Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wet Saturday - Brilliant Olympics

Another pretty seaside picture at Freshwater Bay, on a good day - the weather here today has not been good. Re the above - the recessions to Sandown nearly on the sky-line appealed, as did the surf and the subtly different colours in the water.

Picture 2 is from the local bus from Sandown to Freshwater Bay. Where the bus was, the rain was heavy but we could see the cliff at our destination in bright sunlight. I had no option really than to whip out my trusty Casio and click. Good job we were sitting at the front.

Sure enough, when we got there, it was sunny and remained so all day - lucky us.

Picture 3 continues the watery theme and is a further shot of the Ford at Oxton.

The reflections and the dappled shade (as ever) attracted me - so it was 'out with the Casio' again.

My PcMover cable arrived - but I'm thinking about it. The programme caused me much grief before, I am reluctant to use it and may transfer things manually and slowly with discs and memory-sticks etc.

Also in the post arrived 4 x 2GB SD cards from Amazon. I actually wanted 4 x 2GB Memory sticks but, when I checked the order, it was my fault not theirs. I had simply ordered the wrong thing. No matter, I can find a use - or give them away as Xmas presents. I aim to see tomorrow if I can use an SD card to transfer data with - there doesn't seem to me to be any reason why not. Both the laptop and the PC have SD card slots. I will report back.

An earlier e-mail from Amazon had the curious sentence "Your order has shipped". I knew what they meant and I suppose that's what matters.


anonymous ...... I am pleased to hear that your escort-duty to Colchester resulted in keeping you on the straight and narrow thereafter.

Jill ...... Thank you for 'Little Polly Flinders'. Honestly, I had never heard it or read it before. I now fully understand Ernest John Flinders's nickname. He was an unusual and charismatic man who impressed me very much as a young policeman. In those days we used to do 'name checks' as they were called. If somebody looked a little suspicious, or was around in the early hours, we used to find out who they were and what they were doing. I understand today's policemen have stopped doing it because of the amount of paper-work it now generates.

Anyway, back to 'Polly'. He would approach the person and say "I am Ernest John Flinders, Superintendent of Police. Who are you ?" I never remember anyone having the audacity not to tell him.

Y feels exactly as you do about 'The Tudors' and doesn't watch it (the link is live to this week's episode). As you probably know The Tudors is one of Yvonne's top periods and she is very knowledgeable about it. Hardwick Hall is probably her favourite National Trust site and just on the doorstep too.

I think a female 'git' must be a 'gittesse' which sounds OK, - but you aren't one anyway.

Reg ..... Thanks re nicknames. And, as to Jill above - I should have know the Polly one. The best police nickname I ever came across was shouldered by a chap named Dyer. As he always answered the phone "Dyer 'ere" he became know as 'shitty Dyer'.

Bungus ..... You are right about Reg's Swaledale path. As the Olympics remind me daily, my idea of a physical challenge these days is walking across the kitchen floor unaided by devices.

I accept what you say about me and computers and probably I do tend to experiment too much.

Poor 'Polly Flinders'. Didn't people used to live in violent times.

Carrying on with the 'old sayings' thread. A popular Ashbourne one was... "It's cold enough for a walking stick".

anonymousRob ..... Glad to hear you are enjoying another weeked at the caravan but sorry about the weather.

Obviously you have your dongle. I found on holiday that the broadband from my Vodafone dongle was good for the internet mostly, but too slow really to stream radio or to download anything. However, since discovering that the BBC's 'Listen Again' service performs better on IE7 than Firefox I must try again.

The Olympics have been so good, and exciting, that even I have been watching the Television. We recently had a new one and the picture is great.

Quotation time .......

"Procrastination isn't the problem, it's the solution. So procrastinate now, don't put it off."


bungus said...

3 smashing but very different photos. 3 cheers for Casio (and the eye of the photographer).

But will you be able to resist trying the PcMover again?

When the message reads "Your order has sunk" will be the time to worry

Reg's Swaledale path. It is my habit to take to hands and knees when up high or over water. I only ever dived off (comparatively) high boards once each – just to say I had done it. Really high ones I pretended were not there.

I cannot decide whether you have told me the "... cold enough for a walking stick" or whether I have heard it elsewhere I recall the more obvious “It’s a topcoat warmer”.


I willingly accept the peat coloured water but remain puzzled at the clarity of the spring water from Mull’s peat hills.

I suspect that the translation of grunts would indicate that nothing said has ever been original.

Yes, most of the optimistic predictions of Olympic medals are turning out to be correct (given win a few, lose a few). Terrific performances from Becky (she’s 6ft tall according to one presenter) and excitement from rather unexpected sources like the coxless 4s (time for old definition of rowing crew,
“8 large men with small cox).
But what about that Men’s 100m final! The fellow was actually enjoying it enough to look around and slow down!

Stags almost reverted to last season’s habit of throwing it away. But let’s hope they can keep it going (likewise Notts and Forest - or is that just being vindictive?).
A pity Hull didn’t make it to the top when they had a really good forward line in the mid 60s. Then Waggy would have played for England.

I won't delay any longer; I'll procrastinate as soon as I've signed off.

Jill said...

I loved the 'shitty dyer' story.....

Amazon - I had one that failed to arrive recently, despite being shipped, when I e-mailed to complain I had an e-mail headed 'failure to ship' - as the book was coming from High Wycombe or some such this puzzled me, then I decided it was just another Americanism. It has now been replaced and shipped safely!

Lovely photo of the sunny cliff you are travelling towards, quite often it is the other way round!

Never heard of the 'cold enough for a walking stick' - presumably thinking of frost and the stick would help you keep upright if it was icy? Or is there something I missed there.

We thought we could see an unusual reddish-brown bird at the end of the garden this morning - but on closer investigation it turned out to be a plastic flower pot chewed into a futuristic shape, presumably by foxes.....

We too have seen more of the Olympics than I expected to. R always said he was only going to watch the swimming, boxing and some of the athletics, but as the timings are so inaccurate the tv just stays on and we find ourselves getting interested in coxless fours and something called yngling (which I thought was a misprint!).