Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another bird - Nat Trst Minutes - Computer

More bird identification please. I assume the bird on the left is a juvenile something, perhaps a goldfinch ? and I suspect one of you has told me before. Sorry !

We've had a lovely day. Y decided to abandon her plan to go and see 'Mamma Mia'. Instead we made big inroads into outstanding NT stuff.

We actually quite enjoy working together. Being able to start/stop/have a break etc., exactly when we choose to renders it more pleasure than chore. And I'm quite happy with my role as The Secretary's PA.

Bit of a horror story though, which I attribute to my attempt to use Serif's PCMover programme. Wanting to make a start on the Nat Trst stuff I booted up the laptop and couldn't find the relevant folder in 'My Documents ' - Everything - minutes, letters, agendas, templates etc.. was in it.

Eventually I used the Windows XP 'search' tool in Windows Explorer which effectively allows you to search every nook and cranny of your computer's hard disc. The missing folder was safe and well in 'My Computer'. Panic over. But how it came to be moved from one place to the other is a mystery.

As a future safeguard I have copied the entire contents of the folder onto a memory stick and transferred it manually onto my new PC. So, belt, braces, and a piece of string - it's now in 3 places !

Picture 2 is simply a weird little snail having fun on an echinacea flower. I hope the thrush spots him in the morning.

I also did good work with the new PC and sorted out a few annoying things. I conitnue to use Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7. Annoyingly Megatech, the computer people, had made their website the homepage in IE. Rather cheeky I thought - so I've changed it to something less niggling. And I've transferred most of my Bookmarks/Favourites and a few other little jobs.


Reg ..... Whatever reasons there are behing the daft speed limits on the A610 the question "Why are they not enforced ?" stands unanswered. I stick to the limits (more or less) but people zoom past me at speeds I would guess of upto 70mph, at least. That is, of course, when the traffic is moving at all.

The 35PC AGM at Chesterfield sounds interesting. If I understood what you are talking about that is ?

Bungus ...... Thanks for the mouse pictures. Not 'blogged' I'm afraid due to Mrs Radiogandy's aversion to the creatures.

Re the Archbishop. Speak as you find. And I thought him a charming and intelligent man. Yet another case of 'one can't trust the media' who generally give him such a bad press.

When you say "it may get a mention in our Chad tomorrow " I assume you didn't open the link I posted in the blog, to the Chad. It was quite a good piece, accompanied by pictures.

I think you will find that "the Amateur, and later Professional, World Champion, Reg Harrison " was in fact Reg Harris and I have made his name a live link should you want to give it a click.

anonymousRob ...... Thanks for the update on the arson story. See Bungus above. His ambulance driving pal might be a neighbour.

Also, re the 'cycling' rules and names and things. I used to know someone called Alan Madison - could that be important.

Wikipedia, as usual, provided me with much needed elucidation. Please clicky. Or not - it's strictly voluntary.

The Haiku is not bad, for an unpolished early effort. Keep going because we all love them.

Jill ...... I will of course, publish an report on Beningborough. Incidentally my blog post about Dimbola Lodge is the first you come to, if someone does a 'google blog search' for Dimbola.

Your account of poor Jenny's food reminded me of a chap in a Restaurant with his wife. She said "This food is awful" he replied "It certainly is. And such small portions".

I agree about The Games. Boris Johnson was very good in today's Telegraph. Here is a link to the article for non-subscribers.

I will certainly tell Y about Noreens birthday. Visits mean so much more don't they. I seem to remember that Noreen found a small flatlet in her home for Tracy just after she had left University. Isn't one of her sons a TV 'doctor person' ?

Quotation time ....... Perhaps Bungus will call to mind his neighbour !

"There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity"

As you know from previous posts, we are off National Trusting tomorrow on a coach trip with our Mansfield Centre chums. Whether or not I publish a blog-post depends on how 'done-for' I feel on return. Sleep tight. Catch you soon.


bungus said...

