the other hand, just trying again the following day puts things right more often that not (as with the pdf file). I have decided it is MAGIC.

Your response to my AA comment was to defend the other one. Ergo, MY misunderstanding.
All right – I talk too much.

When I was on Mull our only drinking water flowed from a spring in the hills. It was clear and bright and considered very sweet. Even I drank it in small quantities, despite deeply held religious objections.

One of my first cousins once removed suffered from clinical depression in his late teens. Taking up Buddhism got him out of it.

Anonymous Kevin:
You confirm my dread.
The worst I got was a Sgt Major on parade. The drill Sgt gave the command ‘Open Order March’ which I misheard as ‘Order Arms’ and was consequently left standing in a rank of my own. I sloped arms and corrected immediately but that didn’t stop the RSM marching over, standing six inches to my right and shouting into my ear at full volume (reputed to be audible at 3 miles)
“Are you deaf, Sapper?”.
I didn’t improve the situation by replying
“Well, I do sometimes have difficulty with my hearing, sir.”
The other occasion I recall came from a Regimental Policeman as I marched alone alongside the parade ground.
Come smartly to halt and stand stiffly to attention.
“Yes corporal.”
“Are you wearing weights?”
“No corporal.”
“Well don’t do it again

I googled Polly Flinders and was given the second verse as follows:
"Mother came and caught her,
And whipped her little daughter
For spoiling her nice new clothes." plus:
(Girls were often whipped into obedience and a 'whipping stool ' was used for this purpose. It is believed that the tragic
Lady Jane Grey received punishment via the whipping stool)

I find 'The Tudors' very watchable but confusing. I can never distinguish between Cranmer and Cromwell anyway and the rest of the history is something of a blur. A question on QI last night, “How many wives did Henry VIII have?”. The ‘correct’ answer turned out to be 3 or 4 (the first, Anne B, and Anne of Cleves being doubtful).
I have always understood ‘git’ (pronounced ‘get’ in N Notts) to be a Liverpudlian abbreviation/corruption of ‘misbegotten’ which would make it insultingly applicable to either gender.

I had to look up Florrie Wainwright and discover that she was Ben and Bebe’s neighbour in ‘Life of the Lyons’.

anonymousrob said...

Being the young person that I am, Polly and Florrie were completely lost on me, though I did used to listen to Life with/of the Lyons. Ben Lyons and Bebe Daniels, n'est ce pas?

I have always understood the colour of the water in the Peak District, Yorks Dales, Scotland etc was due to the peat in the soil. I had also heard it was an indispensible ingredient for whisky.

We are back at the caravan and it's raining again. Reg, can I go to Lumsdale yet?

I googled the educate a woman and you educate a family saying to find out who said it and there are lots of variations attributed to a variety of people. Maybe nothing is original anymore.

Didn't we do well at the Olympics today? 4 golds and a second for Rebecca Adlington of Mansfield. The good times keep happening for the old town with the Stags now having two victories in a row and 7 points out of 9. If they get much higher in the league they will get a nose bleed. Well done, also, to Hull City in winning their first ever game in the top flight of English football. I hope they enjoy it as I suspect they will not be able to celebrate many more.

I like the bee in flight picture. Obviously you have been boggering about with your camera :o)


Reg said...

Rob --Yes I think we might let you go into Lumsdale you need not wait till Autumn if your taking monocrome No mikly water or RG will object.