The white flicks on the tail say baby Goldfinch to me. Another nice pic.

Glad to hear you haven’t been ‘boggering about’ with your computer.

The mouse pictures aren’t that good anyway! But, as you would say, they are a record.

I am sure the Archbishop is charming and intelligent. I hope I didn’t give any other impression.

I opened the link to the Annesley fire but didn’t read the report. I took the American attitude, if it ain’t in Ollerton it isn’t important. (Not really, I’ll read about it today [Wed] in the paper).

You are right, of course, about cyclist Reg Harris.
Reg Harrison took the outside right position from Sammy Crookes in Derby’s Cup winning team of 1945(?) the rest of the forward line was Raich Carter, Jack Stamps, Peter Doherty, Dally Duncan.

I suppose Alan Madison could be important but I don’t think he is (except to his mother).

The Wikipedia history of the Madison is interesting but I doubt if it will make it easier to follow!. The earlier races, as described, recall the crazes for Dance Marathons (‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’), actual Marathon races (the Italian, Dorando Pietri), Pole Squatting and the like.

What wonderful faint praise for The Haiku. That will make Rob’s day!

Like your food anecdote. It always surprises me how many people judge meals by the quantity rather than the quality.

The Boris Johnson article is a timely correction to the common perception. Most people, including the young, are all right; and a few are exceptional.
But this seems the right point to say that I now switch off Radio Nottm almost immediately after switching it on in the morning. They are doing Becky Adlington a tremendous disservice by continuously demanding a damehood, statues, and 'everything in Mansfield worth having' named after her. Apart from being a fantastic swimmer, she comes over as a lovely girl from a lovely family. It would be a pity for an ineptly clumsy and sycophantic radio station to alienate her friends and supporters. Give the girl a chance, for Christ’s sake; enough is enough.

If I might add to Goethe:
"There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity allied to cunning"
I cannot keep you closely in touch with events because recent correspondence has been between him and Sandra (I couldn't handle it any more, although I am still involved of course).

I think it might be wise to reserve judgement regarding the rumour about the fire-raisers until confirmed. The young son of a paternal cousin of mine (highly respectable as you would expect) struck a match in a cornfield behind their house, just ready for harvest. The lot went. So far as I know that was his only transgression and he grew up to be a conscientious member of the RAF and good citizen. Of course, he has never been allowed to forget it.

I woke at about 1.30 this morning (Wed) with a raging toothache which became worthwhile because it occurred just in time to hear our 2girl swimmers come home for Silver and Bronze in the open water 10km event. What matters a bit of pain, hey?
Our girls only lost their lead at the last to a crafty Russian (never beaten) who had typically tagged them and adopted disruptive tactics throughout the race (one Yellow Card'). Immediately after the race, the Silver Medallist had a stand-up row with a German who had grabbed her leg on the final stretch.

It must be a great comfort to know that such a fine hospital is so readily available!

Jill said...

Bungus, I hope your toothache has been attended to/sorted out. Why does it always happen in the middle of the night - usually at a weekend or a Bank Holiday?

I'd go for goldfinch too,

Yes, G, it was Noreen who fortunately had the empty granny flat, where Tracey lived. N having four boys, she was very pleased to have T there, still asks about her. Noreen's son Hilary is the TV doctor on GMTV - Hilary Jones - and also has a weekly page in the News of the World, which he says pays for the school fees! His oldest son has just qualified as a doctor, and is marrying another doctor at the end of the month.

Please thank Y for her letter.

anonymousrob said...

I've had a bit of a creative evening this evening, having managed to do two digital cyanotypes and a couple more unpolished haikus:
Chris Hoy, cycling star
Three gold medals on a bike
That's made in Heanor

So, Gary Glitter
No one wants you anywhere
Can't be a surprise

I think the cyanotypes need a little more work before they are ready for public viewing. I'm not so fussy about haikus.